Fugger: Jaimie Alexander

Emmy Awards Well Played: Jaimie Alexander in Armani Prive

This dress may prove to be divisive. Personally, I loved it:

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Stripes + sleeves + sequins = goodness, in my book. (Although she may have been ready to pass out, given how hot and humid it was on the red carpet yesterday.) It’s also a huge vote of confidence in Jaimie Alexander as a celebrity that Armani Prive gave her a dress that hasn’t even gone down the runway yet. Like, that is a GET, a real A-List score, and however that was finagled: WELL DONE TEAM JAIMIE.

Additionally, because I always like to tell you guys these things: I interviewed her at Fashion Week once, and she was A COMPLETE DELIGHT, and probably one of the nicest interviews I’ve done. So, mark that in your diary. (You know who else was great this past Fashion Week, who I may not get to mention here on GFY and should just shove in here? HODA. You guys, Hoda Kotb is — unsurprisingly — the best person.)

[Photo: John Shearer]


TCA Fugs and Fabs: NBC/Universal

Oh my god TCA will never end. I love TV too but you have got to get a grip. (In fairness, I believe the final events are happening today, and then all our TV critic friends will — I HOPE — get to take a long nap and have a giant cocktails.)

In other news, Sawyer from Lost might be in disguise as Chandler Bing.

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Fugs and Fabs: The People/EW Upfronts Party

I SWEAR I wrote an intro to this post, but only now, 12 hours after it published, did I check and notice that nothing was written here. WELL DONE. Is my brain cramping?

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Fugs and Fabs: The NBC Upfronts

Can we talk about the fact that NBC renewed Mysteries of Laura? Although…perhaps I should not complain about something that sets Debra Messing onto red carpets on the regular.

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Catch-up Fuggerday: Things We Missed Because Of Cannes

Orange Is The New Black had a premiere party. So did The Normal Heart. People wore stuff, and more importantly: Matt Bomer and Tim Riggins. Venture in with us.

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Fugs and Fabs of the Marie Claire Party: Pants

Some of these pants are truly soiling the word.

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AMAs Fug Carpet: Jaimie Alexander

I don’t understand this hair on her.

She looks like a different person, which is a problem considering that a lot of people don’t know what she looks like to begin with and have only experienced her as The Human Showgirls Poster. Seriously, that hair adds ten years to her head. It’s NEVER a good idea to add ten years to your head. There are entire reality shows about toddler beauty pageant contestants that have proven this time and again. As for the rest of the outfit, it APPEARS to be a shirt with pants, and I really like the shirt and wish it continued into a cool, slinky long or short skirt, either solid or patterned. It’s a great-looking bodice. And then those wrinkly trousers pop up like refugees from Banal Barn and the whole thing dies like an iPad in water.

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