Fugger: Kristen Wiig

Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig in Marc Jacobs

On one hand, the magpie in me loves this. It’s whimsical, and she’s whimsical. It’s not boring or staid; no one who wears this can be accused of “phoning it in” or “underplaying her hand.” On the other hand, it’s also BONKERS:

Premiere Of Relativity Media's "Masterminds" - Arrivals

If Jessica Fletcher ever had to go undercover in a Palm Beach nightclub to solve a crime on Murder She Wrote, that nightclub would look just like this dress. Whether that is a positive or a negative depends very much on your tolerance for the following: giant glass bricks, neon, Harvey Wallbangers, checkered linoleum tile, the movie Cocktail, cocktails in general, parrots, Birds of Paradise, Hollywood Montrose, whimsical mosaics, and bad-ass seventy-year-old bitches who are just not here for your shit. Personally, for me that’s a huge net positive.

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Well Played, Kristen Wiig in Jenny Packham at the Ghostbusters Premiere

First of all, it occurred to me whilst admiring Kristen’s earrings that she and Sophia Bush could totally play sisters in something, no? It might just be the haircut, but…regardless. When everyone gives in and makes Return to One Tree Hill as a lark in summer 2018, Wiig can play Brooke Davis’s long-lost older sister who’s come back to town to ruin everyone’s lives/be the town’s new Dan Scott. It could happen. After all, she did do A Deadly Adoption.

'Ghostbusters' Premiere

Anyway, this brilliant idea aside — and, someone please remind me that I need to re-write Dan Scott’s Wikipedia page, as it currently does not even mention that time Dan’s heart got eaten by a dog — this is a very summery, very successful look on La Wiig, even adjusting for the fact that she occasionally shows up at things wearing large structural napkins and the like:

Ghostbusters Premieres in Hollywood

Okay, so it needs a little hoik. But as sins go, it’s a very venial one. Overall, I think a round of applause is due. And maybe a round of drinks.

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Fugs and Fabs: Elle Women in Comedy Event

We’ve seen the covers; now let’s see how they celebrated them. Spoiler: I don’t know who does win, but it’s definitely not Kristen Wiig.

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Kinda Well Played, Kristen Wiig in Marc Jacobs

Some of you are going to think I am CRAZY. But hear me out!

"Zoolander 2" World Premiere

YES, OF COURSE I wish it were lined, but you know that. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, I’m gonna want things to be lined ’til I die. No, I don’t know why it looks like a Kleenex she used to blot her lipstick is stuck, static-cling-style, to her hip. But I do know something, and it’s that Wiig here looks totally ready to tackle another glamorous broad, right into a lily pond, and settle some shit. And sometimes that’s EXACTLY the kind of look I want on the red carpet.

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Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig in Vintage YSL

Well, I want to run over to her and yank this up and also scoot it all over like…half an inch. All those logistics sorted, though, I kind of like this:


I freely admit that I might be feeling warmly toward it is because I REALLY would have wanted to wear it to a winter formal circa 1992. (I mean, it is vintage! MAYBE I COULD HAVE.)

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Well Played, Penelope Cruz and Kristen Wiig

I’ve decided these two are a good influence on each other, sartorially.

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