Cannes Fug Carpet: Paz Vega

Because it’s just not Cannes without a near-vaginal experience.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Chelsea

    I can’t help but feel like this had the makings of something quite beautiful, if only the opaque part were longer and a bit more flattering. The effect is very eye-catching.

    • Kristen from MA

      Agreed. The beading is just lovely, but unfortunately it’s wasted here.

  2. Emma

    Sheer dresses used to come with linings, and there was actually nothing wrong with that system.

  3. Lucille Austero

    A showgirl’s shower curtain. GFY phrase of the day. Maybe of the month.

  4. Stefanie

    I was sitting here thinking “holy F! Paz looks great! WTF happenedto her and how much did this makeover cost?” And then it dawned on me this was not Paz de le Huerta.

  5. Eliza Bennett

    Did anybody else see Carmen Sandiego in the corner of the last photo? She looks like she’s having a blast.

  6. Maria L.

    The thing is, she does not look sexy. She just looks silly.

  7. lindsay

    i think if the boy shorts magically transformed into a full length skirt this would be killer, because from the sternum up she is flawless.

  8. Lisa

    People who wear these dresses should just forget about it and walk around naked. It’s just so dumb. This could have been pretty if it was lined but once again, the goofy undergarments on display have left me cranky.

  9. MKKS

    See, camel toe is like Caesar’s wife — it’s not enough just to be not guilty of an infraction — one must be above suspicion.

  10. Esme

    Truly terrifying–there’s no redemption for this.

  11. Ruth

    Imagine if it had been a webbing jumpsuit. Would it have been better or worse? I’m going to go with the same – still hideous.

  12. lalu

    My heart sang with joy when at first I thought this said Paz de la Huerta. God I miss that crazy bitch.

  13. Helen

    >>…photoshoot on the beach in the sixties.

    My very thought. To me it looks like a swimsuit of roughly that period, early in the decade, with a matching cover-up. It’d be great if it WERE, and she were wearing it on the sundeck of her yacht (or a friend’s yacht, hey, I’m not fussy), but as is, oh no no no.

  14. Ailatan

    She’s gorgeous.

    • Helen

      Oh, stunning. It’s one of my favorite kinds of beauty, too, dark and dramatic.

      It’s just too bad about the clothes. They are not worthy!

    • murt

      I really liked this! It fit the venue, I thought.

  15. Daenerys

    Can you spell “DESPERATE”?

  16. PB

    Is Paz Vega Europe’s Phoebe Price?

    • Helen

      No, much classier (current appearances to the contrary notwithstanding) and also genuinely talented.