Well! This is possibly the most Bex Porter thing Meghan has ever done — beyond being an American who marries a British prince, obviously. (If you haven’t read The Royal We, our heroine is a big Cubs fan. [I, personally, am ride-or-die for the Dodgers.]) Today, the Red Sox took on the Yankees in London, and Harry and Meghan came out for the game. This is possibly my favorite event they’ve ever done together, but as a baseball fan, I am very, very biased. (I’ve got the game on as I write this and the score is…bonkers. It’s currently 8-6…IN THE THIRD INNING. Londoners, this is unusual.)

Outfit wise, Meghan’s wearing this Stella dress (in a different color) and these VERY CUTE flats that I’m going to need a cheaper duplicate for. (It cracks me up that Meghan has a flats version of her favorite heels. Who amongst us, etc.) Let’s enjoy!

Oh! Edited to add, here’s our First Pitch footage:

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