I cannot lie. I find this very entertaining. It’s striking? She also looks like she’s in costume for a theatrical performance where she plays a GORGEOUS Calvinist thinker who eventually gets burned at the stake as a witch by the local asshole man-gang who are really just mad at her because they know she’s smarter than they are. It will be a STUNNING feat of dramatical arts and people are going to love to hate the man who lit the match, Reverend Flarksdale, played by Jason Momoa in a DRAMATIC miscasting that somehow comes around to being revelatory.

'The Wheel of Time' TV series premiere, London, UK - 15 Nov 2021

Anyway, a less bold person would have left the headpiece off and I have to say that while that was probably objectively the right call, I’m also sort of glad it didn’t happen. Maybe we SHOULD all be trying to look like gorgeous Calvinists now.

[Photos: David Fisher/Shutterstock]