Fugger: Ashley Tisdale

Fugs and Fabs: “That Awkward Moment” Premiere

Michael B. Jordan, I am sad you’re not Oscar-nominated. But I am happy you are working a lot, and I hope you come to Fashion Week so that I can be too nervous to ask you anything because I only have dumb questions.

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Golden Globes Final Fugs and Fabs: The Lightbox Purge

That bodice is an unforgivable curse. If this were Harry Potter, there would be a verboten spell that does exactly that to the top of your enemy’s outfit.

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Fug or Fab: Ashley Tisdale

Heather and I just had a long conversation about Ashley Tisdale, like it’s 2009 up in there. Which, in many ways, you might think it was were you just to look at her outfit:

Doesn’t that dress just scream, “I got this on the Macy’s sale rack right before I left for Cabo in June of 2010 but I’m going to toss a jacket it on it and pretend I’m not just wearing it because I woke up feeling bloated today”? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I have that dress. And I wear it around the house as a precursor to the days — surely on the horizon — where I break down and start sporting an actual housedress. It’s comfortable. It’s dated. It provides great ventilation.

But it’s not TERRIBLE. And, in fact, I have a fondness in my heart for The Tiz. Heather said she was funny on The Crazy Ones this week, and then we decided that she needs to be cast on New Girl as a mildly crazed but ultimately funny girl who falls in love with Schmidt and then starts stalking him, Schmidt-style. Like a She-Schmidt. Call Zooey Deschanel, Ashley, and tell her we sent you. Wait, maybe don’t tell her we had anything to do with it. Follow your gut on that one.

And about your look:

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Fugs and Fabs of the InStyle Summer Soiree: The Colorful, Pt. 2

I’m going to miss Ashley on Revenge. Her character was so bad at her job(s) that it became delightful, and she was routinely the best-dressed person on the set. Still, with her fondness for bold statements, I’m pretty sure we won’t have to miss her on the red carpet because she’ll keep getting invited to things. And then eventually turn up on The CW. Doesn’t Rachel Bilson need a new bestie on Hart of Dixie? Or  better yet, they can hire her to teach Southern Lemon how the posh girls do it overseas.

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Fugly Movie V

The cast of this movie is such a Casserole of Hmm: It includes Charlie Sheen, Simon Rex, Lindsay Lohan, Darrell Hammond, Snoop Dogg, Molly Shannon, and Ashley Tisdale, a group that reads more like the random participants in a future reality special (Roller Derby With The Stars, say, or Silver Bongs: A Very Snoop-y Christmas, or Celebrity Judo) than of an actual movie.

And I had assumed Lindsay Lohan would show up and vamp it up the most, to celebrate her return to the big screen since — wait for it — Machete in 2010 (although that wasn’t really a LiLo joint; her last actual major role was 2007′s I Know Who Killed Me, which… YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF, CHILD, and I don’t think you know that). But no: Ashley Tisdale is the one here who went full vixen:

Perhaps she is hoping her witchy ensemble will cast a spell on producers and compel them to hire her for things that aren’t Version 5.0 of a marginal parody. She was cute on Hellcats; how come The CW hasn’t lured her to her death on Vampire Diaries, or stuck her on 90210 for a two-episode arc as Someone Who Goes Crazy (it’s their specialty)? Actually, nobody in that cast has turned up anywhere else on that network, which is a strange sign because — as I will expound upon later this afternoon in another post — the CW’s specialty is getting super attached to people and then littering the lineup with them.

Anyway: The dress looks like a crazy person is slowly peeling it off of her. It’s insane. It’s so Maleficent. (Is there a better Evildoer name than Maleficent? It’s even fun to say. Try it. Repeatedly.)  Let’s look at it from the side:

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High Fug Musical

I have so many thoughts.

First: I know they’re pushing “pajama dressing,” and I basically reject that when they’re fancy pajamas, but I REALLY reject it when they are THESE pajamas pants because these ARE pajama pants, right? REJECT.

Okay. I guess that’s just one thought, but I really thought it HARD.

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