As a long-time lover of a sassy plaid pant, I say: BRING UNTO ME THESE PANTS, though she looks very cool in them and I would look mostly like the corny eccentric middle-aged woman that I am. Related: Can you imagine getting Charlize in the Cast and Crew of Bombshell Secret Santa Gift Exchange? What the hell do you get Charlize Theron? (I’m sincerely stressing about this right now, as if it’s likely to happen. Some celebrities seem like they’d be easy to shop for — I could figure out a gift for Jennifer Garner in five minutes — but Charlize feels tricky! Um, leather pants? No. Too personal. Cheese of the month? Everyone loves cheese. Um. A novel with a strong female lead that I want her to make and star in? So demanding. See? It’s hard!)

[Photo by Gotham/GC Images]