Fugger: Bitsie Tulloch

Fugs and Fabs: The Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Party: The Rest

The Entertainment Weekly party at Comic-Con really IS the big bash of the weekend, isn’t it? Even Steve Sanders is there. I really hope the nice girls working the door forced him to exchange an egg to get inside.

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Fugs and Fabs: Some Spring Break Themed Thingy

All I know is, any event that brings together the likes of Hailee Steinfeld and Tony Goldwyn and Ben McKenzie and Jessica Szohr and Catherine Keener that is NOT some kind of awards show is pretty much beyond my comprehension.

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Golden Globes Well Played, Bitsie Tulloch

I feel like this is one of those dress that, if you wore it, you’d spend the whole night ruffling your own layers. Not a euphemism.

Or maybe that’s just me. That being said, I think this is lovely on her — the color is great, and the texture is really interesting. Bonus points for that giant cocktail ring, as it’s never a bad time for a giant ring, in my opinionation. If I were writing this at, say, midnight, I’d probably pen something like, NOTHING GRIMM ABOUT THIS EXCEPT THE PRICE TAG HAR HAR HAR HAR but I’m a cup of coffee into today and so I shall just say: Nicely done, Bitsie!

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