Your Afternoon Man: Lamorne Morris

I’ve yapped about this on Twitter a lot, but to me, Lamorne Morris is a national treasure. With apologies for the photo, which is a weird angle because I wanted to showcase the shoes too:

Lamorne Morris

If you’re not familiar with him, Lamorne plays Winston on New Girl, a role that was created somewhat hastily after the pilot was shot and picked up with Damon Wayans Jr., who was then consigned back to Happy Endings – which had him in first position, as a pre-existing commitment — when that show did not get cancelled as expected. Winston therefore took awhile to gel and find his purpose on the show, but now he is an absolute delight, helped in part by the show seeming to shrug its shoulders and just throw shit at the wall and turn him into a brief festival of randomness. Like, “I’m pretty sure they call her ‘The Fish’ because she’s tough, but fair, like a lot of fish I’ve met.” Or his genius obsession with puzzles:

That experiment led to some great comedic moments and personality quirks that have gelled into a proper character, and none of it would have worked if Lamorne Morris committed any less than a hundred percent. Winston is SO GOOD. Not a pill like Nick Miller; not a narcissist like Schmidt. Just a generally good dude who’s also a gentle nut.

Let’s discuss. Not even just Lamorne Morris, but all the New Girl fans out there: Are you still with the show? It was up, and then it went so down; is it, for you, up again? I just made it sound like a viagra binge-and-crash, didn’t I? That was unintentional.

At any rate: Discuss!

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  1. Suzy Q

    I absolutely LOVE Winston. I absolutely HATE that show and have from the beginning. Zoey D’s character is THE WORST and I seriously hope not a role model for young women.

    Also, I continue to mourn the demise of Happy Endings. It was so funny and used its talented cast so well.

    • Val

      May I ask why she is “THE WORST” and not to be a role model? I have problems with the show (I find fat Schmidt a bit offensive and it is frustrating that they can’t have the awkward girl be less conventionally gorgeous than Zooey Deschanel), but I don’t see what is so terrible about the character. I’m not saying every girl should strive to be her (or the manic pixie dream girl more generally), but I think girls could do worse than identify with Jess.

      • soitgoes

        The show never set out to have Jess represent any kind of archetype. The intention was for her to be like if the wacky side character in another sitcom were given the star treatment. Of course, Jess is just close enough to Zooey’s normal persona that I think the message was lost.

        As far as the criticisms of Jess go, I get them even if I don’t agree with them. I don’t love it when women are willfully girlish (to an immature degree) and hapless and wrap it up in the verbiage of a feminist choice. The other side of the argument is that Jess is never shown to be incompetent. When she was promoted to vice principal, it wasn’t unearned. She’s a weirdo who lacks some social graces but is really, really good at her job.

        • Sarah

          I think they’ve kind of addressed that though. Like the episode where she says that her cheques have bunnies on them (but she’s still able to pay her fine) – she’s a capable adult (unlike Nick), even if she’s girly.

          I have to admit that I’m a bit biased though because I’m like Zooey/Jess in that I’m a very girly feminist and I don’t see them as being mutually exclusive.

          • soitgoes

            Well there’s a larger issue about third-wave feminist discourse overwhelmingly favoring the narratives of women who dress like Jess and act like Jess but without the balancing factors of being employed and being able to navigate basic friendships. The “adulting is hard” nonsense NEEDS to stop. It’s not adorable to be incompetent. This isn’t a conversation that Zooey or, by extension, the show asked to be a part of, but it’s part of the larger culture nonetheless. And it’s definitely not a slight against women who like cute dresses or who like to knit when they’re not at the jobs that they excel at.

            • Lils

              I agree that the “adulting is hard” stuff is obnoxious, now that I’m 30-something and employed and in charge of my own life. But, I think I would have identified with it pretty hard in my mid-20s, when I was in between two drastically different career paths and dating equally confused guys. So I think the fact that she talks about the struggles of growing up, while still actually being a decent person and holding down a full time job, is really not so bad for a realistic role model. I think it might be more of an issue of the show’s target audience…

          • Bee

            I agree and I like the idea of being feminist and feminine. You can be strong and vulnerable and have a career and like pretty dresses, etc.
            That said, I hate the character Jess for needing to be the center of attention (not just as the ‘star’ of the show), I mean the sulky, childish stuff: needing to have a special birthday. I’ve seen only seasons 1-3, so I’m hoping she may have grown up….
            Winston: I have nothing but love!!

