Anya here is starring in the latest version of Emma, co-starring Josh “Prince Charles” O’Connor and Bill “Bill Nighy” Nighy. Her style has always been unusual, but now she’s on the Law Roach train, so we can expect it to stay large and loud. This Bora Aksu has a real neon sister-wife tennis team vibe to it, with a dash of those bright stretchy bandages they use to hold the cotton ball on your vein after you’ve given blood. And then you scroll down to the discordant shoe-socks, and you wince and lean back from your monitor as if someone just shined a flashlight into your eyes. You might scream a little. You might then scroll down further to get them away from your vision — which would backfire, because then you’d end up on this:

Special Screening Of

This deconstructed Young Widow costume is one of the more creatively heinous gowns I’ve seen in a long time, and I know of no better way to burn it than to turn to the version of Emma who will always live nearest and dearest to my heart: Cher Horowitz, who would look at this and recoil and squeak, “AS IF.”

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