Fugger: Adrianne Palicki

Comic-Con 2015, Fugs and Fabs: The Entertainment Weekly Party, Part 2

The second half of the pics from the EW event includes a REALLY rancid slice of pizza, but pleasantly, only one.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Women at The Avengers: Age Of Ultron premiere

I don’t know what happened to just slapping a number on your sequel. “Age of Ultron” sounds less like something to experience than something to be endured.

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Fug or Fab: Adrianne Palicki

I wish I had been in the meeting where Adrianne and her team decided that her look for this press tour was going to be Pretty Pretty Princess.

This Temperley dress is lovely, but also it feels like something you’d see on your bridesmaid rather than something you’d put on an actress who once was tapped to play Wonder Woman. Palicki is gorgeous, but she also seems like a tough cookie — and I fear that smoothing over that bad-ass edge is making her kind of boring. THE HORROR.

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Fug or Fine I Guess: Adrianne Palicki

We haven’t seen much of the erstwhile Tyra Colette since Friday Night Lights ended, her Wonder Woman pilot failed to go, and Lone Star bombed. But now she’s out doing press for G.I. Joe: What? They Made Another One?

And she looks… fine? Perhaps a bit older than she is — this whole look says Heidi Klum to me, slightly, or at least Supermodel Of A Certain Age. I don’t care for the matchy shoes — it’s like she came dressed to break out into a rumba, just in case, because one never knows when an impromptu rumba will save the world from terrorists. And the top is doing something goofy, and she looks square in a way that I don’t think she actually is… and… basically, I wanted to love this. And it’s not egregious. But it’s not memorable, and that’s too bad, because I want her to be.

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Emmy Fug Carpet: Best and Worst Red

Let’s get the obvious thing out of the way: How did we not know that The Killing’s Mireille Enos (whom I liked better in Big Love, actually) is married to Cameron Frye? I would like to make a screeching “LET MY CAMERON GO” joke, but they seem very happy, and she’s a dish, so well done, Cameron. I wish it was actual Cameron Frye. I still worry about that kid sometimes.

In the interests of keeping it simpler, I am restricting this poll to the screaming reds — not the burgundys, the clarets, the maroons, the orange-reds. I hope I got them all. There was just so MUCH of it. Things became a blur.

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Fugder Woman

I feel like this new Wonder Woman show has to be doomed. Right? Firstly, if there’s one thing NBC has proven, it’s that it doesn’t know how to revamp an old classic (its Bionic Woman was just ponderous and awful, and Knight Rider was a hideous embarrassment, even though Justin Bruening is cute, and ahoy, he appears to have been cast in WW now too), and secondly, it’s David E Kelley, which I fear means that Wonder Woman herself will be a total neurotic mess who sees dancing babies and requires constant external validation in order to do anything, and also stammers through all her lines. Indeed, the external validation thing seems to be right on track, even though it has nothing to do with poor old Adrianne Palicki: As soon as this photo was released of the original “fresh take” on the iconic┬ácostume, everyone freaked out because it’s a crazy blend of cheap, cheesy, and trashy, so the show revamped it by scrapping the latex pants and blue heeled boots in favor of a more… breathable material, red flat shoes, and less lipstick. The result: not much better, and unfortunately, I think it’s because the corset makes her boobs look weaponized. And when she runs… well.

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Fugday Night Lights

NBC trotted out much of the cast of Friday Night Lights this week for the summer Television Critics Association press tour, presumably in the hope that the journalists would all find new ways to tell the world how awesome the show is, thereby eventually improving ratings and making me a far more pleasant person.

I’m always struck by what a talented cast it is. And what an attractive one. But, vitally, there’s also some really good hair up in there. Check out Minka Kelly:

So shiny! So perfect for the sweet cheerleader who was briefly a cheater. It’s like half-Buffy, half-Faith.

And then there’s Adrienne Palicki’s new bob:

Why can’t my hair look cute like that when it’s short, as opposed to as if I had thrown a toaster into my morning shower? I wonder if they will let her be that cute this season as the troubled town tramp (except not really, because she has a heart of gold and is — as Whitney Houston once implored us all to do — learning to love herself, which is the greatest love of all), or if she’ll have to drabify herself a little to get back in Tyra’s shoes. Yes, Tyra. It’s strange to see a person on television named “Tyra” who does not also have a three-foot wig on her head, but that’s no reason to flee from the show. You get used to it.

I might not get used to this, though:

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