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Well Played, Julianna Margulies in Carolina Herrera

It felt like an act of kindness to ease you back into the work week with something really good:

American Ballet Theatre 2016 Fall Gala

Mischief managed.

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Royals Round-Up, October 21, 2016

Royals round-up time! If you missed it earlier this week, Wills and Kate and Harry and Whatnot hosted a reception for British Olympians at Buckingham Palace; Kate wore ANOTHER pattern. It’s a royal miracle. This week, we’ve got yet more patterns, plus Prince Harry, tiny signs, and hideous rugs.

Around the internet, for your reading pleasure:

– This was super interesting, at Atlas Obscura: London Is Still Paying Rent to the Queen on a Property Leased in 1211

– Very funny: The 10 most Googled questions about the Duchess of Cambridge – answered by Tatler

Prince Frederik broke his back on a TRAMPOLINE. He’s going to be fine. [People Magazine]

Elle brings us a look at the amazing costumes for The Crown.

– This Thursday’s tiara at Order of Splendor has a very interesting story.

– This is neat. You guys know how much I love code breakers, etc:

The Duchess of Cambridge has written a foreword for the new GCHQ puzzle book, proceeds of which will support the @heads_together campaign to change the conversation on mental health. The Duchess says in the foreword: I have always been immensely proud of my grandmother, Valerie Glassborow, who worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. She and her twin sister, Mary, served with thousands of other young women as part of the great Allied effort to break enemy codes. They rarely talked about their wartime service, but we now know just how important the men and women of Bletchley Park were, as they tackled some of the hardest problems facing the country. In a new century, their successors at GCHQ continue this intellectual tradition. Like their Bletchley predecessors, they have become well known for valuing neurodiversity and understanding the importance of mental wellbeing. William, Harry and I are very grateful that this book is supporting our Heads Together Campaign. I hope it will not only amuse and challenge readers, but help to promote an open discussion of mental health problems, which can affect anyone, regardless of age or background. Together, we are aiming to change the national conversation around mental health from stigma and fear to openness and understanding. Those who buy this book and support the Heads Together campaign will be playing a part in helping people get the important mental health care they deserve. Press Association.

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– How am I only just learning now that Anne owns this blazer?!?!


Fug or Hmm: Kate Bosworth in Hugo Boss

I really wanted to like this. Her lipstick held such promise.

Kate Bosworth

But I think, in the end, the dress isn’t appealingly artsy, so much as it resembles someone’s wearable paper senior project¬†that was left out in the wind. And blew away. With their diploma.

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Your Afternoon Chat: Your Favorite Halloween Candy

This info has been making the rounds — including on our Twitter — and you may well have seen it, but I think it bears further discussion. Influenster polled Americans about our favorite Halloween candies, and the results were VERY INTERESTING.¬† I was relieved and gratified to see that my beloved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup was the candy that got the most votes nationwide, per their article, but also very intrigued to see that California’s favorite candy was Lifesavers, because I cannot remember ever getting Lifesavers as a young Trick or Treater. On the other hand, I LOVE Lifesavers and now I want some, so that stat seems emotionally¬†accurate.

You can see each state’s favorite candy on their handy (and very pretty) infographic here:

Influenster Halloween Candy Map

[To see a larger version of the map, click here.]

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Are you enraged by the results of this poll as it relates to your state? Who knew Hawaii was that into 100 Grand? As one of you pointed out on Twitter, Arizona must be doing very well financially if it’s handing out freaking Toblerone! Are that many of you REALLY eating candy corn?!? How — as someone else pointed out on Twitter — does one even give out candy corn to Trick or Treaters? IT’S A LOOSE CANDY. Do you just pour it over little children’s heads? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES.

[Infographic courtesy of Influenster]


Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the Italy State Dinner

Because when I think “President Obama invites the Italian prime minister to his final state dinner,” I immediately go, “Bring out the bike shorts and tulle.”

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Fugs and Fabs: The American Pastoral Screening in NYC

I feel like this movie’s premiere season has been nearly as long as the current election cycle.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebrities in Stripes

It’s your Semi-Regular Stripe Update. Spoiler: They’re still THE BEST. And Jennifer Garner’s Breton habit is worse than mine is. Which is saying something.

[If you missed the Summer Stripe Update, catch up here.]

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