Fugger: Blake Lively

Fugs and Fabs: Blake Lively’s Age of Adaline Press Tour

Is there some kind of record for most outfit changes on a short junket? Blake Lively is clearly making up for lost PR time. We even couldn’t get a few from our sources. Meaning, this isn’t even ALL of them.

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Fug or Fab, and then WTF: Blake Lively

Real talk: I don’t know if Age of Adaline is going to be any good, but I do know that Blake Lively looks FANTASTIC in the ads. It’s like they’re a series of fabulous perfume commercials. She is crazy gorgeous in every shot of this film. Ergo, real life might be a wee bit of a comedown?

"The Age Of Adaline" New York Premiere

I just feel like this might be TOO MUCH: too much lace, too much red, too much leather, too many feathers, too much hair (NEVER TOO MUCH HAIR, I TAKE IT BACK, BLAKE). This dress feels like it’s got a lot of smoke and mirrors happening, on a person who needs neither.

Speaking of need, though, I might need this:

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Fug or Fab (and Recent Fines): Blake Lively in Kaufmanfranco

It’s hard to take issue with Pregnant Blake Lively, because she’s pretty damn radiant, but… is this kind of dull?

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Fugs or Fabs: Blake Lively in Gucci Cruise

At some point, I expect a statue of this exact photo to be available for purchase on Preserve.us. Whittled to lifelike perfection by an artisanal ant colony and scented lightly with vanilla.

[Photos: AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet]


Casual Fuggerday: Confusingly Played, Blake Lively

Well, I don’t know what the hell climate it was in New York yesterday.

Blake Lively

But I do know this: You can take the girl out of Serena van der Woodsen, but you can’t take Serena van der Woodsen out of the girl.

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Well Played: Blake Lively in Michael Kors

For some reason I am simultaneously not that into this dress, AND think that she looks like a freaking glowing beacon of fecundity. The latter won.

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Well Played, Blake Lively on Vogue

I know this will be controversial, but I have to give a hand to a girl who, in an interview with Vogue, refers to her outfit something that looks as if “Sling Blade and Pocahontas had a baby.” That’s legitimately funny. (Also legitimately funny, however, is Entertainment Weekly‘s take on WTF is happening with Preserve, Blake’s GOOP.) I also think this cover look and the inside spread are extremely well-suited to Blake’s Classic American Blonde Good Looks, and, frankly, I am delighted they didn’t try anything Bizarrely Directional on her. Remember that time everyone who was on the cover looked like she’d just been electrocuted?

[Photos: Vogue]