We haven’t seen much of the erstwhile Tyra Colette since Friday Night Lights ended, her Wonder Woman pilot failed to go, and Lone Star bombed. But now she’s out doing press for G.I. Joe: What? They Made Another One?

And she looks… fine? Perhaps a bit older than she is — this whole look says Heidi Klum to me, slightly, or at least Supermodel Of A Certain Age. I don’t care for the matchy shoes — it’s like she came dressed to break out into a rumba, just in case, because one never knows when an impromptu rumba will save the world from terrorists. And the top is doing something goofy, and she looks square in a way that I don’t think she actually is… and… basically, I wanted to love this. And it’s not egregious. But it’s not memorable, and that’s too bad, because I want her to be.


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