Fugger: Blake Lively

Fugtrospective: Blake Lively

It’s Blake Lively’s birthday! What better time to revisit some of the most interesting sartorial works of the artist formerly known as Boobs Legsly? Spoiler: Her head basically always looks amazing.


Fugs and Fabs: The Target Cat & Jack Launch

Cat & Jack is a kids’ line, so don’t get your hopes up that Blake’s dress will appear in Target anytime soon.

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Fug or Fab: Blake Lively in Emanuel Ungaro

Weird theory to ponder: I think I’m more predisposed to like this dress on Blake than I would be on a celeb who isn’t pregnant, simply because I appreciate the extra soupcon of balls that it takes to wear a frock with a dash of the dominatrix as maternity wear:

Pregnant Blake Lively Steps Out In NYC

It’s also kind of pretty, especially considering the fact that it’s technically just a skirt and a bralette being held together by straps.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Blake Lively in Valentino, Carolina Herrera

All I know is, I wish I were wearing this Valentino right now:

Pregnant Blake Returns To Her Hotel In NYC

Like, on the deck of a yacht somewhere. Blake looks much better in it than I would, but I can have multiple champagne cocktails without anyone side-eyeing me — at least until I fall off the boat — so….we’ll call it even.

She popped out of the house yesterday evening in this, which is charming but potentially less successful:

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Well Played, Blake Lively in Jonathan Simkhai

I went to the  Jonathan Simkhai show at NYFW last September Fashion Week, and it was — by far — my favorite show that week. It was really pretty and extremely wearable but not boring. It just felt like things people would actually buy — which, I understand, is not always the aim of a fashion show, but which seems to be wise from a money-making perspective from a brand, and if you’re trying to appeal to buyers. So I am not surprised to see that this is Simkhai:

 Blake Lively in Jonathan Simkhai

She looks charming, but not dull; summery, but not sweaty (always a victory).  Is it weird that I’m coveting someone’s pregnancy look? Wait, don’t answer that.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


More Fugs and Fabs: Blake Lively

This hair is everything. I want my hair to grow out IMMEDIATELY… so that it can look nothing like this, obviously, and then crush my hopes. But in the meantime, it is my everything. And yes, we are doing the heck out of a curly-haired afternoon chat.

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