    • Annie E

      I don’t think people need to worry about any random female character being or not being a role model. Characters can just exist. Jess is clearly not an aspirational one.

    •  Suzie

      I’ve meet a couple of 30 something women that dress and talk the complete opposite of Jess, but responsibility fully escapes them. There are not so girly women who find “adult-ing hard,” and they certainly aren’t doing that to be cute/adorable. Anyway, I prefer my adorable woman “role model” to be Dr. Zoey Hart.

  2. Courtney

    Yes Winston! I’m still with New Girl–these newest episodes have made me laugh just as much as some of the earlier episodes, even without Zooey Deschanel. I was skeptical about Megan Fox, but I’m coming around. I love all of the dudes, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for Winston–he’s such a kook!

    • Sarah

      Exactly what I was going to say – some of the early episodes made me legitimately laugh out loud (often) at my TV. It got a little rocky there, but I’ve noticed this season I’m back to laughing more, and the last episode in particular. They are all so kooky and bizarre and I love that. Winston is an absolute delight and I completely agree about Megan Fox – I was concerned, but think she’s doing great!

  3. Eliza Bennett

    I bloody love him. Lurve, even. I haven’t watched New Girl in forever (once they broke my nick/jess ship I quit) but I randomly caught the last 15 minutes this week and it’s still just so, so funny, and Winston is the best part.

    •  des

      I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve just seen these pictures of him, and I can easily believe that man is the best part. Purrrrr.

    • fritanga

      Funny; it was the Nick/Jess ship which made me stop watching. I’d always found Nick so unrelentingly obnoxious (though funny at times) that the thought of them together made me hate Jess because it seemed the relationship was founded on her desire to save him, a whiny selfish adult man. Eck.

      I missed Winston, though – he cracked me up.

  4.  messy closet

    I’ve been up and down with the show. I sort of think it’s outlived its natural life at this point, considering the stack of unwatched episodes on my DVR. But I also LOVE Winston. He’s the only one of those guys who doesn’t make me want to smack him upside the head on a regular basis.

  5. Patrick

    You know this is funny. I was just thinking about this show last night while I begrudgingly decided not delete it off my DVR and watch it instead. I used to LOVE this show – it made me laugh out loud – often. Now its just kind of a chuckle from time to time. The only characters I enjoy watching now are Shmidt and CeCe. Everyone else I feel like is just playing a caricature.

    I actually have to disagree with you on Winston – I feel like he is the only one who doesnt fit in and never fit in. That was especially clear when they brought back Damon Jr. for a bit there last season…they REALLY didnt know what to do with him – even more so than now. He just kind of floats around and they stick him with random characters hoping something works. I usually fast forward through his story unfortunately.

    It makes me sad but I am THIS CLOSE to giving up on the show. I wouldnt be surprised if its the last season.

  6.  CitizenKate

    I really liked New Girl for the first season or two, then I felt like it just totally dropped the ball. Much like Mindy Project, which I also loved, I feel like New Girl’s writing became kinda lazy, where the crux of every episode was some misunderstanding or humorous (but not really) lapse in communication that really could be resolved in real life with a quick text message. The storytelling became rote, so I dropped both shows. But I still love Winston and definitely noticed that his character embraced the weird after a few seasons!

    • MelShoe

      Yes! I dropped off New Girl and Mindy around the same time.

      I’ve dipped back in to both this season and dropped Mindy again like a hot stone but I don’t mind new girl – its not MUST SEE TV, but perfectly watchable

  7. lor

    New Girl was up, then down, then started coming up, then went wayyyyy down. It’s been pretty awful this season, and I may finally be ready to un-DVR it. :(

  8. camille

    I don’t watch the show at all but I’m going to keep that second gif for the countless scenarios I can use it in every day.

