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Royals Round-Up, January 23rd, 2015

I am beginning to think that Maxima’s resolution for 2015 was “wear the heaviest necklaces possible.” That plus TERRIFYING CLOWNS, good sunglasses, and a couple of amazing coats. COATS!

Here at GFY this week, Kate popped out for three engagements in a light blue coat and a patterned frock and OBVIOUSLY WE COVERED IT.

And elsewhere:


Your Friday Man: Ewan McGregor

After an award show ends — and when the real work begins — Jessica and I always put on a movie or two. This year, post-Globes, we did a Renee Zellweger double bill, beginning with Bridget Jones’ Diary and rolling into the woefully underappreciated Down With Love. Which, naturally, begat a conversation about whatever did happen to Catcher Block, women’s man, man’s man, man about town.

Enter Mr. McGregor at the Mortdecai premiere:

ewan mcgregor mortdecai

In deeply graceful terms: He might be kind of a goober now? The whole I’m Wearing A Leather Jacket Instead Of My Tuxedo Or Suit Coat motif feels a bit like the exertions of a midlife crisis. Then again, I do LOVE a good leather jacket, and I’m not goober-averse at ALL, and Ewan has a lot of currency with me thanks to his admittedly moony-eyed turn in Moulin Rouge and then the delicious parody of Down With Love, so… basically, I will accept his cash and offer him a favorable exchange rate, even if I will NEVER watch Mortdecringe until such time as I am trapped on an airplane eating something out of a plastic tray that purports to be lasagna.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fugtdecai: The Faces of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp may not be dressing as much like a Steven Tyler megafan these days, but… listen, if you’ve ever wondered why we have made SO MUCH FUN of Mortdecai these past couple days, just please drink in Johnny’s faces during the L.A. premiere. Whatever is going on with him, I’m pretty sure he either isn’t that stoked about this film, or MAYBE doesn’t entirely remember what it IS.

[Photos: Splash]


Mostly Fugs: Miley Cyrus

The good news is that she isn’t wearing a leotard:


I mean, is this technically an outfit, so much as it is a winky nod to the oversized tee you wore to bed when you when twelve years old? The answer is: WHATEVER, MOM.

She also wore Not A Leotard to the launch of her new MAC Viva Glam line:

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Fabs and FABBERS: The Miss Universe 2015 National Costume Show

This slideshow may seem long to you, but it’s WORTH IT. I promise. I would not lie about something this important. Although once you realize these are all the things Katy Perry will appropriate with her next concert tour/album, it gets awkward.

[Photos: Splash, Getty]


Your Afternoon Chat: The Best Red Lipstick

This is a conversation we’ve had before — generally about Taylor Swift, and often on Twitter — but it’s an important one.


After a LOT of trial and error, and thanks to the recommendations of Fug Nation (taking into account my coloring, which also took a lot of questioning because I never know what undertones I’m supposed to have), I have AT LAST found three Red Lipsticks That Work On My Face: Urban Decay’s F Bomb, Revlon Romantic, and Nars Russian Red. And I just realized I cannot find the Urban Decay — arguably my favorite of the three — and THIS WILL NOT STAND. I waited so long for it to come into my life. While I tear apart the house looking for it, let’s use today’s afternoon chat to talk lipsticks. What’s your fave?