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Your Afternoon Man: Matthew Goode

Jessica and I were in England for what I BELIEVE were two airings of The Wine Show, and we managed not to be in our hotel room for either one of them. The way I feel about this is:

Like, I want to rage, but I just can’t stay mad at him (for not magically selling his show in the US) or the universe (for putting me in front of a large glass of wine instead of a show about large glasses of wine). But let’s go to the most recent photo:

Matthew Goode

Glasses and a knit hat and casual clothes, and yes. I’ve noted before that it took his heat with Alicia Florrick for me to get the dreaminess (mostly because the only other thing I’d seen him in was that Mandy Moore movie where she’s the president’s daughter), but now that I’m finally in Goode Country, I’m buying a house there.

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Once Upon a Fug: Jennifer Morrison

I just accidentally titled this post “Jennifer Worrisome,” and it truly felt quite apt.

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Well Played, The Obamas, the Cambridges, Harry, and George

Late breaking awesomeness! And I’m dying. The robe! The rocking horse! (Which was a gift from the Obamas when George was born.) The inside of the Wills and Kate KP apartment, for the first time! LITERAL PIANO PICS.


Also, so many thoughts: Kate looks great and is still, as Heather just said to me, high on the success of her Highly Patterned Trip! Michelle looks like she decided to dress Kate Style, except with jazzier shoes! President Obama holds an umbrella for his wife! People are gossiping!  Honestly, I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED I wasn’t invited to this party.

PS: We covered POTUS and FLOTUS’s visit with QE2 and Phil earlier today, in Royals Round-Up (along with a LOT of other stuff. We saw the Queen!).

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Fugs and Pieces, April 22nd, 2016

Happy Friday from the UK! We are having a wonderful time here, thanks to our friends at Visit Britain, and hope you can follow along with us on our Twitter, our Instagrams (this is Heather’s, this is mine), and our Snapchat, where we are FugGirls, and we are ridiculous. Elsewhere:

– It was Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday this week, and The Atlantic examines Jane Eyre and the Invention of the Self. I would never name Charlotte as my favorite of the Bronte’s — I prefer Emily — but I will always appreciate her for giving us the “Reader, I [WHATEVER],” construct, which is perfection, and I have likewise enjoyed being able to make a lifetime of jokes about people shutting their crazy wives up in the attic and never thinking to mention them again, including to the women whom they were about to marry, MR ROCHESTER.

– And, at Brainpickings: Charlotte Bronte’s Beautiful and Heartbreaking Love Letters of Unrequited Affection

– I really like the name Chrissy Teigen and John Legend choose for their little girl. (Lainey)

– Two years ago, Vulture collected 24 Outrageous Prince Stories, and they are still wonderful to read.

– And, at the Washington Post, the always wonderful Robin Givhan writes about his style. I love the title of this piece: Prince broke all the rules of fashion, and damn did he look good.

– For more Prince links, visit our Prince retrospective and scroll to the bottom; it includes the fact that the Hamilton cast performed “Let’s Go Crazy” at last night’s show. !!

– Mental Floss has an oral history of the time Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault — 30 years ago this week.

– At Celebitchy, apparently Cheryl Burke really hates Ian Ziering. How utterly random.

– At Smithsonian, Inside the Grand Plan to Send Humans to Mars

– Visit Britain rounded up pubs that Shakespeare drank in, which are still serving. I wish I’d gone to one this week!

– This is funny, at Pajiba: The Thinking Person’s Most Regrettable ’90′s Crushes

– At Time, I love these vintage posters of national parks. (Via Girls of a Certain Age)

Here’s all the intel on all the new faces on the US money — news we missed a bit being in the UK. I am really excited for all these new bills; it’s about damn time (this last post is quite interesting, as well). (The New York Times)

– This is fascinating: 400-year-old dress found in shipwreck sheds light on plot to pawn crown jewels (The Guardian)


Royals Round-Up: April 22nd, 2016

As we’ve mentioned previously, Heather and I happen to be in the UK this week, thanks to Visit Britain, and it’s been WONDERFUL thus far, but never more so than when this happened:

So we saw the Queen today. !!!!!! #OMGB #royalbritain #Queenat90

A photo posted by Jessica Morgan (@msmorganzola) on

We were in Windsor for the day, but I had NO IDEA we’d end up on the front lines of Her Majesty’s birthday walkabout. It was, I must admit, extremely exciting to be present in person for such a milestone — as an Anglophile, a lover of history in general, and someone who’s written about royals both real and fictional for some time now. Heather and I both feel very lucky to have gotten to see her (and Philip, who is QUITE tall and spry in person). Lots of snaps from yesterday at Windsor in the slideshow, as well as other shenanigans. President Obama is here this weekend to have lunch with QE2 today, and then he and Michelle are having an event with Wills and Kate and Harry Friday night. I will definitely write about all of those events, but I’m not totally sure when I’ll get to tonight’s — possibly Saturday, depending on where I am when the photos come in. (I mean, I will be in Scotland. But I might not get to it until later than usual.) It’s going to be in their apartment in KP, so let’s all be on alert for piano pictures. In case you missed it here this week: –  We’re voting on our favorite look from Kate’s trip to India and Bhutan. — Wills and Harry visited the set of Star Wars and it was awesome. Chewbacca dispensed hugs. – There were new portraits of the Queen released yesterday in honor of her birthday, and they involve tiny children, dogs, and Princess Anne. This post also has loads of pics from our trip. — And you can see more pics from our trip over at Facebook. (We will be posting more pics later!) — The paperback of The Royal We comes out on Tuesday, and you can still enter to win copies, and a prize pack from the UK! And in other news, I don’t know if we’re going to get better snaps of this, but:

Also, this happened:

More pics to come later, but I think I speak for us all when I say, “!!!!” The dressing gown! Obama with kids! The inside of the KP apartment!

