We have made it to Friday again!

First of all, I want to acknowledge that this has been a week of horrifying and stressful news in the United States, and if you are distressed by the absolutely appalling news coming out about the migrant detention centers at our borders, I encourage you to give to RAICES. We also rounded up a variety of other suggestions about organizations that are helping on our Instagram page; it’s saved under our stories as “Border Help.” (You do not need to follow us to see the story.)

In a huge tonal shift: This New York Times profile of Charo is going to refill your heart.

Really good, over at Tom and Lorenzo (I can’t wait for their book to come out!): Stormé DeLarverie and the Mythology of Stonewall

Do you need a new cute dress? Boden is having a big sale and we picked out some of the best options.

In light of Judith Krantz’s death, we talked about our favorite beach reads. This, at the New Yorker, is great: Revisiting Judith Krantz’s “Scruples,” a Novel with a Passion for Clothes

Also worth your time at The New Yorker: The Evolution of N.B.A.-Draft Fashion. (A lot of people asked why we didn’t cover the draft. The answer is simple: None of our photo services had pictures that we could legally use! It was a bummer!)

At Lainey: WHOO HOO, it’s the trailer for the new Charlie’s Angels movie, with Kristen Stewart! That press tour is going to be FUN.

At Marie Claire, this was very good: When Your Spouse Is a Politician, What Happens to You?

This is also really, really good, at Wired: He Cyberstalked Teen Girls for Years — Then They Fought Back. 

Also at Lainey, was I amused to see Leonardo DiCaprio take a volleyball to the face? I’m not proud of this, but yes. Yes I was.

This was a very pleasant read, in the best way possible, at the LA Times: The perfect rose: 62 years in the making

Fun! At the New York Times: Hats Like Sneezes, Playing at Aristocracy and Other Notes From Royal Ascot

At Pajiba, I thought this was interesting: Are the Chinese Government Censoring All These High Profile Movies?

This was a complete pleasure, at Vulture: Not Great, Bob!’: The Making of Mad Men’s Greatest Meme

You know I love book lists, and this is a great one, at the New York Times: The 50 Best Memoirs of the Past 50 Years


At Socialite Life, enjoy the handsomeness of Chris Hemsworth. ENJOY IT!

Also at Jezebel: Allow This Man Who Lives Every Day as a Regency Dandy to Inspire Your Wildest Clothing Choices INDEED.