  9. Lincoln

    I still watch it regularly, but most often it’s just in the background when I’m doing other things. I hated Jess and Nick together so their breakup didn’t turn me off like it did with many other viewers. I have actually enjoyed this seasons Jess-free episodes more than I’ve enjoyed a lot of last season. But I agree with you – Winston is a national treasure! I love a Winston-CeCe mess around and the scene where he is role-paying Megan Fox’s breakup made me laugh so hard. “Shame shame, I know your name” has also been added into regular use in my household.

    • Emster

      I’m with you on this. I’m thinking that having to write a new character (Reagan) woke up the writers or something. It got pretty boring last year, but has really turned it around. I’ve laughed out loud quite a lot, mostly due to Winston! I heart this guy.

      • KirstyBee

        Shame shame I know your name is also a reg saying in my friendship group now and at least half of them don’t even watch New Girl. Such is the power of Winston.


  10. Stefanie

    I said in the Cate Blanchette post I wanted New Girl to shift to nothing but Winston and Nick and their shenanigans. Schmidt and Cece could be a recurring character. Jess could still be at jury duty. Ferguson is also a regular. (Someone pointed out it couldn’t be called New Girl any longer in the other post. How about Old Bros?)

    I sorta watch NG still. As in, if I stumble across it I’ll watch it but I won’t turn off a rerun of Bizarre Foods for it. (A.Zimm, if you frequent GFY call me. I want to eat gross things with you!)

    And I love Lamorne’s kicks here. Way to funk things up without it being a distraction.

  11. soitgoes

    “I’m feeling a little insecure about my body and the way it is connected to my face.”

    • Chantel

      SUCH a good line! Really enjoyed the interaction between Winston and Ally (his cop partner).

  12. Gine

    WINSTON IS THE BEST. I love him so much. They’ve done such a good job of making him a very specific kind of weird that’s somehow completely believable. I also love his wardrobe of flowered shirts.

    I ‘ve stayed with the show (just got caught up this weekend, in fact!). It’s not always consistent, but it’s still pretty fun and puts me in a good mood. They really need to figure out what to do with Nick, though.

  13. Sondra

    Winston is great. I love his pranks and just general oddball nature. I have to say, I am enjoying a Jess-less New Girl more than I expected. I feel like the show is getting better. I did not enjoy the whole Jess-Nick thing. Blah.

  14. Sarah

    I LOVE Winston. After last night’s episode, I just really want him to find love. I’m pathetic, I realize.

  15. CK

    I was watching through season four but didn’t bother this season b/c it felt like it was becoming a chore. I once loved Schmidt so much and it just pained me how bad both he and Nick became as caricatures of what once felt like characters that were funny for their quirks. Winston’s quirks became the only part that actually made me genuinely laugh b/c both randomly absurd and Lamorne Morris committed so hard.

  16. Kate

    Last night I finally deleted my season pass, after having recorded and subsequently deleted every episode, unwatched, from my DVR this season. Excellent timing.

  17. Lauren

    Season 4 was my favorite, especially after the total meh of season 3. I’m hoping that season 5 continues to be great, though the first few episodes haven’t really done much for me.

  18. Julie

    Winston is the only reason I’m still watching, with Jess gone. Nick and Schmidt are walking cartoons, and they’re starting to drag Cece in that direction too.

  19. Karilynn

    Totally agree, Winston is definitely the best of the boys right now – and hot to boot (kind eyes!). Somewhere over the last 2 seasons I came to truly hate Nick – it’s like all of his plotlines are based around a defining character trait is that he is unable to function as an adult and it falls flat for me, every time. I DON’T CARE THAT YOU CAN’T COMMIT/MAKE MONEY/DECIDE ANYTHING/BE A FRIEND/COMMUNICATE/MANAGE OTHERS/CLEAN YOUR UNDERWEAR, NICK!! Schmidt’s narcissism used to be charming, but it’s the same old schtick (Schmick?), and I’m bored with it. I enjoy seeing Cece more this season and I’m liking Megan Fox’s arc more than I thought I would, although it may just be that I can’t stop staring at her weirdly placid, unlined face. I’m not missing Jess that much (which I feel unreasonably bad about), and how could they tease us with the super-sexy John Cho and then not let us see him again? Winston is the one that keeps me coming back.

