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Cannes Fugs and Fabs: Emily Blunt

I wondered aloud the other day to Heather: Has the existence of Emily Blunt rendered Rachel McAdams superfluous? (#NoDisrespecttoReginaGeorge.) DISCUSS.

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Fuggish: Kim Kardashian in Dior

Lost in the Met Gala coverage of last week was this Very Special Episode of Kim Kardashian Wears Very Tight Shirts With Weirdly Proportioned Skirts.

kim kardashian selfish book signing

Then again, if you’re not only paying for her book of selfies but voluntarily waiting in line to have it signed, this has to be exactly what you’re hoping she’ll wear. It is Uberdashian.

So is this:

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In Case You Missed Fugs: What Ran Over The Weekend

Because of the Billboard Music Awards dominating today’s editorial space, we posted some stuff over the weekend that you may have missed once it dropped off the homepage. Like:

The Scandal recap, in which Stuff Happens to people we are sick of (which would make a great DirecTV summary);

Sienna Miller’s kite dress;

– Naomi Watts in an initially striking ruffled Armani that sadly quits in the back, with McConaughey looking like a charismatic cult leader, per usual;

Diane Kruger doing her Diane Kruger thing;

– A roundup of Cannes that includes Rachel Weisz rocking an actual jumpsuit, and Noted Kook Elena Lenina wearing more enormous hairpieces;

ANOTHER Cannes roundup, this time with Li Bingbing, Noomi Rapace, and Sophie Marceau in a pants-dress;

The winner and “winner” of Fug Nation’s best- and worst-dressed at the Met Gala;

– And, although it ran early yesterday and not over the weekend, you won’t want to have missed Cate Blanchett in the same designer that Solange wore to the Met (but sadly, not the same design). There is a lot more butt-squeezing in that post than I expected.

And that’s it! All our Billboard Music Awards coverage is available here, if you fear you missed any of it, and your Nashville finale recap and Mad Men recap (Jessica was away for her birthday and hasn’t seen it yet) – and this week’s The Royals — will come at you soon.


Cannes Fug Carpet: Sienna Miller in Valentino

It’s couture, but it LOOKS like it costs $198 at Free People.

sienna miller cannes sea of trees premiere

But it IS awfully windy at Cannes, so perhaps dressing as a human kite means she has the greatest sense of occasion we’ve seen yet.

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Fugs and Pieces, May 15th, 2015

Happy weekend, everyone!

Allow me to remind you, once again, that our book, The Royal We, is out and about and very appropriate for your Nearly Summer Poolside Readings, if you haven’t picked it up. If you’re still on the fence, by the way, those first seven chapters are still free. And, elsewhere:

– This is interesting, at The Hollywood Reporter: Cannes: What the Color of Your Badge Says About You

– Also at THR, ALSO intriguing: The Dark Side of Monaco, Uncovered: Murder, Tabloid-Ready Royal Marriage, Art-World Sting Among Newest Scandals

Center Stage is 15 this week! It’s a sophomore in high school; next year, it will learn how to drive! Celebrate with EW.

– And I loved this, at Avidly: The Little Women Televisual Analog Test

– Slate’s salute to Mad Men repurposes Don’s greatest work triumph.

– And Vulture talked to a BUNCH of people about their favorite Mad Men memories.

– Over at People StyleWatch, the ladies test lipsticks that claim to be life-changing.

– I don’t understand why I’m not eating these cupcakes RIGHT NOW. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

– I enjoyed this bit in The Atlantic about regional colloquialisms. Although I’m like a 9th generation Californian or something and I’ve NEVER heard the one they have for us.

– This is called My Dad Tried to Kill Me with an Alligator and it’s really good. (Outside)

– I cannot believe they’re remaking The Craft. (Lainey)

– Smithsonian looks at the history of unisex fashion.

GQ has an interesting look at how Periscope is going to change the face, potentially, of Pay-Per-View.

– Huge thanks to Pop Sugar for naming The Royal We to their list of the year’s “sweetest, sexiest books of the year. (So far).”

– And thanks to College Prepster for naming it to her Summer Reading List!

– Here’s a look at those new Rihanna ads for Dior. (Elle)

Mulder and Scully kissed in public this week, because they’re masters of PR and really want us to watch The New X-Files. FINE. I’LL DO IT. (Pajiba)

– At Collectors Weekly, Fashion to Die For: Did an Addiction to Fads Lead Marie Antoinette to the Guillotine?

Apparently Beyonce did her hair for the Met last minute, in her elevator. Also apparently she hasn’t answered a direct question in a year. (From the press, I assume. I am pretty sure that if Jay asks her if she, like, wants a smoothie or something, she will respond to him.) (Celebitchy)


Royals Round-Up, May 15, 2015

In which we glory in the rest of Prince Harry’s time in New Zealand.  SO MUCH HARRY. And other stuff happens, like Princess Charlene looks happier than LITERALLY EVER, which is nice for her.

Here at GFY this week, we tackled the first half of Harry’s trip, and it was chockablock with charm, so don’t miss it (or revisit it, if you like).

Allow me to remind you, once again, that our book, The Royal We, is out and about and very appropriate for your Nearly Summer Poolside Readings, if you haven’t picked it up. If you’re still on the fence, by the way, those first seven chapters are still free.

And elsewhere: