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Met Gala Yikes, then Fug or Fab: Emma Roberts in Ralph Lauren

Well. Thankfully Emma Roberts — or one of her associates — must check her social media a lot, because she posted this Instagram of herself getting prepped for the Met Gala with ACTUAL CHOPSTICKS IN HER HAIR WHAAAAAT:

#Metball @ralphlauren it’s almost time!

A photo posted by Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on

Fortunately, the freakout was immediate enough that by the time she arrived at the event, the chopsticks were gone. Now, Emma Roberts is 24, and she grew up in show business, so certainly she is no naif and she should know better. But if she somehow did not see where an attempt at whimsy might veer into wildly inappropriate — see also: The Ballad of Julianne Hough’s Crazy Eyes Halloween Costume — then any one of the multiple people on Team Roberts should have noticed it and pointed out the problem. Social media shouldn’t have had to solve that for her. This is a top example of why people need Get-A-Grip Friends. In an emotional and logical sense, but also in the proactive “get a grip on those chopsticks and YANK THEM OUT” way.

Let’s take a look at the finished product, sans misguided hair:

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Met Gala Well WTFly Played: Solange in Giles

I suspect the very intricate pleating here is meant to make Solange — Our Lady of Grand and Hopefully Intentional Hilarity — look as if she is a walking hand fan.

solange knowles met gala 2015

But the pattern makes it look like she is wearing the poster for her Science Fair project, “Space: The Final Frontier.” (She got a B-plus because the sound effects and the tiny mechanized Millennium Falcon didn’t work.)

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Met Gala Naked WTFs: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez

To quote myself on Twitter: If this affair was about “perceptions” of China in the western world, then what I’m getting is that everyone perceives China as super naked. Beyonce is in Givenchy, Kim Kardashian picked Roberto Cavalli, and Jennifer Lopez is in Versace — and EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM decided that “China: Through The Looking Glass” really meant “China: Whatever, Just Look At My Ass.”

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Met Gala Fug Carpet: Chloe Sevigny

The Met Gala is always a trick as a blogger, because you generally must set some of your normal aesthetic guidelines aside and view each ensemble through the lens of the theme. This year’s “China: Through The Looking Glass” framework is particularly challenging because it requires great care, tiptoeing through what is likely to be a minefield. The line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation is blurry at best, so even when intentions are good, execution can let down the soul of the art. The exhibit’s artistic director described this as an important time in the world’s evolution for cross-cultural conversation, and the display itself is being framed as a sort of East-meets-West discussion of the “perception” of China through art and fashion; the word in quotes suggests to me they are well aware of the potential offenses and are hoping to caveat them into non-controversy.

Ergo, I think we’ll all be fumbling a bit through discussion of this year’s gala, because we’re weighing so many different factors. Is a garment objectively beautiful, or objectively unflattering or unattractive? Is it in keeping with the theme? Is it trying to be, but slacking — or trying too hard, and veering offensive? Where do intention and ignorance collide? Sometimes it’s obvious, but others, it’s hard to know what someone from another culture will see as stepping too close to, or over, the line. If we just all agree to come at this with sterling intentions of our own, and open minds to whatever dialogue it sparks, then I think we’ll be fine.

However, we can all agree on one thing:

chloe sevigny met gala

And that is: By ANY measure, this is a tortured hodge-podge — a slash to the fugular vein, which is leaking muddled ideas all over the rug. Me? I would have punted on the theme. Or worn a large coat.

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Fug of Sight: Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad


jennifer lopez billboard latin music awards

“And yes, lovers, I do. Do you? You do. You always do. You will love me in sickness and in health –until you die, and I transfer my brain into a Science Body that is just like this one but bionic and also twenty-five – and so by the power vested in me from magic and inner goodness and a lot of juicing, I pronounce us Lopez and wife. I can do that, lovers. I am one part ladypriest, one part veil, ten parts YES. So it feels good that we should make it legal that I will allow you to adore me forever. You are welcome. Psst: I am very good at marriage. Lots of practice! You have much to learn from me! Buy a notebook.”

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What the Fug: Brooklyn Decker in Rosie Assoulin

I accidentally called her “Brook Lively” for a second, which — when she had longer hair, at least — is actually not totally crazy. Unlike the shirt.

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