I almost walked into a wall the other day when the ad for this new Ghostbusters movie came on my TV and the child from Stranger Things exposited that his grandfather was a Ghostbuster. I felt like the living embodiment of Jamie Lee Curtis playing Lindsay Lohan freaky Friday’ed into her body yelping “I’M OLD.” Then of course, I actually did the math: I was 10 years old when actual Ghostbusters came out and Bill Murray is 71 now so, yeah. Grandpa Ghostbusters is where we’re at. Everyone’s existential crisis aside — this movie is allegedly fun and almost everyone in it ranges from “inoffensive” to “oh, I love her” to “People’s Sexiest Man Alive,” so have at it! (Some of their outfits, I will warn you, are nutty!) (Also, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts are both in this film but didn’t attend; neither did Finn Wolfhard. No report on the whereabouts of the Keymaster.)

[Photos: Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock, Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock, AFF-USA/Shutterstock]