Better Played, Jessica Chastain


I have two questions for Jessica Chastain: a) why didn’t you wear either of these dresses to the Globes? and b) does your stylist secretly hate you? Seriously. Think back upon this. Did you accidentally spill red wine all over her vintage white angora sweater? Did you convince her boyfriend to leave her for his masseuse? Did you run over her dog with your snow mobile? Because she never lets you wear color and she put you in your sexiest outfit to date for an awards show that isn’t even on TV. Think about it.

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  1. Chasmosaur


  2. Kat

    In going through the PGA pictures I noticed EVERYONE (almost) was wearing black. Was that like a requirement? It was weird.

  3. Katie

    “…never lets you wear a color.”

    Wait, I thought I was always excited to see Jessica Chastain because she DOES wear colors more than the average newly anointed leading lady. cf. Burgundy at Berlin, yellow and red at Cannes, the teal one shouldered Roland Mouret, plum for the opening of the Help, yellow for Coriolanus, and green twice in the last month.

    That doesn’t mean her stylist shouldn’t have gotten a better fitting, more vibrant dress for the Globes, because JC definitely deserves that, too.

  4. Sajorina

    I’m in LOVE with both dresses!!! This woman has a seriously banging body that I’m seriously envious of! The 1st one would’ve worked at The Globes, but I liked what she wore so I won’t complaint! I like the green earrings, but they don’t make much sense to me unless she was wearing something else in that color, like a ring, bracelet, clutch or shoes! Now, the 2nd dress may be the love of my life… I think it’s PERFECT! I love the shoes also! Plus, her hair looks amazing & her makeup is flawless! COVET!

  5. Willow

    I’m guessing by the draping on the bust and the silhouette that the dress is by Vivienne Westwood, which is not an easy dress to pull off but WOWSER! She looks amazing. I want to be her.

    • Sam

      The floorlength number is Balenciaga, the other one Monique Lhuillier.

      I love both but am as usual perplexed by the fact that she and I are the same age. I always assumed she was around 38, not born in 1981!

      • Willow

        damn, I’m not as fashion savvy as I had hoped. I should have guessed it wasn’t a Vivienne Westwood design by the lack of a tulle explosion or loud colour/print.

  6. vandalfan

    Her designer is passable, but her hairdresser need to be taken out and horsewhipped, I tell ya. Her hair is either wispy, frizzy, flyaway, or loaded with stiff product and still without volume.

  7. CJ

    Wow! The first dress is spectacular! She has the same body she had a few days ago at the globes, yet this dress flatters her body 10 times better than what she was wearing at the globes. Fabulous. Love the hint of green.

    The second dress is not my favorite. First, I with is were full length. Then, there’s the waist. In dress after dress we see her in, there is a problematic waist. The problem is not HER waist. After all, we shouldn’t be changing our bodies to fit into clothes. We should be altering clothes to fit our bodies better. It’s almost as if someone (her? her stylist?) doesn’t like her midsection and feels the need to give her odd pleats and belts that seem to draw more attention to that area and make it look bigger. As the first dress in this post shows: she doesn’t need a belt or a seam or extra pleating in her midsection to look fabulous!

  8. Orange clouds

    Wow, love her in the first dress; beautiful, sexy woman. Also the green earrings are perfect for a redhead.

    • gladly

      They really are perfect, especially for her. It actually makes it hard to scroll down to notice the dress. Also, I’m planning on stealing them right from her ears.

  9. Lucille Austero

    I hate to go agin you, Jessica, but that second one kind of IS terrible.

  10. Esmom

    I like both dresses infinitely more than what she wore to the Globes but neither look is quite working for me as a whole. I think if she matched dress #1 with hair & makeup #2, she’d knock it out of the park.

  11. Lina

    The first dress is awesome, although it looks like she’s wearing an honest to god corset underneath and as if she can’t breathe at all. JC has a lovely figure and I appreciate that she HAS a figure, but she does seem to have a persistent problem with dresses being half a size too small. Meanwhile, the second dress here is terrrrrible. It fits, yes, but it’s such an unflattering cut and it doesn’t go with her hairstyle at all.

  12. Rachel

    I (randomly) think that first dress would look killer on Christina Hendricks. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been missing her (and her terrible sartorial choices) this season.

    • Dru

      Again, I say it: so much beauty, WHY can her stylist/s not do justice to it when it counts? I actually love her hair in the second one, it would have looked so much better if she’d worn it like that on the Globes red carpet than the weird poof she ended up with.

  13. Emily

    I LOVE this outfit on her! Why couldn’t she wear this to the Golden Globes? The dress actually fits her and it’s sexy and glamorous without being too risque. And those earrings are TO DIE FOR! And I actually really like the second dress as well. But maybe I am blinded by how much I envy her hair.

  14. Stefanie

    This is good. REALLY good.

  15. Kris M

    My guess is that as a red head, her hair is naturally frizzy and coarse, so her hairstylist does fairly well I would say!

    Ugh, mullet dresses.

  16. Mahastee

    Hallelujah for dress #1! I have not been ranting over nothing all these months – she IS hot, she DOES deserve better clothes. Hopefully this keeps up.

    Dress #2 needs to lose the train, and then it is perfectly lovely.

  17. megan

    finally she wore somthing nice!!

  18. Rubee

    She looks amazingly beautiful! The relaxed hair and makeup suits her much better than the unnatural coiffes and face plastering that ended up making her look pale and ghostly. Her skin glows without the visual interference of all that white and neons she’s been wearing lately. Fab!

  19. ChaChaHeels

    The second dress looks like a jump-on-the-sheer-black-lace bandwagon dress, and it doesn’t quite fit properly. Nor is that neckline and bare sleeve look attractive (on anyone, not just on Chastain). But that first dress is such an improvement on her usual appearance that it’s like I’m finally seeing what she looks like. She’s really pretty, she has a great figure, and her body looks as though it’s in proportion, and not like she’s struggling to carry a massive head on a pair massive hips while wearing shoes only the geriatric would love. If that first dress is a Vivienne Westwood, then Chastain should just adopt her as “her” designer and leave it at that. No one else has ever made her look so good or bothered to fit the dress to her so well.

  20. Dru

    And now that she has her first Oscar nomination – please, please dear Lord, let the stylists not screw her up. There is no justice in a world where Rooney Mara gets a better stylist and more press than Jessica Chastain. (maybe something that gives her a shape like the first dress? Please?)

  21. AmyJane

    If this happens, I think it’s fair to say we will all be delighted, and the Guardian journo can have a biscuit:

    “Armani ignored nude, black or scarlet and embarked on a mission to turn the red carpet green with dresses exclusively in absinthe, ivy, lime and chartreuse. Hey, has anyone mentioned to Jessica Chastain how good red hair looks with green ?”

  22. AmyJane