I begrudge no one the money, but it’s so much more interesting style-wise when a celebrity isn’t in the pocket of a specific fashion house. Margot has worn an enormous amount of Chanel, which didn’t really service her that well until her last outing at the US premiere of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, when she chose something vintage-inspired from its simplified line. The runway version was better, but at least it didn’t have detachable armbands or weirdly baggy bedazzled pants or a sad lacy jumpsuit, or angry wings. But for the UK premiere, she detoured to Oscar de la Renta — and of all the interesting stylistic departures that could have yielded, she picked… none of them. This dress feels REALLY similar, to me, to the vibe of the one she wore to the US premiere: floaty, deep vee, wispy. It’s even the same color, roughly, as the eye makeup she memorably sported with the white one. I like it on her — I might even prefer it — but it’s just curious to me. In Love Island terms, it would be like seriously connecting with someone, and then agreeing to go on a date with a newcomer who looks a whole lot like them and says most of the same stuff. And if you think I’m done making Love Island references this summer, you’re almost certainly wrong. Any show that uses its narrator to make jokes about how much it costs to use the Dawson’s Creek theme song is a show I can get behind.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]