It’s not that we don’t appreciate people’s individualistic taste in clothes here; two things can be true, and here, it’s true that people should absolutely freely ignore us old biddies and do whatever they want, and also, that we are going to bewail high levels of kookiness. The good news is, Melina’s outfit here is nowhere near as head-scratching as what she wore to the Queen & Slim premiere. However, it’s a scrolldown fug for sure. When I downloaded the photo, I also looked at the keywords listed next to it, and they were, “striped blazer, shoulder pads, oversized, double breasted, midi, tan belt, black shirt, embroidery, collar, striped socks, white shoes, open toe, platforms.” That reads like more of an idea salad than it looks, but the socks and sandals torpedo it for sure. The movie’s awards buzz has dimmed significantly in the wake of being blanked by the Globes and the SAGs and the Independent Spirits, but I still have hope we can get Melina onto a red carpet there, because I feel like she would wear something marvelously weird and of all the things we’re staring at in 2020, “marvelously weird” is something I would like more of, please.