Cannes Fug Carpet: Paz Vega Continued

Apparently, this trip to Cannes is all about thighs for Paz Vega.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Sandra


  2. LoriK

    This dress is dumb. I know that seems like an obvious thing to say, but most clothes, even the stuff that’s FUG isn’t actually dumb. This is.

    • LoriK

      And that’s what I get for calling someone else’s work dumb—I mangle the grammar. That should probably be a lesson to me, but I still say the dress is dumb.

    • Brooke

      ^^ THIS! ^^ As a self-purported wordsmith, I would like to think I have a decently broad vocabulary, but I saw this photo and uttered OUT LOUD to no one at all, “That dress is just DUMB.” I am thrilled I am not alone in my description of this atrocity!

  3. Roser

    It is just so NOT FLATTERING – it needs more support in the boob area, and the sheer piece is just insane.

    • mary lou bethune

      Another shambolic dress on pretty woman who is dying to show her stuffings…

  4. Katty McNiley Ripley


  5. Ruth

    Does it seem like the skirt is an underskirt to a totally different outfit? If you look at the last picture, the top looks like a casual boob vest that one can wear over jeans or a black pencil skirt, maybe with a red belt. If you look closely, the bottom doesn’t look connected to the top, even taking the “magic” of illusion netting into account.

    Or maybe I’m overthinking it and this outfit is just DUMB, like LoriK said above.

  6. Karen

    It looks like she’s wearing a skirt that someone pulled down as a prank.

    • christine christine

      Yes! Especially in the last picture–looks like we’re in junior high and she just got pantsed! I am embarrassed for her but I know I’m not supposed to be.

      It’s weird because she is effing PRETTY.

  7. Helen


  8. Kat

    I wonder if the skirt’s sole purpose is to act as a distraction from the ugliness that is the top. What’s going on there is pretty bad all on its own. The whole thing looks like a sartorial lab accident.

  9. Lizzy

    Dumb, indeed! One decent pull on her hem and that sucker would probably riiiiiiiiiip right off.
    Maybe that would make it better? Nah.

  10. Sajorina

    Oh, Paz… Your name means “peace” in Spanish, but this outfit doesn’t make me feel peaceful, it makes me feel like WHY, OH WHY? *shakes fists to the heavens* Your head looks FAB, so why can’t your dress?! Please, give your name a chance!

  11. kindakute

    Holy F. HEINOUS! Did you see the shoes? What is with wearing something that flatters no part of your body whatsoever?

  12. Danielle

    I think the designer made this dress for women who have waxing or shaving accidents below the knees. Want to show some skin without showing some bandages? Voila!

  13. Dazie

    It is the sartorial equivalent to running up behind someone and pantsing them. Or something. WORDS.


    I mean really. Did she put that on and go “YES! THIS IS IT! I LOOK FABULOUS!”

  14.  Bubba

    My god that is probably one of the most awful “dresses” I have ever seen. And the stripper shoes to boot? Wow.

  15. Pouncer

    She’s building up a good archive for her Fug Madness run, isn’t she?

  16. witjunkie

    I actually involuntarily yelled when I saw that next picture. Like, it just came out, alone, in the quiet.

    Wouldn’t that bug? I have to believe the fabric at the bottom is heavier than the sheer part, so it bumping just above my knees like that would be messing with my head all night.

  17. Kerry Jarvis Moore

    1. In the first picture I thought it was Demi Moore. Not in any of the other pictures, just the first one.
    2. Her skirt is falling off and she doesn’t seem to care. When I wear skirts, I try really hard to keep them up. I guess I’m doing it wrong?