    Having said (all) that, I am enjoying this season more than the last two, if only because it seems like they are changing up the formula a little more often, and, of course, more Winston! I also wish we saw Ferguson more often – I guess he must have a really high hourly rate, that cat.

    • soitgoes

      Schmidt was ruined for me when he pulled that cheating BS on Cece and Elizabeth. I know that Sitcom Rules allow for forgiveness on that count, but I’m unable to view cheaters as anything other than bad people.

      As far as Nick goes, sometimes I get the sense that they originally planned for his arc to go in a certain direction but things drifted and his plot was the one that ended up no longer fitting. There’s a lot of good territory to cover with three roommates all in career-track professions while Nick digs in his heels and stubbornly insists on keeping his bartending job. He passed the bar exam but he only ever “played” lawyer for Schmidt once. I really think that the initial plan with Nick was for this stuff to play a bigger part.

      • Elle

        I think this is about the time I gave up on the show – regular Schmidt was evil enough that it was funny, but “evil Schmidt” was just a weird choice and having him be at odds with the rest of the guys – who kept him as a character you could still LIKE – just didn’t work for me. I’ve always loved Nick, because he speaks to the grumpy old codger in me, and Winston, even though he doesn’t actually serve a purpose. But that being said, he’s so funny BECAUSE he’s given the ability to just be part of random, crazy plot lines that all cohere around his general affable, slightly weird personality. But I just don’t know whether it’s worth picking it up again – evil Schmidt + the weirdness of Nick & Jess actually getting together (I just don’t think it worked well in practice) made it lose its charm for me.

        However, I did just watch the part where Winston gets the fruity drink about 15 times – it’s always made me laugh. His devliery + Nick’s face = gold.

        • soitgoes

          I still watch because I love the friendships. I think the show does early 30s interactions really well. Schmidt is a hard character to parse once you get down to the details. I know a lot of willful schlubs like Nick, space cadets like Jess, and weirdos like Winston, but I don’t know many fussy uptight dudes who manage to have a solid friend group.

  20. Buffy

    I love New Girl still and I love Winston. I like all of them, really.

  21.  Julie

    First time poster, long-time reader.

    Winston is fantastic. Beautifully played, finally a fully realized character. Schmidt and CeCe are also really good fun (I’ve always been a huge fan of Schidt’s – his narcissism is oddly endearing). Nick needs to … change. He was interesting when he was with Jess, and when they broke up they forgot to write him as anything but a cartoon. I don’t understand the point of him at all, and his slothful slovinliness (is that a word?) isn’t endearing.

    And, now, the great heretical statement: I haven’t missed ZD at all. In fact, I would love if Megan Fox stuck around – she’s terrific.

    All of that said – I’d bet this is the last season. I think the show is complete from a story telling point of view. I just don’t think there’s anything else to be said.

  22. S in Seattle

    I disliked the pilot, so never watched it, but the description of winston makes me want to watch a condensed version just of him. I ALSO have a love of puzzles, that I have not been able to convey to my children. I keep giving them puzzles for holidays and then doing them myself.

    • HKS

      If you watch the show – or even just the Winston scenes – you will learn that although he loves puzzles, he is really terrible at them. But it just makes him more enjoyable to watch.

      Oh! This exists! Winston puzzling! Someone put together all the scenes to show you his unique talents at puzzles.

  23. Ruthinthedesert

    I think I watched two episodes of New Girl and was convinced it was Not. My. Thing.

  24. Mary

    LOVE Winston. I’m fascinated by how they just changed his character’s style in the middle of the show. He went from wearing unbuttoned polos to buttoned all the way up printed shirts. Also, it took me a while to stop thinking of his cat when people talked about Ferguson, MO…

  25. Leah G.

    New Girl is one of the shows I begrudgingly still watch because I’ve watched it from the beginning. It started out SO GOOD and now…is definitely not.

