Fugger: Amanda Peet

Oscars Fug/Fab Face-Off: Meryl Streep vs Amanda Peet

I think Meryl may take this one.

She looked classy, lovely, and like she had a blast. I think that might be because she knew there was no chance she’d win. I had been trying to explain her performance in August: Osage County to Jessica, but the clips stood for themselves; she actually shrieked with laughter. The thing is, I don’t blame Meryl. The movie itself is so airless that I think Meryl was trying desperately to fill what turned out to be a vacuum. It was a fruitless exercise. But if they’d RECOGNIZED that and advertised it as a comedy of accents and bellowing, then maybe it would’ve done better. Still, Meryl herself will emerge unscathed, and rightly, and I still think she’d be a gas at a cocktail lounge.

Here is Amanda Peet, who actually acquitted herself better than usual:

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SAG Awards Unfug It Up: Amanda Peet

This is nowhere NEAR her worst, but it does look like a feverish fabric store dare.

Why are there seventeen different things happening here? It looks like a rented costume for a high-school play that someone tried to adapt, but couldn’t find any matching patterns. Can anything be done? Do we ditch the sleeves first, or are they worth keeping if we figure out a different bodice? Is the fabric on the front of the skirt acceptable, or is the one on the top better? Can you even form a coherent thought about this? Is there a hero out there whose can translate the bizarre native garb of Planet Samples? Please step forward, friend.

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Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Amanda Peet

Bless you, Amanda Peet. Not only is this whorehouse shower curtain basically the exact opposite of the angelic iceberg of blah she wore last year, but Amanda won Fug Nation’s Worst-Dressed honors at the first awards ceremony of the year (the Globes) and now may win it at the last of the year, too:

Someone DID tell her that she doesn’t get an actual trophy, right? I’m concerned she wore this because she wanted a free pair of bookends.

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Fugs and Fabs: The FXX Launch Party

In other words, “we swear this channel isn’t for porn. OR IS IT? No, it’s not. (Will porn make you watch? Because if so, MAYBE IT IS.)”

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Fugs and Fabs: The Tribeca Film Festival

All I know is, if I get to be Elaine Stritch’s age and I’m not swanning around exactly like this, then I’m doing it wrong.

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Fug or Fab: Amanda Peet

Okay, first of all: Amanda here is in Westwood, my college town, and standing right in front of an establishment WELL LOVED by Bruins of all ages. Diddy Riese sells cookies for THIRTY=FIVE CENTS EACH. (When I was in college, they were only a quarter, because I’m old.) Huge cookies! The size of a man’s hand! My favorites were the oatmeal raisin, and the chocolate/white-chocolate and, you guys, I don’t even LIKE white chocolate. Ice cream sandwiches for $1.75! That place is AWESOME. There also used to be this amazing sandwich shack that isn’t there anymore, which we all — like, everyone, not just my friends — called Buck Fifty, because the sandwiches were $1.50. Buck Fifty + Diddy Riese = dinner for $2. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

Anyway, now that my epic ode to cheap collegiate eats is over, here’s Amanda:

You CAN eat a lot of ice cream sandwiches comfortably in that thing. I want to come down on the side of “It’s Not Terrible.” But that might just be because it’s also not this.

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