Fugger: Jessica Chastain

Mostly Well Played, Jessica Chastain in Saint Laurent

I mean, I have SOME notes? But they’re minor. All this, plus an UPDATE on the last dress in which we saw her (short version: at least they weren’t lace tights).

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Fugterstellar: Jessica Chastain in Givenchy

Let’s start with what I DO like: her head. Those earrings and her hair might be my happy place.

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Fugs and Fabs of the American Cinematheque Award Presentation To Matthew McConaughey

With all apologies to McConaughey, he doesn’t even get to lead off this slideshow because of all the A-list gown-wearers this thing drew. But, spoiler: He won the award so he’ll pop up at the end, and with his daughter, to boot. The cuteness is real.

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Fug and Fab: Jessica Chastain

Wait a minute. Do we think that’s the Letterman Dumpster, trying to disguise itself as a harmless upright piano waiting to be delivered? Is it looking up on Chastain’s bellbottomed jumpsuit and rethinking the life choice that saw it vacate that nice Park Avenue-adjacent alley outside a UES condo just to get a load of this?

Also herein: Special Guest Stars Heather Locklear, Dakota Fanning, and Kate Mara, except that one of those is a lie.

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Well Played Cover: Jessica Chastain on Harper’s Bazaar UK

I kind of wish she were smiling, but I get it. This is the Imposing But Beautiful Portrait of The Lady of the House Hanging Over The Fireplace In a Mansion:


And as such, it is dead on fantastic. You may remember a version of this dress from the time Sarah Paulson went to the Emmys, or that time Felicity Jones looked awesome, and the truth is that I like it best here, where it’s not supposed to be anything but over-the-top and mad crazy impressive expensive looking, and perfect for her to wander past, fifty years hence, drinking a cocktail and sharply informing her grandson’s terrible fiancee that she was once the most beautiful woman in New York and she remembers very well how to destroy her enemies, before sweeping off to smoke out on the terrace and think about her youth. Also: Polka dots.

(I just noticed that there’s a story in this issue by Princess Eugenie. I am interested to see if the byline on the actual article reads “Princess Eugenie” or Eugenie York. I totally understand why they’d refer to her using the former on the cover, but using “Princess Eugenie” as your byline might give me a case of the side-eyes.)


Fug or Fab: Jessica Chastain in DSquared

I love the fabric, and… I’d say about 85 percent of the dress itself. Which is a solid B grade — room for improvement but some skills certainly demonstrated.

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