Breaking Fug, Part Fug

Oh, DON’T YOU START, Reaser.

At this rate Dakota Fanning will show up at the next one wearing a towel.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Stefanie

    What is going on with her hair? (Clearly, Im just ignoring the dress.)

    • pantsonfire

      Um, yes. I really cannot look beyond the fact that she should never ever, ever ever ever never ever ever never wear her hair like that. She could not pick a more unflattering style for her head/face.

      • Gill

        Exactly! It makes her head look weirdly huge and shiny like a helmet. (And honestly, I don’t know if anyone on Earth can pull that dress off.)

    • deee

      Honestly, I am much more disturbed by the hair than the dress.

  2. glee

    Looks like something Lea Michele would wear – without the netting.

  3. val.

    This is kind of a young look for her.

    • Kara

      I had that thought too. She’s 37 so not old, but the sheer and the barely-covered breasts and the short skirt make it a look better suited to someone younger and edgier, I think. Rihanna could pull this off because she’d really go for it with dramatic makeup and hair and shoes; Elisabeth Reaser is kind of half-assing it with sensible pumps, barely-there makeup, and a downright school-marmy hairstyle.

  4. Neil

    How does that Eagles song go? ‘Desperate-o, why don’t you come to your senses?’

  5. Mouse

    Supremely unflattering to her chesticles.

  6. AM

    She is way too pretty in a “classic” beauty way to be wearing that.

  7. Dazie

    Mutton. Lamb. She should stick to classier looks. She’s so elegant when she does that.

  8. cc

    She always has this smug look on her face and I feel conflicted because I don’t know if that’s just her face or if she’s just a smug person. So enigmatic, is our Elizabeth Reaser.
    Is this a little young for her? Yes it is. : )

    • scone

      I irrationally hate her, so perhaps it is because of the smug look? Anyway, her horrible outfit couldn’t have happened to a better person, as far as I am concerned. (Based on zero evidence, of course.)

  9. Mikki

    So many bad outfits in Hollywood these days…is there a conspiracy to make women look this bad? And do they really look in the mirror before they go out and think they look good? That is the truly baffling part.

  10. Pip

    I love the dress but it’s way to young for her

  11. Lily1214

    Oh my goodness!

  12. buttercup

    I feel like she’s always trying to prove that even though she plays the mother of a bunch of vampires, she’s not actually matronly. So she finds herself in competition with Kristen and Nikki on the red carpet. Which…isn’t working for her.

  13. Shelley

    This screams DESPERATE! Plus, holy forehead, Batman!