Some of this is interesting and adaptable, and some, I think, feels like a messy babydoll Courtney Love homage — which as it turns out may be a correct instinct on my part:

Aksu paid homage to the writer, poet, and historian Christine de Pizan, a 14th-century Italian noblewoman who served at the court of King Charles VI of France, and whose texts are recognized as some of the earliest feminist writings in history (if such a term can be applied to the late medieval period, anyway). It provided a perfect jumping-off point for Aksu’s frothy brand of romanticism, as well as the basis for a steelier subtext to the collection, rooted in tailoring details and a gentle touch of grunge.

“We wanted to take Christine and bring her into the 1990s,” said Aksu of the collection’s unexpected time warp. “I felt there was a parallel with the strength and freedom of the ’90s woman, and that attitude where you don’t really care what society thinks of you. We took that early Renaissance look and toughened it up a little bit.”

Keira Knightley has worn this line before, as have Elle Fanning, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Vanessa Hudgens. Should they again? Well… jury’s out. They’d have to be choosy.

[Photos: Imaxtree]