    I don’t know what it is with sitcoms lately, but it’s like they only have a couple seasons of funny, reasonable episodes. Then the characters ridiculous caricatures of themselves.

    Happy Endings (RIP, I loved that show until the last few episodes) did it too. By the end, the characters weren’t even believable as functional human adults. New Girl seems to be following the same path, and it bothers me so much! I feel like every episode I ask, ‘Were they always such idiots on this show?! Why are they so over-the-top and stupid?!!’

    \Who knew I had so many FEELINGS about New GIrl?

    • Kbell

      I’m with you. I’m watching this show because I’ve watched it from the beginning. It had it’s ups and downs (and Winston is extra great this season) but I dont think I would be sad if it ended and I didn’t “have” to watch it anymore.

      I wish the ABCs of the world would follow HBO or AMC and end a show after a few seasons. Modern family and Big Bang theory are two other examples. Their first few (five?) seasons were great and I’ll watch those in syndication, but the last few are bad (MF more than BBT). Has anyone watched the Goldbergs? If you were born in the 80s (at least the first half) you will LOVE all of the 80s references. The show goes out of it’s way to make the props authentic. However, it is another where the first two seasons were AMAZING, and the third season is bad. Like literally in the first ep of season 3 I was like, “did they change the whole writing staff?” Each episode is pretty much the same as the last. But I still highly recommend the first two seasons and just stop there. Do not miss the NKOTB ep.

  26.  Lynn

    I’m still watching and agree that Winston is the best part these days. I adored the first two seasons and dropped watching for a while when Nick and Jess broke up as it made no sense to me. I picked it up again last year and it still amuses me enough to keep watching. And here is where I have to plug Brooklyn 99 which is a delight each week.

  27. Georgia

    It got reallllly funny again. Right after Jess and nick got together it was terrible but as soon as they broke up it started being funny again. I laugh out loud at least twice every episode.

    • Courtney

      Totally agree!! I sometimes watch episodes twice because I like them so much. Winston is my FAVORITE!

    •  Erin

      I totally agree. I hate the Megan Fox arc right now, but I think last season was on par (or even better) than the early seasons.

      • Megan

        I agree that it has gotten better. I actually appreciate the Nick/Jess dynamic in that they were attracted one another but ultimately are really just not right for each other. I hope they do NOT end up together. I think Nick’s character has gone over the top a bit but I have laughed a lot at this season and it made me realize that Jess is not really the glue of the show….she’s a horrible meddler who is given way too much power/credit. Winston is by far the best character and I haven’t minded Megan Fox too much, I like the dynamic she has with Winston right now.

  28. Jamie

    I didn’t realize everyone was so down on New Girl! It’s had it’s moments and some slumpy seasons, but it always makes me chuckle out loud at least twice, and for that, dear friends, I will watch it each week. Maybe it’s because I don’t expect too much character growth from a 30-min sitcom and I generally love each character’s quirks. Nick Miller is a man-child but those do exist (I should know because I dated a lawyer who decided to be a bartender, ahem) and he’s just a goofball. Schmidt can pronounce “chut-a-ney” or perform the drum solo from Drumline any time.

    But yes, Winston is rad and I love, love, love his inability to pull off a prank of the right caliber. It’s so random. And perfectly weird.

    I guess I’m just a weirdo who appreciates other weirdos being represented on my tv screen,

  29. Sarah

    Wow, I also did not realize that people were so down on New Girl!! I agree it’s had its ups and downs but it still makes me laugh out loud each week, which is hard (for an American show) to do. I honestly haven’t even missed Zooey these last few episodes and I don’t mean that to be a discredit to her it’s just the rest of the cast is so, so funny.

    Fully agree with everything said about Winston. He has become a delight. Love the failed pranks, esp putting a blueberry in Schmidt’s cereal! This week I died laughing and had to pause my DVR when he said, “Really? I thought I had snail eyes.” I don’t know why but that line just hit me right in the funnies.

  30. Lori

    I LOVE Winston- he is awesome! I love how weird he is.

    The show went down for me and honestly I haven’t started watching again, but I will, I have just fallen in to a reading hole that i am enjoying immensely.

