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(1) Kat Graham vs. (16) Taylor Swift · (8) Hunter Schafer vs. (9) Cardi B · (5) Heidi Klum vs. (12)  Gwyneth Paltrow · (4) Melina Matsoukas vs. (13) Lindsey Vonn

(1) Kat Graham vs. (16) Taylor Swift

I truly love Kat Graham — any time Heather and I ever had a face-to-face interaction with her, she was A DELIGHT, and I also think she was great on The Vampire Diaries and I want her to land in some super-successful and juicy Netflix series where she wears things like this and beautifully ruins people’s lives! She takes a lot of fashion risks and as you know, when you swing the bat a lot, sometimes you get a hit, and sometimes you’ll miss. In what was, frankly, a rather low-drama year, she kept things very interesting. (This was dramatic!) (And look at these fascinating shoes!)

This garment is CONFUSING:

Modern Nirvana Conference Presented By Frank Elaridi And Bryant Wood

THIS is ALSO confusing on a structural level:

Rochas show, Front Row, Fall Winter 2019, Paris Fashion Week, France - 27 Feb 2019

Kat has NEVER been afraid to bring the DRAMA:

Balmain show, Arrivals, Spring Summer 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France - 28 Sep 2019

I hope that’s how she looks when she shows up for brunch.

This is one of those dresses that you can really only wear if you’re going to stand up the entire time:

L'Oreal Paris show, Front Row, Spring Summer 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France - 28 Sep 2019

And this, if not else, looks like it was very very complicated to organize, layering-wise. All your sweater sleeves will get jammed up in your trench sleeves!

Tod's show, Front Row, Spring Summer 2020, Milan Fashion Week, Italy - 20 Sep 2019

Kat has had a Year of Interesting Sleeves, in fact. This felt contractually obligated:

Christian Cowan Show, Front Row, Spring Summer 2020, New York Fashion Week, USA - 10 Sep 2019


The Worldwide Editors of Harper`s Bazaar Celebrate Icons by Carine Roitfeld

Can Taylor top this? Let’s be real: Taylor is a talented women but I don’t know if she’s got the chops in this one specific arena, and she didn’t come out a ton this year, for a person who had a new album out AND who was in the world’s most talked-about movie (Cats). I mean, this was…whelming. And this started well, even if it went awry. This was not great:

2019 Billboard Music Awards

This felt similarly regrettably twee:

Time 100 Gala, Arrivals, Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, USA - 23 Apr 2019

And I was not a fan of the Versace Romper Phase she went though, which technically was just two shorts sets and I actually liked this one. It’s this one that I felt needed a little work:

2019 MTV Video Music Awards

Styling, right? And on the topic of rompers, I wish this…weren’t one:

iHeartRadio Music Awards, Arrivals, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Mar 2019

It would be a cute top, a cute mini-dress, and also at least a THRILLING catsuit. That’s officially the first time I’ve ever typed that.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • 1. Kat Graham (84%, 4,061 Votes)
  • 16. Taylor Swift (16%, 787 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,848

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(8) Hunter Schafer vs. (9) Cardi B

When an 8 seed takes on a 9 seed, the results are often unpredictable and that is definitely true in this case. Hunter isn’t as famous as Cardi, but she did bring it this year (including wearing one of my favorite looks of the Oscars post-party); Cardi, on the other hand, is VERY famous, but actually had an overall very cute year with a few DRAMATIC forays into Madness. Let’s dig in.

Hunter is here to PLAY, and I respect that. She’s got a VERY strong personal style, which I appreciate, and like Kat that sometimes means she veers off the road. This look is perhaps the opposite in vibe of her Vanity Fair party frock:

Entertainment Weekly's Pre-SAG Party, Arrivals, Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, USA - 18 Jan 2020

And this is a bold foray — almost SWINTONian in vibe, in fact:

InStyle and Warner Bros Golden Globes After Party, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Jan 2020

She loves a bold and interesting shoe; she wore similarly dramatic ones here. She also loves a General Swinton Vibe, which is pretty good if you can pull it off, but always a high level of difficulty.

This is, as Heather said at the time, nutty — if enjoyably so. (Both of these women are very enjoyable in their wardrobes, in fact.)

Golden Globe Ambassador Launch Party, Arrivals, Catch, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Nov 2019

This is a bit of a sack from the front but not an unreasonable one. BUT FRIENDS, there is a PLOT TWIST!

Elle Women in Hollywood, Arrivals, Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Oct 2019

This is simultaneously cool AND a little bit alarming:

Givenchy show, Front Row, Spring Summer 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France - 29 Sep 2019

So is this, frankly. Big finish!

'Euphoria' TV show screening, Arrivals, ATX Televison Festival, Austin, USA - 06 Jun 2019


'Euphoria' TV Show Premiere, After Party, Pacific Cinerama Dome, Los Angeles, USA - 04 Jun 2019

Can Cardi prevail? This is going to be a tight match. But we do have a corresponding big open:

Cardi B out and about, Paris Fashion Week, France - 28 Sep 2019

I cannot believe a real person actually wore that as it went down the runway, and I respect her for GOING FOR IT. I wonder if she considered wearing it to court, where she DID show up wearing this:


Cardi was very pro-train this year (who isn’t?) as she also wore one to Jay Z’s fiftieth birthday party:

Sean Combs 50th Birthday Bash Presented By Ciroc Vodka

Cardi also had a Big Hat period, comme ca:

Grand Opening of Palms Casino Resort- Day 2

And so:

2019 Beautycon New York Festival Day 2

(You know hats are big when I don’t even mention the accompanying feathers AND fur.)

