What the Fug: Maggie Q

This picture makes me laugh.

Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott looks like a retired secret agent who is regretting that he’s not a hotshot anymore, and Maggie Q, the wacky heiress who lured him out of the game and is now bankrolling his career as a chin model and semiprofessional baccarat player.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1.  kat

    Damn, Maggie Q – you’re too cool for the Angelina leg!

  2. NCK

    Honestly, I’d watch that movie in a heartbeat.

    • Amy S.

      Isn’t that basically the premise of the new Shondaland show starring Mireille Enos and Peter Krause?

  3. jeansheridan

    Are they a couple? I feel like Maggie Q has never had the right vehicle for her talent. Was Little Nikita any good?

    • Jessica

      Yes, they’re dating. It’s been awhile, too, I think?

      • Heather

        Since whatever their show was that they did together. Stalker. It’s been… two seasons now?

      • Emster

        A vague recollection and The Internets tell me they’re actually engaged.

    • Brian

      Nikita was honestly a pretty strong show, especially in the early seasons. Though it never quite jumped the shark like a lot of spy shows do (looking squarely at you, Alias.)

    • Beth Y.

      I thought Nikita was actually pretty good.

      After the last Agent Carter episode I was like, “Wait. Was CMM in Nikita? Was he Michael? No, that’s not right. But maybe yes?” This finally reminded me to check imdb.com, and it turns out it was Shane West. Who is indistinguishable from CMM to me anyway.

  4. Pouncer

    I miss Nikita.

  5.  Mina

    But why does her dress have hair?

  6. Sandra

    How long has that baccarat game been going on? He’s looking a bit worse for wear.

    I do not understand the crewneck; long, drapey sleeves, and the high slit being all in the same outfit.

    • Heather

      That might be part of the PLOT. Of his movie.

    •  Cucina49

      I was just thinking that Dylan McDermott is hiding the hot a little bit.

      I only saw the first of the “Divergent” movie series, but Maggie Q was actually quite good. Clearly I need to step up my leg workouts, but she deserves a better dress.

  7.  theboss

    Chin model!!!!!

  8.  lilywise

    Someone needs to tell them that we already have a Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. We can’t have all the good-looking couples lapsing into boring black monochromatic outfits and hiding the hot like this.

  9. Kate

    Heather, this caption was beyond on point. I can no longer unsee your brilliant backstory for this.

  10. Yuppers

    So now I’m thinking, Dylan McDermott would make a perfect Archer!

  11.  BeautyMarks

    Embiggening the photo did not shed any more light on what the hell her garment is supposed to accomplish. A true WTF indeed.

    • Lori

      Seriously! There’s a mock turtle neck with built-in choker, a satin-shouldered lace top that may be showing part of a bra or nipple pasties, a weave (!) hanging from the sleeves and top, a built-in choker-matching belt (!!) around that weave, and a satin/lace/beaded/hair mish mosh at the end. NO.

  12. Art Eclectic

    I suspect her outfit might be very interesting up close, but it sure doesn’t photograph well.

  13. Kirsten

    thanks Heather – I laughed so hard I almost had an “accident” at work…..

  14.  Me, Myself & Irene

    McDermott is giving off a whiff of Duchovny, and methinks Duchovny does it better.

  15.  Jamie

    It looks like he’s cos-playing as Clive Owen’s character from Shoot ‘Em Up. Pretty convincingly.

  16. Kiti

    Maggie Q is one of the great beauties of our age, and not one aspect of this outfit is doing her any favors. She deserves so much better.

    Dylan McDermott needs a shave and a haircut. And a smile, because he’s out with MAGGIE Q, for crying out loud.

  17. swellcatt

    HA HA! This pic is HILARIOUS! He looks like he is a comic book noir character who found himself reluctantly at the pictures with his dame whose stems make him reconsider his life as a bachelor. Those gams, see…they’d make a man do anything….

  18. Bitchy McSnappy

    You all, here we have two incredibly good-looking people looking incredibly glum. To paraphrase Tim Gunn, there’s a lotta looks going on – and they’re all bad.

  19. perletwo

    This pic is giving me the vibe of an 80s Cannon Films-type action movie poster. Imagine Chuck Norris in the Dylan McDylan position and, say, Caroline Munro or Barbara Carrera in the Q position, with a big gun to one side & a big explosion behind them – GOLD, I tells ya.

  20. Eli

    Dylan McDermott looks like a flasher in that coat…albeit an edgy one, I guess?