Anna Fugquin

I just said, in my head, “Ew, this dress gives me the wigsies.” Now, that means nothing. At all. The SENTIMENT was that it wigs me out in kind of a squiggly, ooky way. But, churned around in my head, it came out sounding like a really asinine episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.

But for real, that transparent section looks alien. In fact, it reminds me of that scene in Alien – okay, Spaceballs‘ parody of that scene in Alien – where a critter pushes and pushes and pushes and finally pops out of John Hurt. Something is bubbling in there. Her torso is pregnant with two slow-cooking extra-terrestrial spuds. That, or her poorly made rubber torso — handy in Bon Temps to prevent supernatural creatures from snacking on her ribs — melted in the limo on the way over when the A/C broke. Regardless: tragedy.

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  1. Radinka

    WHAT THE HECK IS ON HER TORSO ?!? i can’t understand how that’s attractive (if that’s a part of the dress) & if that’s her body then …. WHAT PART IS IT ?! i’m so confused !!

  2. A.J.

    Is that her ribcage? It looks like her ribcage! If that’s the case, good God, Sookie, eat a sandwich!!!

  3. Nicole

    The first thing that came to mind was pipe cleaners. That is what really bothers me! I’m not a fan of the sheer thing going on, but it would have been better without the arts and crafts glue gun addition of pipe cleaners.

  4. val.

    I clicked on the full size version of this pic to try to figure out what’s going on in the midsection. AND I CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT! It can’t be her ribcage… ribcages aren’t just two round balls. And it’s too low to be her boobs.

    I’m confused too. And a little freaked out.

  5. k

    I am pretty sure that is her ribcage. Girlfriend is either sucking in with all her might or, yeah, might need a sandwich — or at least a trainer who encourages her to work on her six pack (and consequently put some muscle on that torso). No one wants to see that much of anyone’s ribs.

  6. Elise

    She has such a hot body! Why make it look all creepy and weird with that midsection? So close, yet a miss.

  7. Jasmine

    The underboob is the final nail in the coffin.

  8. Ares

    Val, I did the same thing – you can actually see the line of boob above them – it DOES look like it’s her rib cage, but no human’s ribcage should look like that. I’m now actually hoping to all that’s holy that it’s really just the result of some weird lights reflecting off the netting.

  9. k

    You can see her underboob in the fullsize picture, which is why I think this is her ribcage — I think the dress is actually a little big around her waist.

  10. anonymouse

    It looks to me like her bra padding slipped down or something – surely this is not on purpose. Right?

  11. TaraMisu

    I was going to immediately rush to her defense…. then I clicked on the full-size pic.
    What. The. Hell. The torso really needs explaining because it IS freakish!!

  12. Anne B

    On the red carpet, I hope she mentioned the five-year-old who came up with the idea for the glitter pipe-cleaners over the sheer panel. That part’s kind of almost sort of rad … and imagine if it weren’t there.

    Just imagine.

  13. vandalfan

    Something herein was previously described as looking like “two newborn calves wrestling under a blanket”. Now the calves are wrestling under a shower curtain attached to her torso.

    And on another note, that hair!

  14. InfamousQBert

    the top part of the bodice looks like batman’s mask.

  15. Barbara

    Is that…her ribcage? Can’t be, what’s going on..?
    And I can see some underboob… :(

  16. acake

    It’s just bad lighting and bad netting. Girlfriend looks slammin in all the others.

  17. Rowynn

    Not sure what the wigsies are, but after seeing this, I have them too.

  18. Maria L.

    Good lord, it looks like she’s quadri-boobed!

    And the bottom pair are really saggy….

  19. Kate

    She is obviously self-conscious because someone slipped her a xanax and coaxed her into a midriff-baring dress and is now sucking in for all she’s worth. I mean look at the pained expression on her face. Girlfriend is WORKING hard for that pronounced ribcage.

  20. Ms. M

    I don’t know … it actually looks like a weird belt/breastplate that’s supposed to look like hammered metal. Isn’t the “underboob” similar in shape to the “ribs”?

    That’s what I’ll tell myself, at least. Because if that’s her actual body, well then … I’m a little scared of that.

  21. Carolina Girl

    Why are her legs that color? And is it just me or does her head look waaay to big for the rest of her body?

    I need a nap.

  22. Fawn

    @InfamousQBert all I see now is Batman.

  23. Mongerel

    Shriek Bellows.

  24. Lisa

    Definitely her rib cage. But more than that, what is with that sort of Elvis-esque lip curl she does with her mouth in every single picture?!? It’s like her own version of the JSimp mouth-hanging-open thing. Doesn’t she see these photos of herself somewhere?

  25. Maisie

    OMIGOD, what ARE those things?! It looks for all the world like her breasts melted!!

  26. UghManpris

    I just love her for not looking like everybody else. Or anybody else for that matter. I do, of course, hate the dress. But not nearly as much as I hate the sea of sameness that modern plastic surgery, spray tans, and hair extensions create.

  27. sandy

    She looks like she is sucking in way too hard. And she should smile more. She often looks to serious and severe.

    I will probably get slammed for this, but I wish she would fix the gap in her teeth. It’s distracting, and I think of it every time I see her.

  28. acake
  29. sandy

    I just looked at the full size pic, and I think the torso is really tight in some places, which is giving it a weird effect. Like if you mash your face against a window. Not good.

  30. Another Jill

    Can we talk about how sad this makes her boobs look? She’s not saggy, but this gives the impression she is. The weirdness going on behind the sheer midriff is distracting enough.
    I think she looks unhappy in so many pictures because she’s using all her energy to suck it in, none left to smile. Also, she’s turned into a bobble-head with orange legs. Maybe the tiny costumes on True Blood are screwing with her self-image? She used to be so much more normal and happy-seeming…

  31. Bambi Anne Dear

    It is alien isn’t it? Or squashed mismatched nippleless boobs. That bra section is shaped really badly.

  32. mhorv4

    I think the torso looks weird due to a weird angle and bad lighting. But she doesn’t look all that comfortable and she looks really skinny-more so than usual. I just love her though.

  33. Anita

    That makes it look like her lungs are on the outside – yuk – maybe one of the vamps got to her?

  34. k

    Careful with that link acake posted — the pic is fine, but it generated some very NSFW popups on my computer.

  35. JillB

    Bobble-head syndrome

  36. funderpants

    Can we get a well-played for the sick cute dress with the green and navy stripes in the background? ah-door-ah-bley!

  37. Keckler

    Wow, that really is disturbing. It almost looks like some rubber falsies slipped down.

  38. jenny

    Oh phew, it is totally a crazy light effect. Poor Anna. Let that be a lesson to us all to avoid torso-mesh. (And not to click random picture links that generate porn pop-ups…with audio.)

  39. acake

    I apologise, K and Jenny. I was too focused on defending Anna’s torso to notice.

  40. Radinka

    i scoured the internet for another pic and here’s a link to it :

    it doesn’t look like the clumsy mess above but i’m still wondering what material the ugly brown part is … or is it even material ? the confusion continues.

  41. Talley

    Take it from a SAHM mother of 2, ALL episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba are really asinine.

  42. anny

    Polterboob: it had to happen sometime.

  43. Ella

    Homegirl’s doing some serious suckin’ in…

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