I feel like this new Wonder Woman show has to be doomed. Right? Firstly, if there’s one thing NBC has proven, it’s that it doesn’t know how to revamp an old classic (its Bionic Woman was just ponderous and awful, and Knight Rider was a hideous embarrassment, even though Justin Bruening is cute, and ahoy, he appears to have been cast in WW now too), and secondly, it’s David E Kelley, which I fear means that Wonder Woman herself will be a total neurotic mess who sees dancing babies and requires constant external validation in order to do anything, and also stammers through all her lines. Indeed, the external validation thing seems to be right on track, even though it has nothing to do with poor old Adrianne Palicki: As soon as this photo was released of the original “fresh take” on the iconic┬ácostume, everyone freaked out because it’s a crazy blend of cheap, cheesy, and trashy, so the show revamped it by scrapping the latex pants and blue heeled boots in favor of a more… breathable material, red flat shoes, and less lipstick. The result: not much better, and unfortunately, I think it’s because the corset makes her boobs look weaponized. And when she runs… well.

Seriously, can this thing possibly be good?

  • Yes! Adrianne Palicki is always awesome and she will save it. (3%, 290 Votes)
  • It CAN be... but... outlook is not good. (20%, 1,965 Votes)
  • Not even Adrianne can save it (17%, 1,684 Votes)
  • I don't know who she is, so I'm just going with a solid WTF NO LEAVE IT ALONE. (60%, 5,807 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,746

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[Photos: Pacific Coast News]