I suspect that is all lined with flesh-toned fabric, and that Margot is not draping herself merely in lace, because that’s easier for my brain to parse (I cannot, for one thing, comfortably imagine the itch factor of the alternative). Even so, this entire ensemble feels ripped from the Project Runway workroom, where a designer — whose tragic backstory and/or enormous hubris we have obviously heard earlier in the episode — has been forced to start from scratch with two hours to go before the show, and then wept copiously over having to grab any old belt and furry cardigan to try and cover up… well, as much of it as possible. “It’s just not fashion,” Nina Garcia would say, crinkling her nose, and Brandon Maxwell might toss out something pithy about how she looks like she’s cold at her own bladder’s funeral. There’d be some discussion about how many things she has to take off and hang up on the bathroom door in order to use the lavatory, and then the designer would be allowed to stay another week because they’re useful for story. “I will never tango with lace again,” he or she would weep.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]