This is…structurally compelling:

2020 Pre-Grammy Gala And Salute To Industry - Arrivals, Beverly Hills, USA - 25 Jan 2020

In its own way, so is this:

Cardi B out and about, New York, USA - 10 Oct 2019

And, frankly, so was this. But that’s not all! Cardi held her own against J.Lo at this premiere of Hustlers. She held her own with Rihanna, here, in a very VERY green situation that sort of makes her look like a glam insect. And, most importantly, she reminded us of her abs!

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • 8. Hunter Schafer (62%, 2,963 Votes)
  • 9. Cardi B (38%, 1,815 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,778

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(5) Heidi Klum vs. (12)  Gwyneth Paltrow

Is it weird that I am excited for this match-up? It’s two classic Fug Favorites, going head-to-head. I need to be honest with you: Gwyneth didn’t have a TON of material this year. But what she DID have was perhaps ICONICALLY TERRIBLE. Let’s start with the elephant in the room:

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Jan 2020

AHHHHHHH GOD BLESS. That really kicked 2020 off right. I feel so alive. Wait until you remember how it looks from the side:

77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Jan 2020

AHHHHHH LORDY YES. That really happened. While we’re talking about Goop, let’s get real. I forgot this, but it IS awful:

71st Primetime Emmy Awards - Limo Drop Off, Los Angeles, USA - 22 Sep 2019

I love that she’s wearing vintage, I do not think that vintage looks like it has aged well  — in a literal sense. And her Met Gala gown was SUCH a snooze:

met gala 2019 NY

Literally, perhaps, given how much it looks like a nightgown.

This would be great were she not molting:

30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, Show, The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, USA - 28 Mar 2019

And of course we cannot forget that time she emerged looking like a Golden Girl:

2020 Writers Guild Awards West Coast Ceremony - Inside

Thank YOU for being a friend, Goop. I enjoy your highlights, and your first two cookbooks.

And then, on the other side of the coin, she kinda phoned it in here. And here. And here. This, on the other hand, literally looks like something Klum herself would wear — it’s not bad! — and thus, I have my segue: Heidi also phoned it in on occasion this year. This is not up to her usual standards of deliciously OTT, nor is this. This is a bedsheet, but kind of a good one?

But this was profoundly on brand:

47th Annual American Music Awards, Arrivals, Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Nov 2019


2019 MTV Video Music Awards

This was a little much, especially since the dress she wore to the Vanity Fair party, that same night, was VERY cute if also slightly ridiculous.

Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party, Los Angeles, USA - 09 Feb 2020

This was at least fun to dance in, and DEFINITELY a better use of fringe than this was. Heidi does, thank god, bring it in terms of paparazzi shots. What even is this?

Heidi Klum out and about, Los Angeles, USA - 21 Oct 2019

Are those boots related to these?

Christian Louboutin presents Loubhoutan Express

And, truly, there is so much more in Heidi’s archives. This is BONKERS. This is structurally perplexing. This is making my allergies kick up! And this — related — okay, in fairness that’s actually very cute. ANYWAY:

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • 5. Heidi Klum (45%, 2,113 Votes)
  • 12. Gwyneth Paltrow (55%, 2,590 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,703

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(4) Melina Matsoukas vs. (13) Lindsey Vonn

AND FINALLY! Melina Matsoukas is a very talented director with a strong sense of personal style — she directed Queen and Slimand also the Formation video, among other noteworthy projects — and she has worn some stuff! Which is so much more interesting than, like, Quentin Tarantino, who always wear the same old thing. This is FOR SURE not the same old thing:

13th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon, Arrivals, Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles, USA - 06 Feb 2020

Frankly, looking at this, I feel like maybe other directors SHOULD branch out:

'Queen and Slim' film premiere, London, UK - 28 Jan 2020

That’s a lot, but it’s DEFINITELY creative. In fact, Melina is NEVER boring. I don’t know if I totally loved this but I do think it’s INTERESTING and I would be willing to spend a lot of time looking at it:

26th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Oct 2019

Never forget the one…leg-holed skirt? How else would one describe the following?

72nd Annual Directors Guild of America Awards, Arrivals, The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles, USA - 25 Jan 2020

This also defies description, and this required a lot of description.  And this is similarly perplexing when it comes to the dictionary definition of pants:

Hollywood Foreign Press Association Annual Grants Banquet, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 31 Jul 2019

This is best described as — at least? — too big?

Exclusive - Deadline Contenders, Arrivals, DGA Theater, Los Angeles, USA - 02 Nov 2019

But this is the crown jewel of her year. She’d have landed in Fug Madness based on this ALONE:

'Queen and Slim' film premiere, Arrivals, AFI Fest, Los Angeles, USA - 14 Nov 2019

Et tu, Lindsey Vonn?

Okay, that works. (Here’s the front.) (Lindz loves a snazzy back view.) Vonn is nothing if not a competitor and she is here to play:

LA Premiere of

That was going so well….until it really wasn’t.

This, on the other hand, could have never really been any good, I fear:

Holt Renfrew Ogilvy hosts private event with The P.K. Subban Foundation during #PKSFWEEKMTL

Okay, fair enough: A camisole underneath probably would have fixed it. Lindsey does not love a lining:

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 19, 2019

And THIS was BORN IN DARKNESS, and might also have the same granny panties?

Vanity Fair's 2019 Best Dressed List

That’s one hell of a throughline.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • 4. Melina Matsoukas (74%, 3,406 Votes)
  • 13. Lindsey Vonn (26%, 1,177 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,583

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