  31. Megs

    My boyfriend and I watch on Netflix so we are always a season behind. It did have a long lull in there but I am thoroughally enjoying the latest season on the flix of Net, laughing out loud with each episode. And yes, Winston is THE best!

  32. melsanie

    long time reader, first time commenter to just join in on how much i am LOVING new girl lately. this season is the best it has ever been and i believe it is because they actually made winston a character. WINSTON AND FERGUSON FOREVER!!!

  33. Lesley

    Oh, how I love Winston. :))))))

  34. Jenny

    I haven’t completely given up on New Girl. But it is something that sits on my DVR for a long time.

    That all being said, Winston is the best character and the episodes with the cat are the best.

  35.  jennie

    I stopped watching a while ago, but Winston was my absolute favorite. Winston + Ferguson 5eva

  36. Therese

    My husband hopped on board with watching New Girl when, somewhere in the middle of me watching season 1, he came home to me CRYING laughing. That doesn’t really happen anymore, but I still really enjoy it. I hated the way they suddenly broke Nick and Jess up (but I’m happy they DID), and I cannot hate more the Winston and his cat story line!! It is the worst!!! Ugh. Sorry. I’m incredibly surprised to find myself enjoying these episodes with Megan Fox lately. Dare I say it’s the best acting she’s ever done…?
    Overall, though, I’m team Winston. He’s genuine and they need to give him a nice lady friend.

  37. Chantel

    I’m not committed to this show, but every once in a while I catch up on (some of) the latest episodes.
    I LOVE Winston though! He was my absolute least favourite at first, but he is so entertaining and adorable now.

  38. Michal

    There are a lot of LOL moments – for me season 4 brought it back up and I love it again ( although will miss Damon). I think all the characters are “unreal” and are a bit exaggerated but that’s what makes it funny.

  39. James Michelle

    My husband and I have watched from the beginning and it’s definitely gone downhill. Still some funny moments, though and Winston is our favorite. We say “hey girl, what your name is” all the time to each other.

  40. Karen

    I think I’m one episode behind, but I still reliably laugh out loud at things in New Girl. (Latest was Schmidt saying something, twice, in German – I can’t remember what it was now, but it just caught me in such a way that I literally laughed out loud). I hate Nick, always have, but love Winston and miss Coach. Jess I can take or leave – and I like Zooey Deschanel.

  41. caroline

    Winston is the more socially acceptable version of Charlie from It’s Always Sunny. I want to take them both in and feed them and do naughty things.

  42. MissTee

    Winston and Ferguson ’bout to split some pastaaaa

    • Julie

      I just laughed so hard at my desk. His delivery of every line is spectacular.

  43. Elizabeth Heydary

    I love Winston so much- I especially appreciated his obsession with puzzles but I also really liked the arc where only he knew that Cece still loved Schmidt. Plus I love cats and Winston and Ferguson are the cutest; I wish he could be luckier in love but he is a great ensemble player and is able to do whatever they throw at him. I just watched all of New Girl in the past month up to the present so the worse episodes in Season 3 didn’t bother me as much when I watched a few in a row. New Girl is also one of very few shows that my husband will watch with me so that also makes it more enjoyable! Nick has worn out a lot of his good will with me, but I did love the first time he kissed Jess and how they initially got together. Jess has never really bothered me and I enjoy her twee style and found myself looking up a lot of her sweaters and dresses to see if I could find them for myself.

  44. Kate

    Adore Winston for every reason detailed above, and even more so for those shoes – LOVE! And also because he’s the only reason my husband chooses to watch the show with me – if not for Winston, New Girl would be another show consigned to my bottomless DVR/Netflix list of things I wnt to watch that no-one else wants to watch with me (or ruin for me with their snarky comments…)

  45. HKS

    The way I judge my enjoyment of shows is whether I want to “save” them – basically saving the best for last, or savoring them, so to speak? This is very different from me not being able to watch shows because it’s a chore. (Although I guess the results are the same?) Brooklyn 99 is a “save the best for last” type show. How to Get Away With Murder is sometimes in the “chore” category. New Girl falls right in between those two. I always enjoy watching it, but I have no need to save it for later. I like pretty much everyone on the show, but yes, Winston has moved into first place. He is a treasure.

