There’s been a lot of backlash against this movie after the previews came out, and I have to admit, I was side-eyeing them heavily. The movie is about a woman who hits her head and wakes up completely confident that she’s beautiful, and as such, she vamps a lot — which means the trailer basically plays like one fat joke at Amy Schumer’s expense, because apparently it’s supposed to be absurd that Amy would find herself attractive. It is a terrible trailer, for that reason.

The writer/director team (a man and a woman) of course is all, “But you haven’t seen the movie,” and they have a point, too. The thesis supposedly is that we too often look to other people for validation when we need to be able to find it within ourselves, and eventually she presumably does, and it’s definitely entirely possible that the over-the-top nature of Amy’s vamping plus the eventual moral makes it a softer experience than the preview would indicate. Maybe the eye rolls and such at Amy are at her behavior, not at what she’s saying, and that in context we’d get that. But maybe in that case, the onus should be on someone to cut a more responsible trailer — or on the directors to speak out asking for one — so that they don’t end up reducing their film to a crass “Ha ha, Amy Schumer just called herself hot, AS IF” garbage statement. I don’t know. I will have to wait until I’m on an airplane with it to find out, I guess.