Fug File: Fugs

Mildly Played: Zoe Saldana

This is so very simple:

zoe saldana latin grammy awards

It looks great on her, and I like the little lacy bonus hem, just for a splash of interest. But this feels a lot more like something one would wear to a Paleyfest, or a Hollywood Reporter roundtable, than on the red carpet at the Latin Grammys — which, much like the regular Grammys, seem to demand a lighter spirit. Zoe is hardly someone who’s afraid of going big; maybe she just wasn’t that into the event, or she’s tired, or because she’s not a recording artist she was ceding the floor to those who are (which would be very polite). Or her twins threw up on the ball gown she was planning to wear. Who knows. But while I might wish this were cheerier and maybe even more experimental, I will never get mad at someone for picking class over crass, that’s for sure.

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Mostly Fabs: WWD and Variety Stylemaker’s Party

ALL of these people look like they’re going to a party in June — other, perhaps, than Katie Holmes — but it’s a REAL CUTE party.

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Fugs of Dixie: Jaime King

I wish I could fully see the bottom of this outfit. I assume it’s black pants?

jaime king 100 years

Regardless, in 100 years, when this movie debuts (assuming anyone remembers to get it out of the vault), I’m pretty sure what’s true then is what’s true now: namely, that a Stevie Nicks and Courtney Love for Kohl’s clothing collaboration would be a strange, doomed experiment. Thank you, Jaime, for Exhibit A. It’s all we need.

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Fugs or Fabs: Olivia Wilde

This first dress on Olivia is a brand called A.W.A.K.E, and I actually like it much more than I would anticipate liking it if you described it to me, if that makes any sense:


It’s BASICALLY a fancy napkin-turned-dress, but something about it is appealing to me, if not particularly mid-November (and I am not a person who really cares about that White After Labor Day rule, at all). I might have done a metallic shoe, but what else is new in this crazy, mixed-up world?

The night prior to that, Olivia stepped out in some Michael Kors:

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Fug or Fab: Kate Hudson in Naeem Khan

So, Kate Hudson is back, I guess. She’s the star of next year’s Campari calendar — The Mirror has the photos — and far be it from me to try to understand why someone would want to hang up a calendar full of photos of Kate Hudson standing next to a bottle of Campari; people are weird. I’d buy a calendar of Prince Harry standing next to a can of Foster’s. The heart wants what it wants. She’s also on this month’s Harper’s Bazaar (shot by Terry Richardson, ugh), because…hang on, let me go read the article. Because she’s got a book coming out in February and also is making a bunch of movies. Okay! Fair enough. (One of them is Mother’s Day, but these things happen.) All that said, as much as I like Kate Hudson — and I DO! She is a likable person! How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days is charming and she’s charming in it — I don’t know if I think Kate Hudson is going to HAPPEN anymore. Am I wrong? I might be wrong. I kind of hope I am wrong. I’d actually love it if Kate Hudson landed in, like, the new Sex and the City and killed it all over HBO for the next eight years. Anyway, let’s discuss.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Harper's Bazaar]


Fugs and Fabs: The NYC Mockingjay Premiere

Jennifer got another furlough from the House of Dior, and for the first time, I might wish she’d gone back to it.

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What the Fug: Chloe Sevigny in Proenza Schouler

She. Is. A treasure.

Chloe Sevigny #Horror premiere MOMA

She, as a human person inside a piece of cloth, somehow looks very glamorous and comfortable despite the fact that she’s clad as some kind of bovine flamenco dancer (flamencow?). And everywhere I look, there’s another skin window:

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