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Emmys Live-Blog Ahoy!

As the tide of the VMAs goes out, so does the tide of the Emmys come in. We are live-blogging the red carpet arrivals — for everyone, but especially for those of you who are still at work (hello, 65% of the viewership). You can find the live-blog here, and of course, you can always chat with us on Twitter.

Full Emmys coverage to come on Tuesday, starting bright and early!


VMAs Well Played: Katy Perry

Y’all. This is the best thing Katy Perry has ever done. She Tweeted yesterday that she was going for the Best Worst Dressed list and that is EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS. She and Riff Raff here (not of Rocky Horror fame, sadly) are BRITNEY AND JUSTIN from the 2001 VMAs. This is hilarious and it is delightful, and I desperately hope there was a dance off later in the evening.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]



A Housekeeping Note: New Slideshows

Hello, Fug Nation!

In case you missed this development last week: We have a working mobile site once more (YAY) and an improved slideshow function, where the whole page no longer reloads every time you go to a new slide. It’s thrilling. To go from slide to slide, just mouse over the left or right edge of the photo; an arrow will appear. We are working out some photo-cropping kinks — we know that in some slides, you cannot see the shoes, and I PROMISE we are fixing this — but beyond that, we hope it makes things much swifter for you. While we wait for that fix, you can always see the shoes by clicking on “full size,” but that is only going to be temporary.

ADDITIONALLY: The freaking Emmys are TONIGHT. We will be live-blogging for The Cut, and I will toss up a link to that liveblog once it is underway. It starts on E! at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern because apparently the Emmys people don’t care about your job. (It’s actually because of football and VMAs scheduling, but still. We are here for you, people whose jobs will prevent them from sacking out in front of the TV!)


Casual Fuggerday: Jenna Coleman

Hey, look! Jenna Coleman is still on the Doctor Who promotional trail. Let’s look at her latest:

Jenna Coleman (2)

Okay, well, this is partially compromised by the fact that they’re making her perch on a rock in front of the Houses of Parliament, but while the dress is cute, to me that belt just makes her look like she forgot to pack her other belt.  It feels like a rejected Madewell catalog shot. The other might be better, if a bit boring:

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Casual Fuggerday: Kim Kardashian

Oh, did we not mention that Kim Kardashian wore the WORLD’S WORST JUMPSUIT last week?

Kim Kardashian Jumpsuit

We were just waiting until you’d had that Saturday morning Bloody Mary first. Because you’re going to need it.

[Photo: Getty]


A Housekeeping Note: New Slideshows!

Hello, Fug Nation! As you may have noticed, we have a new slideshow functionality that is awesome and way less clunky than our old one. The entire page no longer refreshes when you view a new slide, which: HOORAY. To go from slide to slide, just mouse over the left or right edge of the photo, and an arrow will appear.

There might be a few glitches with it while we work stuff out — sometimes the first photo will turned up cropped incorrectly (if you click to the next, and then back, it should fix it); sometimes the bottom of the photo where the shoes live will be cropped, etc. We are working on ironing out the kinks — SHOES MUST BE VISIBLE — and just wanted to let you know that we’re on it. If you see else anything weird-ass happening, please let us know, as always! Thank you and goodnight! Good morning. Whatever.

ALSO: We are delighted to inform you that, once again, we have a functional mobile site. CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST!