Fug File: WTF

What the Fug: Rihanna

Rihanna is currently on her Anti World Tour.

Rihanna Performs In Dublin

Perhaps she should rename it the Untie World Tour, as she has turned herself into some sort of sneaker.

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Fab, then Fug: Vivica A. Fox at “Independence Day: Resurgence” Events

I have love for Vivica. She’s so quippy. I remember once at a Baby Phat show, I heard her emphatically telling a repeater, “I don’t hate. I CONGRATULATE.” And I could swear — though I cannot substantiate this; maybe Jessica can — that we once heard or read a story in which she admitted she likes going by Vivica A. Fox because you could also read it in a complimentary manner as, “Vivica, a fox.” Anyway, she would be a total kick at Drinks With Broads.

Vivica A. Fox

And this is oh-so-cute. It has to be Peter Pilotto, because it’s clearly kin to this Miranda Kerr outfit, which I also liked. She was attending Roland Emmerich’s handprint ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and that’s a very smart choice for a casual event at which you are NOT the spotlight guest, and on a hot day (it looks like it’d hide sweat stains). And she does not NAB. Well played, Vivica, you fox.

but let’s talk about that other dress


Much Music Video Awards Fug: Three Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell is basically one of the best-looking humans I’ve ever seen, so this photo bums me out:

Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson

Ashley’s ensemble, however, is even MORE depressing. They’re both so good on Pretty Little Liars, and both such lovely women, and I want more for them than those clothes. This is proof positive that what seems like a sexy, slouchy negligee-inspired idea too often reads like sad, messy, forgotten socialites who do not REALIZE they are sad, messy, forgotten socialites. Think Romy & Michele’s Showgirl School Reunion, but with more personal wealth and less of a color story. [Also, my computer kept trying to autocorrect "socialites" into "socialists," which a) I guess means that socialites really are a dying concept, and b) would make for a TOTALLY different narrative entirely.]

Lucy Hale went in a different direction:

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What the Fug: Lake Bell

I keep reading the step-and-repeat behind her as WTF. For good reason.

Women In Film 2016 Crystal + Lucy Awards Presented By Max Mara And BMW - Arrivals

I’m actually sad it DOESN’T say that. Maybe we can pretend WIF stands for What Inthe Fug, and that she’s just dressing on-theme.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Grease Live Emmy-Begging Event

I assume those are called “popcorn sleeves.” Not because they resemble popcorn, but because you could pop by the concession stand at the movies and have them shovel a medium bag’s worth directly into your outfit. I would also accept “French fry arms,” “churro bags,” or “trash holsters.”

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What the Fug: Your Kardashian/Jenner Update

Kim is only in here ONCE, y’all. Maybe Khloe asked her to step aside.

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Your Afternoon Whaaa: Nico Tortorella

If you watch Younger, or ever saw any of Make It Or Break It (ABC Family’s gone-too-soon gymnastics drama), then you ought to recognize Nico. But you will not recognize his hair, as it is not of this world.

Nico Tortorella

It’s like he forgot and went outside in his curlers, EXCEPT THERE ARE NO CURLERS.

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