Welcome back, Shailene. And Mr. Pamuk. I’m sure if he’d lived past Mary’s vagina, he would have been very pleased with the end of its reign of terror on Downton Abbey.

Theo looks very dashing, but these two match a little too much for me to think it was a smart idea to plonk them next to each other. Obviously they HAVE to, at some point, but some forethought might have avoided this monochromatic visual. Even her hair blends.

The jumpsuit itself that she’s wearing isn’t unattractive, but it’s also not the platonic ideal. Something about how the crotch is creasing makes it look for a hot second like separates, and the pattern looks like she just crawled out of the tar pits. I also think it’s a touch long? At least we see her feet, although I think this might have been more chic tapered with high strappy sandals. Then again, not every pant can be cut that way. I’ve admittedly lost track of what to DO with the pants that aren’t. Too high looks silly, too long eats your feet; this length pools on the ground a little. It seems like a VERY precise, hard-to-nail target.

She went a bit nuttier on Fallon:

It’s… a Valentino city fever dream, maybe? I know it looks from here like someone dropped acid and dreamed of flying whales, but it does look when she sits down more like someone dropped acid and read an urban fairy tale.

It is an oddball of a dress, and I think she might be its only reasonable context? Unfortunately, as you can really see in the second picture up there, the top fits her boobs pretty unattractively. The whole enterprise is confusing. Maybe I need to drop acid to understand it. Can I get around the actual drug part of that just by, like, picking up a bottle of vinegar and then accidentally letting it fall on the floor? That counts, yes? I’ll try.

[Photo: Getty, Fame/Flynet]