Wait, when did THIS happen?

It’s Evan Rachel Wood, with a new ‘do that’s kind of a cross between Gwynnie in Sliding Doors and a Bieber. And she is LOVING IT. That jaunty cocked eyebrow says, “That’s right, America. I just BLEW YOUR MIND. Today, True Blood; tomorrow, Peter Pan. Put up your dukes, Rigby. I’m coming.”

And that’s without even seeing the rest of the outfit.

Well, I guess if you were like, “Mr. Pan, eternal youth is cute and all, but could you suck it up and get a job so that we can pay the mortgage on this treehouse and put some food on the table? Thanks, you jaunty jackhole,” then this is what Peter’s sartorial response would be. It’s also what I suspect Brenda Walsh would’ve worn to the MTV VMAs, if she had ever been invited, and also were real. Neither of these things are particularly complimentary. Also, if you have any illusions about being granted admission to her thighs, be warned: They appear to be roped off, so you either have to be on the list or be prepared to grease her palms REALLY generously.

This concludes a total mishmash of a fug (by which I mean, the writing, not the clothes).