We had planned a day of punny inaugural content because it seemed so uncertain how today would go in Washington, D.C. And honestly, Jessica and I wanted to let this moment breathe — we wanted to watch the Presidential Inauguration as humans, and as teary-eyed Americans, and sit with it for a minute before turning it into work stress.

But, all the coats!

So, we’re working on the political stars of the day; that takes a bit more time to compile, but Jessica is typing furiously right this minute. Putting the traditional celebs up first in no way indicates that we think they’re more important. It was simply faster, and this at least gives us ONE immediate release valve for our excitement and relief.

I have to be honest, I do not think I landed on the positive side with Gaga’s dress — I can have Big Happy Feelings and still have opinions, after all — and I wish J.Lo and Lady Gaga had taken their cues from Vice-President Harris and Dr. Jill Biden and worn American designers. [EDIT: Gaga is in Schiaparelli, which is a French label, but one that is currently headed by Daniel Roseberry, who is from Texas! Thank you to everyone for this info! – J] That would not have been hard. But, these two A-listers wearing and doing big, wacky, celeb-y things is a slice of normalcy I think we all badly needed. I mean, J.Lo medley’d “America the Beautiful” and “This Land Is Your Land” and then ADDED IN A LINE FROM HER OWN SONG (“Let’s get LOUD!”). That is peak perfect J.Lo, to me. J.Lo must J.Lo! It’s what we want from her, if she can’t show up in a nine-foot skirt! And Gaga swiveling to sing half the anthem AT the flag was a theatrical touch that promoted Liam to say, “Yep, that’s Lady Gaga, she does what she does.” Bless them both for it today.

In case you want to watch, here is J.Lo:

And here is Gaga:

And finally, Garth:

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