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Casual Fuggerday Fugs and…Mostly Fugs: The Life and Style 10th Anniversary Party

You guys, Heidi Montag was the best dressed. BY FAR. THINK ABOUT IT.

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Fugs and Pieces, October 24, 2014

Can I interest you in some delightful reading material?

– Sarah Jessica Parker wrote a WONDERFUL tribute to Oscar de la Renta. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– I think you’ll be interested in this take on 18th century cosmetic enhancements over at All Things Georgian. I personally could use a “false rump” myself at times.

– You will also love this, I think: Saving an English Country House. (Two Nerdy History Girls)

– Related! And so, so so good:  The resurrection of Grey Gardens. (I did NOT know that Ben Bradlee, who died just this week, had bought Grey Gardens.) Via Gardenista.

Glamour ranks all Mr Darcys. (Spoiler: Number one is who you think it is.)

– Amazing: In 1938, L.A. woman went to jail for wearing slacks in courtroom. (Los Angeles Times)

– ALSO AMAZING, and also from the LA Times: Sphinx unearthed from 1923 Cecil B. DeMille movie set. !!!!

Dawson’s Creek, but with dachshunds. Yes.

– Given the season, you may want to know How to Grow a GIANT PUMPKIN. (Smithsonian)

– How DID Allison Janney become “that actor in everything”? She talks to Buzzfeed, explains, is awesome.

MORE pictures of Taylor Kitsch and Josh Jackson. MORE (Lainey)

– I enjoy the Ask A Literary Lady series over at Barnes & Noble, and this week she tackles what to read after a break-up.

– Pajiba suggests Tina Fey take over for Lorne Michaels at SNL, ASAP.

– This video, on YouTube, is a fascinating look at the making of a couture collection (in this case, the 2011 Spring/Summer Dior.)

– Rumor has it that George and Amal are having another big huge wedding party this weekend. We will be on alert. (Celebitchy)


Royals Round-Up, October 24th, 2014

We had so much action this week, THANK GOD and FINALLY.  This slideshow brings you more waxworks, more Harry, NEW Harry, more snaps from Wills and Kate’s outings this week, colorful hats,  a GREAT dress on Letizia, and also other stuff. In case you missed any of our royals coverage over the course of the last few days, a refresher:

Elsewhere on the internet, for you reading pleasure:



Fug or Fab: Sienna Miller

I’ve been staring at this dress for twenty minutes and drawling a blank so large she could climb into it and disappear.

Sienna Miller at The International Medical Corps Annual Awards Dinner in LA

I can’t tell if the skirt has a tie on it, or just… a funky fold in front of her left leg, or what, exactly. And the top kind of looks like she started editing the dress WHILE it was on her body, taking one sleeve and tucking it in under her armpit and then fashioning a dickey out of panty hose. She’s certainly SELLING it better than I expected, but its always disconcerting when you’re staring at someone and wondering if the dress is being built on her AS WE SPEAK by an invisible fairy godmother and/or changing midstream due to the actions of her child who just arrived here in a Prius with a flux capacitor in it, and accidentally tap-danced on the space-time continuum.

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Fug Madness Alumna: Aubrey O’Day (With Bonus Katie Price)

Every so often, our former champ rears her head around town.

Aubrey O'Day

For a long time I thought she was going to be the Katie Price of the U.S. I mean, this girl used to dye her dog to match her outfits. But now she’s back to Basic Tacky, and I’m almost disappointed, because at least shooting for full Katie Price would give her a point of view beyond Paris Hilton At A Deep, Deep Discount. Case in point:

get ready


Royally Played, Kate Middleton in Temperley London

It seems that Kate spent the last twelve weeks at home thinking, “you know what? LET’S MIX THINGS UP. I’m buying this quasi-low-backed black cocktail dress that MIGHT be sheer in bits but totally isn’t and everyone’s going to love it OR NOT I DON’T CARE. Someone, anyone, NOT GEORGE, please bring me some ginger tea, thank you.”

As for me, I am on record as being generally unmoved by Kate’s cocktail wear, especially when it’s Temperley — I was meh on this Temperley in Australia, and this particular Temperley cocktail dress from a couple of years ago inspired extremely neutral feelings as well. (It seems that while I like Temperley a lot as a whole, I am not as enamored of their cocktail options.) THAT BEING SAID, I think I like this. I definitely like that she continues to (classily) (sort of) sex it up. REGARDLESS, LET’S DISCUSS.

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