  46. Plain Yokel

    I love Winston so much. Nothing special to add to that, but I wanted to up the count for when Hollywood showrunners swing by GFY for ideas. (They do that, right?) The nation is clamoring for more Lamorne Morris!

  47.  Laura E.

    Winston has slowly become one of my favorite characters on TV. Tuesday TV in general is filled with great characters, like everyone in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and iZombie (especially Ravi).

    I’ve liked New Girl a lot this season. The cast plays so well off each other–I don’t think there’s another sitcom cast that works as well as an ensemble. The show was made for bottle episodes–all you need is them in the loft.

  48. meggyoh

    After pretty much every episode, I text my friend to tell her I love Winston so yeah, I really do love Winston.

  49.  Barbara

    I’ve given up on New Girl quite some time ago. When I stopped watching the only good thing left was Winston (and of course Ferguson!).

  50. Brooke

    I continue to watch the show, but as time as gone on Winston’s character has become less and less relevant, which is such a crime!! I have loved his character and its quirkiness from the beginning, and now he is mainly relegated to a side character in a secondary plot. This week’s episode gave me a little hope, though. Maybe he will be featured more in the future.

    Overall the show still hasn’t gained back the excellence it had in its first 2 seasons. If it doesn’t improve by the end of this season, I am removing it from my list. Too many other great TV shows out there that I could be watching in its place. ;(

  51. Gypsy Danger

    I haven’t watched any of the new season, simply because I’ve been too busy. I still love the show. It has brought me many laugh out loud moments and memorable quotes.

  52.  Alisa

    I’m still watching. There’s at least 2 lines per episode that make me actually laugh audibly and that counts for a lot with sitcoms these days. It definitely has it’s problems but Winston is NOT one of them. He’s sweet and bizarre and I love him. I hope Lamorne Morris has a big and wonderful career.

  53. HS

    I used to think Schmidt was funny, but his character got really old really fast and the on-and-on relationship with Cee Cee just got tiring. Nick is definitely part of the backbone of the show but he gets on my nerves too. I took a while to warm up to Winston but he is so funny and unexpected now, and completely against stereotype. I love that I never know what he’s going to say or be doing on the show and he’s such a sweetie. Sometimes I just laugh out loud at the quirky stuff he says and does. That said, I never really was a big fan of Zoey, but ultimately realized that she’s the glue that holds the show together now that Megan Fox is filling in. Megan Fox is awful–she doesn’t have any range of tone in the delivery of her lines. For this reason (and that fact that she simply cannot act), she’s always written as a cold bitch.

  54. rejector seat

    Winston and Ferguson for FTW.

  55. Betsy

    I adore Winston. I fell in love with him when he was belting out Wicked in the car in season 1(?). I find his pranks hilarious–especially the too small ones. I’m a couple episodes behind, but he made me laugh out loud in both of the first two episodes of the season. I still like New Girl. I don’t feel the same way about it that I did in the first two seasons, but I think it has come back from its slump. I like all the characters, but I do think they’re better in bits. Schmidt can be funny if it’s just small moments. I used to love Nick, but I do wish they would have him grow up more. It gets old after awhile. But Winston is definitely my winner.

  56. Sami

    I read an interesting piece on Winston written during the first season about how he was just fulfilling the need for every sitcom to have a Black character, but he wasn’t even involved in the plots of the White characters. I thought it was an interesting critique, but I was also like, I love Winston! and I like his friendship with Nick that feels very genuine.

    When Coach joined the show, I felt it really mitigated the race issue (and I tried to find an article backing that up – that two characters of a race sort of undo the need for everything to be about their race and lets them just be people, but I couldn’t find anyone writing about it). I loved both of them and I was sorry to see Coach go.

    Also, and important only here in GFY, Jess wore my wedding dress (in a different color) in one of the Thanksgiving episodes! I was so excited (my wedding dress was not conventional, obvs).

  57. Laura

    I think the Winston/Ferguson relationship is my favorite on the show. The episode when he first gets (or steals) the cat is fall down funny.

