Not to make this about us, but… that ship sailed with the headline, so: Happy Birthday, GFY! Our digital baby is 15 today, so it can start studying for the written portion of its driving exam, but can’t actually get a permit until around Christmas. It is heading into tenth grade, and thinks it’s ready to go to Prom with a senior and have a later curfew — it is wrong — and it still thinks it wants to be a veterinarian when it grows up, because it likes animals and wants to help them but hasn’t really sat down and thought about what it will mean to see them during the very sad times and/or ogle their innards. We are very grateful for those of you who’ve held us tightly all those years and watched us grow up — but also those who’ve checked in periodically from a distance and sometimes aren’t hot for our life choices but care about us anyway; those who kicked us to the curb long ago; those who left and came back. All of you, in some measure, have helped this site on its path to becoming a place — and more importantly, a community — of which we’re ever more proud.

To celebrate, Celine Dion WORE SOME THINGS. I also noticed she’s officially not being styled by Law anymore, so, yes, this means we’re entering a lawless Wild West of a fashion era for her and thus anything really does go. Celine, thank you for being our present.

[Photos: WENN, Rex/Shutterstock]