Herein lie the other ladies of the Stranger Things premiere, but it’s hard to pull focus from Millie. Rodarte custom-made this gown for her, and I am so grateful that it has no interest into turning her into a 27-year old before our eyes. Instead, it looks like it aspires to be Liesl Von Trapp’s flavor of 16-going-on-17 (minus the Nazi telegram douche), but that it hasn’t grown into that yet — which is perfect, since Millie herself is only 15, and this is a very 15-years old confection: formal and floofy and frivolous, highly conscious of the fact that she might be in her waning days of this much tweedom.  I can’t say that I am in love with it, but I’m at least happy about all that.

[Photos: WENN,, Rex/Shutterstock]