Fugger: Jessica Chastain

Mostly All Well Played: The Crimson Peak Cast

(a) I did not know that Jessica Chastain was even in Crimson Peak until today, and

(b) These three — Chastain, Mia, and Hiddles — are really making the rounds at the moment (rightly) and whoever is dressing each of them is really doing a good job. Buy that styling team a round, someone!

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Fugs or Fabs: Jessica Chastain at the Toronto Film Festival

This Givenchy is about ninety times better than what everyone wore to the epic sinkhole that was the label’s spring/summer fashion show.

jessica chastain toronto film festival 2015

But I still think this looks like they ran out of time to figure out the bottom of the gown, and so stuck a black skirt on there and hoped for the best. I’m also not sure that a bodice that’s part-muppet really works with the billowing sleeve of a semi-formal pirate who likes the feeling of the wind on her arms… but not too much, and only during cocktail hour.

I liked the Lanvin she wore to a photocall a bit better:

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Well Played, Jessica Chastain (and Tom Hiddleston) at Comic-Con

Let us all join together and hope this ushers in a new Era of Chastain, in which she always looks lovely and often drags along a dude we enjoy eyeballing after we’re finished admiring her hair.

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Wellish Played, Jessica Chastain

It’s been a slow week, and as we cruise into the end of June, the Fourth of July, the dark depths of midsummer… pickings are going to get slim. And I think Jessica Chastain sympathizes a little. (Just a little.)

jessica chastain vogue wimbledon

“Here,” she seems to be saying. “Here. Take it. I am out of the house, I am clean, I am in front of a camera. You can talk about my lipstick. You can talk about whether my shoes are too hoof-y or boring. You can speculate on whether I am secretly braceleted. You can even talk about whether this is a dress, or a shirt and skirt, and further, whether the top might actually be navy or Heather’s eyes are just deranged and desperate. I have done my part. I’m sorry it’s not crazier, but just be glad I’m here at all. Bloggers can’t be choosers. Now if you’ll excuse me, this is a Vogue/Wimbledon event, and I need to go ask Anna about how Roger Federer smells.”


Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: Metallics

Anne Hathaway just might be the Droid I’m looking for, except I don’t want to end that sentence on the preposition, so I’m still typing.

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Unfug It Up: Jessica Chastain

You guys know I love a pattern.  HOWEVER:

Jameson Empire Awards 2015

Have I completely lost the plot or does she look vaguely upholstered in this? I mean, her head looks great and it’s certainly not a lost cause. In fact, I think it’s TOTALLY fixable. There just needs to be LESS of it. No sleeves, maybe, or a shorter skirt, or a v-neckline? Should we send someone over there with a pair of scissors? Hit me with your best styling suggestions.

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Fugs and Fabs: YET MORE Celebs at Paris Fashion Week

To be honest, I cannot understand how a Fashion Week is STILL HAPPENING. Hasn’t this been going on forever?

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