Fugger: Jessica Chastain

Unfug or Fab: Jessica Chastain in Carl Kapp

ALERT. A redhead has been spotted in green. Would that were enough for my stamp of approval.

Jessica Chastain national board of review 2016

That bodice, though, is pure indecision. One half wants to be Grecian and draped and romantic, and the other is like, “Nah, you go ahead, I’m going to stay here and proof the Church newsletter one more time.” If we lopped off that demi-sleeve, it might be enough. Because LOOK AT HER HEAD.

it’s stupendous


Mostly All Well Played: The Crimson Peak Cast

(a) I did not know that Jessica Chastain was even in Crimson Peak until today, and

(b) These three — Chastain, Mia, and Hiddles — are really making the rounds at the moment (rightly) and whoever is dressing each of them is really doing a good job. Buy that styling team a round, someone!

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Fugs or Fabs: Jessica Chastain at the Toronto Film Festival

This Givenchy is about ninety times better than what everyone wore to the epic sinkhole that was the label’s spring/summer fashion show.

jessica chastain toronto film festival 2015

But I still think this looks like they ran out of time to figure out the bottom of the gown, and so stuck a black skirt on there and hoped for the best. I’m also not sure that a bodice that’s part-muppet really works with the billowing sleeve of a semi-formal pirate who likes the feeling of the wind on her arms… but not too much, and only during cocktail hour.

I liked the Lanvin she wore to a photocall a bit better:

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Well Played, Jessica Chastain (and Tom Hiddleston) at Comic-Con

Let us all join together and hope this ushers in a new Era of Chastain, in which she always looks lovely and often drags along a dude we enjoy eyeballing after we’re finished admiring her hair.

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Wellish Played, Jessica Chastain

It’s been a slow week, and as we cruise into the end of June, the Fourth of July, the dark depths of midsummer… pickings are going to get slim. And I think Jessica Chastain sympathizes a little. (Just a little.)

jessica chastain vogue wimbledon

“Here,” she seems to be saying. “Here. Take it. I am out of the house, I am clean, I am in front of a camera. You can talk about my lipstick. You can talk about whether my shoes are too hoof-y or boring. You can speculate on whether I am secretly braceleted. You can even talk about whether this is a dress, or a shirt and skirt, and further, whether the top might actually be navy or Heather’s eyes are just deranged and desperate. I have done my part. I’m sorry it’s not crazier, but just be glad I’m here at all. Bloggers can’t be choosers. Now if you’ll excuse me, this is a Vogue/Wimbledon event, and I need to go ask Anna about how Roger Federer smells.”


Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: Metallics

Anne Hathaway just might be the Droid I’m looking for, except I don’t want to end that sentence on the preposition, so I’m still typing.

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Unfug It Up: Jessica Chastain

You guys know I love a pattern.  HOWEVER:

Jameson Empire Awards 2015

Have I completely lost the plot or does she look vaguely upholstered in this? I mean, her head looks great and it’s certainly not a lost cause. In fact, I think it’s TOTALLY fixable. There just needs to be LESS of it. No sleeves, maybe, or a shorter skirt, or a v-neckline? Should we send someone over there with a pair of scissors? Hit me with your best styling suggestions.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]