Fugger: Jennifer Aniston

Fuggrible Bosses: Jennifer Aniston

The truth is that the detailing on this dress is really lovely. But as a whole…isn’t it kind of bizarre?

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Well Played, Jennifer Aniston

Okay, admittedly, I am wild about plaid in general. MAD FOR PLAID!! Is what Us Weekly would paste over my face, if you could really go crazy over a fabric. So take this with a grain of salt. BUT:

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I do think this might be almost the cutest she’s looked in, in, AGES. Boots plus plaid plus coat is basically my platonic ideal of a cute-but-casual movie screening outfit and I have to give her a round of applause, because I think this could have veered Too Young, and yet somehow she’s saved it. Gold star.

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Fug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston in Bouchra Jarrar

Other than this being her usual unimaginative color palette, I sort of enjoy this.

Jennifer Aniston

It’s straitjacket adjacent — like someone did Designer Asylum as a senior project — but it’s unusual, and particularly different for her. Which she needs becaue her head is stuck in a massive rut. Did someone once tell her never to wear red lipstick? Is there no crimson hue that works on her complexion? Is that even possible? Because when you’re not adding any OTHER spice, that’s a great way to cheat some. With that possible addition, I might have given her high scores for this outfit… if she’d also thought to clip off the stray threads hanging down and kissing her right shin. If you look closely, the entire hem is unfinished. What is wrong with people? This is not the outfit on which to go all derelicte and deconstructed. FINISH THINGS YOU START, PEOPLE. If I just stopped this post before I was done writing, you’d all

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Fug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston in Antonio Berardi

Well, it’s INCHING toward color, right?

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Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else at the AMPAS Governors’ Awards

Prepare yourself. This is not some slideshow full of randoms, that you read on the train and are all, “ugh, I forgot the mobile version of GFY doesn’t show me the titles of these slides. Who is THIS random shitshow?!” No. You will recognize ALMOST ALL of these people because the Academy doesn’t invite you to pre-awards season parties unless they think you might be invited to an actual awards season party. Which means: AT LEAST B+ List. Let’s dig in.

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I’ll Be There Fug You: Jennifer Aniston in Saint Laurent

It doesn’t feel like SHE particularly cared about this, does it?

Jennifer Aniston

It’s a serviceable black blazer and a sparkly boob shelf. It’s basically date night gear for when you feel bloated. And it makes her look hunched and slouchy — and, for someone who seems a little sensitive about her iconic hair, her current cut isn’t doing it for me. It seems tired. Maybe all of her is tired. I have seen WAY WORSE, but I have also been way more inspired.

Speaking of which, for all the hype around it, I wasn’t that impressed with the reunion of the Lady Friends on Jimmy Kimmel. It was predicated on one of those frustrating bits where you know the actor isn’t actually surprised to be presented with this oddball thing to do, but prolongs the ruse for ages… and ages… and ages… and the whole thing became about Jennifer Aniston complaining that Kimmel’s Friends fan-fic was bad and making faces and rolling her eyes, which is what she was clearly ASKED to do, but… zzz. What did you think, Fair Fug Nation? Was it a wasted segment? Did it make you want a real Friends reunion? Personally, I’m not sure I really NEED one, because it might bum me out if it didn’t WORK. And as much as I think Matt LeBlanc is a silver fox now, I think Joey Tribbiani needs to stay forever young.

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