This caftan is… a lot.

Adele does not need to be treated like the only way to handle her curves is to hide them. I worry that this swallows her whole and bulks her up unfairly, and has the whiff of a designer who doesn’t know how to handle it when a woman who’s not a size 2 is a client. She has a waist. She has a chest. She has a body. Let her use it the way other people have. I don’t give props to Givenchy that often, but recall what Riccardo Tisci did for the Grammys, and then wonder if this Giambattista Valli was a punt.

Having said that, her head is fantastic, she looks great in red, and there IS something appealingly DRAMATIC about all this. If she were to start The Cult of Adele, and require us all to wear robes twice monthly while we listen to her sing her devotion to a higher power named Grout who believes that all humans are made of volcanic rock and also is the patron saint of vintage tile… well, I’d hear her out, is what I’m saying.

She changed for a performance, and it’s exceedingly sparkly:

It is more loving to her body, for sure, even if it also looks like the Aztec Circus has come to town.

It’s very striking here on stage, though. Even if it still looks like the plans for a Las Vegas casino’s slots area.

I love that this shot makes it look like she’s singing in front of footage of her sneezing. However, even a freeze-frame of Adele sneezing is absurdly pretty. I would LOVE to stand in front of giant pictures of her face if I was also wearing her face… wait, that sounds so much creepier in writing than it did in my head.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]