I guess if you’re bumming around Capri — wait, do people bum around Capri? If you’re in Capri, I assume you are actually shimmying around, or skipping, or gallivanting. Okay, reset: I guess if you’re gallivanting around Capri, you want to wear your bikini and a bathing suit cover-up around town, in case a yacht arrives or you decide you can only spend ten minutes on land and need to scoot back to your own. I’m not sure; I’ve never gallivanted or even bummed around Capri, but I HAVE been on vacation, and I therefore know that all fashion bets are off. But that still doesn’t mean Heidi couldn’t have purchased an actual NICE caftan. Or even a crappy caftan made of really stiff, itchy cotton, but which at least had a pattern and held together and didn’t look like she was wearing an ode to the daily struggles of every woman who ever had — or currently has — to wear panty-hose to the office. And when you’re carrying a purse that expensive, it’s bonkers to have on a garment that looks like it disintegrated in the wash. Oh, HEIDI. What would Tim Gunn say?!? Possibly that he appreciates how thoughtfully you used your accessory wall, but that your threads are student work. He’d be right.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]
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