  58. Beth

    Winston makes this show. They should do a spin off with Winston, Ferguson and Winston’s partner (can’t remember her name). I really don’t care for/about any of the other characters. He’s a delight! My husband thinks the same, although I’m pretty sure he loves the addition of Megan Fox.

  59. Dana

    I once played True American with Lamorne and a gaggle of fellow geeky co-workers. Let it be known that he was totally game and confirmed that there are no real rules and that the cast was totally smashed by the end of filming the scene. In short, he is a delight.

    • HKS

      Say what?! Tell us more please! How did this opportunity present itself?!

  60. Konneli

    Winny the Bish! Love him, love the character, and love me some Ferguson.

  61. Janice in Accounting

    I LOVE this show! It never fails to make me laugh out loud.

  62. Julie

    I’m surprisingly on board with Meghan Fox’s role at the moment, and I do feel that the show bounced back last year and this year from the horror of season three rather well.

    Winston is the best, and I would pay cash money to see a movie about his life with Ferguson.

  63. ajb

    This season of New Girl is WONDERFUL. The joke density is just insane. Every episode begs to be watched at least twice, because you will for sure miss something.

  64. jenelope

    “Ferguson, clear my schedule. I need to have a word with your sister.”

    “Hey, girl, what your name is?”

    I will always love Winston. Winnie the Bish is my everything.

  65. sara

    Lamorne probably has like 4 of my 5 favorite moments of the show. I stopped watching during season 3 because Nick and Jess were soo… know? But then they broke up and I slowly came back and now Winny the Bish is the only person who makes me laugh out loud during the show. Like when he was talking about Aly’s “dope earlobes.” Guffaw-ed I did.

  66. Melissa

    I still like New Girl a lot! Winston is probably my favorite character at this point — he consistently cracks me up. I enjoy all the characters, though. I don’t get the dislike of Jess — to me she’s a funny, neurotic, quirky character like all the rest of them on the show. Why should she be burdened with being a “role model” for young women? None of these people are role models, they’re messes, but funny messes. Anyway, to me you could do worse than emulating Jess in some ways – she’s a kind and caring person, whatever faults she might have. Deschanel does a great job portraying her, IMO; I’ve really missed her character since she’s been “on jury duty.” Anyway, it’s a fun show and I’m still on board. :)

  67. shannon

    Winston is THE BEST PART of the show. When his story line is the featured one, it’s a good week. Otherwise the show can get annoying. All of the other characters can get annoying. The best recent episode was when Jess was on jury duty and Winston and Cece went shopping. Then they ruined it by bringing in David Silver’s baby mama. ick.

  68. Sasha

    I can’t read all these comments because I’m still catching up on Netflix, but New Girl is the only show on television that consistently makes me laugh out loud. I refuse to believe it ever gets bad. I love Winston and everyone. Thank you.

  69.  Carrie

    I love Winston- Winnie the Bish, Prank Sinatra, proud (really, really proud) father to Ferguson… he’s the best.

  70. Kristin

    I still adore New Girl. And, Winston is adorable. Love his relationship with Ferguson (although I truly can’t remember how a cat came into his life although a previous poster said he stole him? Why don’t I remember that?!). This season has been hit or miss, but I still find it hits more than misses so I’ll stick with it.

  71. Julia

    I still really enjoy New Girl; season three was not great and I gave up on it for a little while, but after season four came up on Netflix, I gave it another try and was so pleasantly surprised at how much it had improved, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen of this season too. I read a great book about the Mary Tyler Moore Show recently, and near the end the creator of New Girl popped up to say how much MTM inspired and influenced New Girl, and I can totally see that.

  72. Popcorn Lewis

    I’m with a lot of folks, kind of half watched it while doing other stuff. Agree that it had lost its spark. I actually sat down today and watched the last three episodes and was pleasantly surprised! I laughed! Winston is great! I kinda like the Regan character and do not miss Jess at all. AT ALL.

  73. FCHD

    Years of reading this blog, and I have never felt compelled to comment until JUST now : Agreed, Lamorne Morris IS incredible. Thank you, GFY ladies!

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