People has good coverage of the very interesting BBC interview with Wills, which we saw much of while we were in London earlier. (As you can imagine, being here this week was VERY helpful for my job, although we tragically missed Elizabeth at 90.) His face goes full Aggressively Pleasant at one point; I almost called him Nick when I saw it.

– Also at People, Prince Carl Philip and Sofia have had their son and taken him home. His name is Prince Alexander Erik Bertil Hubertus.

Vogue UK has a good piece about this exhibit of QE2′s clothes that’s currently at Holyrood House, which we saw today, and which we are going to write about more in depth later. It is FANTASTIC and I highly recommend it; there’s going to be HUGE version of it at Buckingham Palace this summer, as well. It’s really, really well done. Also: so far, Holyroodhouse is the palace at which I MOST feel I could live, house-wise, thus far, in terms of the livability of its staterooms. DISCUSS. (I haven’t been to Balmoral or Sandringham.)

– I love this piece in The Telegraph about the Queen’s 90 years of style.

– Also at The Telegraph are 90 pictures for 90 years.

– ALSO at The Telegraph is a very interesting piece about the new recent stamps of Prince George.

– Via Harper’s Bazaar: Nine of the Queen’s unexpected powers and privileges

– At ArtNet: Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday With Favorite Shots From Her Royal Photographer

– The Brits are hiring a new social media manager, which I feel like we all suggested. I want one of you to apply! (Mashable)

– At Order of Splendor, a salute to the Queen’s favorite tiara.



What the Fug: SWINTON

Welcome back, SWINTON, you deeply engaging beacon of confusion.


I don’t even understand what this garment fundamentally IS, much less how it works. Is it a coat pinned to a chair cover? A child’s First Communion vestment gathered up and belted to her for luck? Is she going to her own City Hall wedding, which she will run out on because she’s actually already married but she’s just into the idea of the drama? Never tell me, SWINTON. I just want to close my eyes and imagine.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


We’ll Fugging Miss You, Prince

First, a note: I wish this could have been more comprehensive, but we’re still having WiFi issues; I hope this eclectic assemblage of images captures Prince’s range.

It sounds like rumors are flying about what caused sweet Prince’s final goodnight — a lot of news on this front happened while we were sleeping — but the why doesn’t really matter. It’s tragic and too soon by any stripe. Between him and Bowie, 2016 ripped away two people who boldly bent people’s perceptions of both art and the artist, and expanded our palate for what music could feel and taste like, or the way it could fill you up and burst out your limbs. (I am not a person who dances, but it’s nigh on impossible to sit still for a Prince song.) Oh, you sexy motherf*cker, how can you just leave us standing alone in a world that’s so cold?

This side-eye was delicious. I AM SIDE-EYEING YOU THUSLY, UNIVERSE.[/caption]

Prince was also a brilliant instrumentalist and showman. In his music (I can’t speak to his personal beliefs) he was hugely sexual, fiercely political, and loudly spiritual, yet somehow never in a way that alienated people who prefer not to engage with any of those things. For all his considerable power on stage, he came across as gentle, almost frail, off of it. And he sure as hell knew his way around a turn of phrase. “Act your age, not your shoe size” in “Kiss” is a delicious burn. “I guess I should’ve known by the way you parked your car sideways that it wouldn’t last,” he observed memorably in “Little Red Corvette,” which is just a superb character note about a person. “I’m not a human, I am a dove, I’m your conscious, I am love. All I really need is to know that you believe,” he sang, and we did.

“But life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last,” he wrote in “1999,” adding, “We could all die any day, oh // But before I let that happen, I’ll dance my life away.” Whatever claimed him, I hope it took him painlessly as he danced fearlessly, joyfully, toward it. And he memorably opened “Let’s Go Crazy” thusly: “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” Now we have to forge on without him, but not really, never really, because he’ll always and forever provide our soundtrack.


Other Prince links from around the web:

– #Ham4Prince: The cast of Hamilton performed “Let’s Go Crazy” at the end of Thursday night’s show.

– Vulture did a feature called Prince In Performance From The 80s To Now.

Rolling Stone has complied a LOT of content, including a secret song he wrote for Kenny Rogers (!!).

– Spin republished its 1991 cover story on Prince, circa “Diamonds and Pearls,” which features this line: “There he is, dressed in red from neck to toe, a halter-type vest covering his surprisingly well-built upper body and skin-tight red pants over red shoes. He’s doing a handstand. Prince can walk on his hands.”

– Spin ALSO did a look back at Prince’s Super Bowl halftime show, a defense of his later work (“Prince Never Fell Off“), and an obituary of him that’s well done: “Nevertheless, let the epitaph read as he would want: His name was Prince, and he was funky.”

– Idolator revisited his nineteen Top 10 singles.

– Frank Ocean wrote a nice tribute on Tumblr.

– The New Yorker staff has been adding their own remembrances to this one big post, and Sarah Larson wrote a piece called “Dancing To Prince.” Also, the cover this week will be of purple rain.

– Fug Nation has already started sharing its favorite Prince songs in the comments of yesterday’s post.