Fugger: Bonnie Wright

Cannes Fugs and Fabs: The amfAR Gala

I was all het up about Cannes juror Nicole Kidman not being at this (or at that may other things), but it turns out she was, and just may not have done the red carpet. I’ve decided this is because she’s been holed up all day in a darkened room watching every Cannes movie and flossing popcorn out of her teeth.

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Oscar Jumpsuits Fugs or Fabs: Bonnie Wright and Marisa Tomei

Someone the other day worried that I was losing my hardline stance on The Evil of Jumpsuits and now I’m a little scared that after several long years of fighting the hard fight, that might be true.

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Bonnie Fught

Poor Bonnie. First, the Harry Potter filmmakers stripped Ginny of most of her moxie — one of my biggest issues with that entire franchise is that they essentially deleted the sassy spirit of a major character — and now I’m about to get stuck into her about her clothing choices. Fortunately for her, she’s still got beautiful hair, great skin, a pretty face, a throbbing career, and she’s still engaged to that long-haired, chiseled dude who appeared as Gellert Grindelwald for about thirty seconds, so obviously she’s doing just fine regardless of how I feel about her taste in footwear.

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Harry Potter and the Fugly Hallows

Bonnie Wright:

21 year old actress by day. Wicked efficient actuary by night.


BAFTA Awards Fug Carpet: Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower

“What’s that? We’re at the WHAT? THE BAFTAS? Rupurt Grint said we were going to tea at his grandma’s! DAMN YOU GRINT YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS.”


Harry Potter and the Fugly Hallows

JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER: I am SUPER EXCITED about my new endorsement deal!

BONNIE WRIGHT: It’s clearly not for hairbrushes.

JCB: What’s that, most precious flower of my love? My sweet little satin-wrapped schoolteacher-looking tartlet?

BW: Oh, nothing! Nothing! What are you endorsing?

JCB: Duh! FAUX TAN. They’re calling it GRINDELGLOW! It’s the Bronzer Favored By Grindelwald!

BW: I don’t remember Grindelwald being described as tan in the book…

JCB: No! But don’t you think, while he was off nursing his wounds from breaking up with Dumbledore-slash-maybe accidentally murdering someone, he TOTALLY went bumming around, like, Ibiza and stuff?

BW: I…thought he was off plotting all kinds of nefarious stuff and raising an army for world domination and acting as a kind of proto-Voldemort?

JCB: You can TOTALLY do that poolside!

BW: Our marriage is going to be really entertaining.