Fugger: Jennifer Aniston

Well Played: Jennifer Aniston in Valentino

This was from the Storks premiere this weekend, so the Brangelina #Braxitt (credit to Twitter at large for that one) hadn’t happened yet. But boy, that is quite a sequence of what I imagine are the two things she least likes to discuss: babies, and Brad’s marriage.

The good news is, before Jen presumably flushed her cell phone down the toilet and told her publicist to flee to Hawaii, she probably got a lot of complimentary texts for this:

Jennifer Aniston

It’s not just a pattern. It’s a FESTIVAL of pattern. It’s an eruption of lighthearted loveliness, finished with good shoes. This is the best she’s looked in a long time. And while I’m sure she and The Brange have long buried their shared past, and I am not trying to drag Jen into this any more than she already will be by dint of the Pitt-Cotillard cheating rumors, I ALSO think very few people among us — if we’re being truly honest — would ever get over the desire to look as good as possible in the face of the ex who broke their hearts. Especially if that ex is now getting trampled by the lady he broke it with, and doubly especially if you had to watch people compare your life with theirs every day since. And thus, this outfit and this level of Peak Aniston on the veritable eve of that divorce announcement is REALLY spectacular timing indeed.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Airport

You guys! If last week’s installment of People Wearing Stuff at the Airport was surprisingly A-list, this one is ALSO pretty A-list but, more interestingly, EXTREMELY NORMAL. Stars are just like us, once they leave the first class lounge.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played: Jennifer Aniston in Tibi

You know what? I’m not madly in love with this, but I’m giving it to her anyway:

Jennifer Aniston in Tibi


  1. A different shape than her usual!
  2. Polka-dotted!
  3. Accessorized by red shoes!
  4. Accompanied by a totally new hair-do!



Fugs and Fabs: The Premiere of Mother’s Day

There is very little, of late, that Kate Hudson will not attend. Except apparently the premiere of this movie of hers.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played: Jennifer Aniston in Galvan

Cabernet alert! On Jennifer Aniston, not on my desk, although as they say it is always wine o’clock somewhere.

Jennifer Aniston

I love that on her — it’s not as HELLO RED as she usually goes, neither is it black, white, beige, or grey — and she’s accessorized it nicely, albeit with a few of her typical tendrils that I wish I could scrape out of her face. Still. A new hue! LOOK AT ALL OF THIS GROWTH.

[Photo: Getty]


Critics’ Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Jennifer Aniston in Saint Laurent

Okay, first, I need to vent: All these deliberately misleading headlines about a Friends reunion are apocryphal and appalling to me. It’s the worst kind of clickbait (along with this newly popular thing of tweeting links to stories as if they are current, until you click on them, and find out they are six months old or worse; I call it “dickbait”). The headlines here should read, “Five of Six Friends Will Be At A Televised Party,” because that’s basically what it is. And we have enough unnecessary retreads happening right now — Heroes, Prison Break, 24, arguably X-Files,and that Coach remake that was mercifully killed before it had a chance to flop – so I’m not sure why a Friends reunion is so hot. Does anyone really want them to either a) reunite and make jokes like NO time has passed, or b) reunite and suddenly Phoebe is cracking wise about menopause? Not everything needs to be exhumed.

Well. That was TWO ventings. Neither of which are Jennifer Aniston’s fault, but whatever, she was the vehicle that sparked it. And she is, sadly for her, not immune to my frustration:

jennifer aniston

I shudder to think what the sticker price is here. Because that lazy seam down the front, the tied ruffle, and the gynecological slit all feel intensely Macy’s. And I have no problem with Macy’s, but I also think Jennifer Aniston can aim higher than that – and the designers that price themselves in the stratosphere should at least deliver something that isn’t evocative of a dress I bought at the mall in 2004 for a wedding.

[Photp: Getty]