Fugger: Jessica Chastain

Fugs and Fabs: YET MORE Celebs at Paris Fashion Week

To be honest, I cannot understand how a Fashion Week is STILL HAPPENING. Hasn’t this been going on forever?

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Fugs and Fabs: Solids at the Independent Spirit Awards

And we can put THIS sucker to bed, at last. Come for the ScarJo, stay for some Kristens, formal pajamas, and the new Supergirl.

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Oscars Strangely Played Carpet: Jessica Chastain in Givenchy and H&M

I had hoped fleetingly that she was just in her pupal stage, preparing to hatch out of one skin and into a better one she’d grown underneath it. Sadly, the Oscars are only ever that dramatic in my head.

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Well Played, Jessica Chastain in Saint Laurent

Anne Hathaway recently said that her New Year’s resolution was to be more like Jessica Chastain. And I agree, as long as that comes with getting to wear this:

"A Most Violent Year" - Photocall

Is it a bit…puritanically under-accessorized? Yes. But something about that makes it feel kind of soothing to me. Like a cleanse for my eyes.

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Fug or Fab: Jessica Chastain in Antonio Berardi

She won the MVP Award this year — no, seriously, the Critics’ Choice gives out an MVP now, and I imagine she earned it; she was in something like four movies this year and god knows she seems like a hard worker — and she gave a lovely (and seemingly pretty emotional) speech about the importance of diversity. (Oprah applauded, so you know it was good. Oprah knows good speeches.) ANYWAY, good on you, Chastain. Let’s move along to less important things and talk about what you’re wearing:

The 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards in Hollywood

I like the beading and I like her lip, but this feels so costume-y to me — and I am a lady who likes a costume; my iPhone constantly tries to correct “lame” to “lamé” — that I nearly expect to find her standing near a window, petting a white fluffy cat, before whirling around to greet me with an icy, “I suppose you’re wondering why I asked you here.” Was it to talk about your awards season wardrobe? Because if so, I have LOADS OF STUFF TO TELL YOU!

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Fairly Well Played: Jessica Chastain

I don’t usually remember to watch the late-night shows, but I happened to catch Jimmy Kimmel the other night when La Chastain was the guest in this very outfit:

Jessica chastain

And it was exactly as you’d expect: A VERY cute idea and a wonderful color, but too tight in the waist, which you can see even a little bit in this photo. When she sat down it got all bumpy and pinchy. Which happens to us all; I just figured her people would have a really good tailor on speed dial. I wish I did.

The snug waist looks better in this Lela Rose dress:

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