Well Played: The Dallas Buyers Club Gang


Someone’s having fun. It’s probably a whole lot nicer to do delayed press for a movie that’s just won you a bunch of awards, than doing it for a movie that everyone hates. I’m thinking specifically of how long Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise had to hit the global circuit for Knight and Day, smiling like they hadn’t read the reviews. It still hurts.

[Photos: WENN, Fame/Flynet]

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  1.  Mair Mair

    Do Jared’s loafers come in women’s sizes? Because I need them in my closet STAT.

  2. Gigi

    I actually want McConaughey to accept his Oscar shirtless. It would seem most authentic. I’m sure he’s more self-aware than he comes across, but sometimes I prefer his new acting chops with a large order of his (former?) harmless cluelessness.

    Heather, you’ve found another incredible voice! More “laid back, naked, Texas style, extra jalapenos on m’nachos, with a cold Shiner and bongos” posts!

  3. Lizzy

    I like McConaughey with more blond and less tan, but otherwise he looking spiffy!

    And I love his “Beef: It’s what’s for dinner” ads as much as the previous, excellent Sam Elliot ones.

    • GFY Heather

      Those are amazing. The radio ads… I once re-enacted them all for Jessica. “Filet…. MIGNON.”

    • Kate

      I like him more now that he’s gained some of the weight back.

      • julyol1972

        Me too! He’s looking less and less lollipop each time I see him, and for that, I’m grateful.

        30 Seconds to Mars is an awesome band, but I’m so happy that my boy Jared is back and finally getting his due as an actor. It’s about time. Love his sense of style too, by the way!

    • Bella

      @Lizzy, do you remember how cute he was in The Wedding Planner?

  4.  LT1

    He’s a thin guy so I’m okay with the slightly larger suit, especially because it fits across the shoulders.

    In my head, I always have McConaughey finishing sentences with “al’right, al’right, al’right” so thank you for that.

    • ceedeegee57

      The suit in #4 fits him nigh on to perfectly.
      It’s the angle.
      Cuffs, sleeves, shoulders (yes indeed), and SIZE (please dear lord people/men – stop wearing your little brothers suit, it’s not a good look on ANYONE – ever! OK, Rant over.)
      He looks swish!

  5.  Portia

    I love that orange dress; she looks like a statue, in a good way. And Jared Leto, I have just read, is 42 years old — he wears his age (and his hair) very well.

  6. aemom

    I think that last suit would be too much if the print was on the whole thing. I like it as is.

    • Gypsy Danger

      This looks like he could only find two parts of his three-piece suit and said, “All right all right all right, two out of three ain’t bad, Meat Loaf,” and let it be.

      I really hope that this is truly what happened. I like it as is too.

    • ceedeegee57

      I agree, what he’s doing here is a bit unusual, but I’ve seen women’s suits on the same line.
      I like it.

  7.  Jen from Cincy

    I think we need to hear more from GFY Matthew McConaughey!

    • Cristina

      Haha! I was just coming to say the same thing.

    • Allie

      Heather, is there any celebrity whose voice you CAN’T impersonate and make better? Because I cracked up at this, and we need more GFY Matthew!

  8. carrieglitter

    Your GFYMcConaughey is nearly as good as your GFYKanye. Pitch perfect!

  9. Jennifer

    I fully plan on watching Dazed and Confused before the Oscar telecast. I also love your GFYMcConaughey voice – it’s perfection! And, finally, Jared didn’t wear his long sleeve, around the waist, butt cover! It’s a miracle? Can we credit the fantastic shoes?

  10. Brenna

    1. I love a good Meatloaf reference, so YAY!
    2. I think my favorite part of MM’s Golden Globe acceptance speech was hearing him say that his wife calls him both “McConaughey” and “My King.” For some reason, I found that delightfully endearing and makes me think she must be a pretty cool lady.

    • Brenna

      Or, I guess if I want to slip in a Dazed and Confused line, a hip, hip lady.

    • Gigi

      I wonder if she really calls him “my king” or if he thinks in his mind that she calls him that. I don’t doubt actual love there, but she better say that in bed where, you know, however you get your rocks off, rather than in the kitchen trying to feed the baby, make lunch, and book the hair stylist for Oscars night.

    •  Erin

      I think of MM as an old Hollywood throwback, very old-school charming, and his Golden Globes speech did little to change my mind about that. The “My Man, My KING” part just made me laugh. Work it out, McConaughey.

  11.  Jenny V

    Camila Alves is gorgeous and I love those dresses, but I wish she would change up her lip color and hair style every once in a while. I would love to see her with a little color and her hair up just once.

    • MCoffey

      I’m with you about her hair. I like long hair and all, but sometimes it takes away from the dress to wear it down.

  12. KSCnCA

    I have loved Jared Leto since Felicity, but the leather pants remind me of Ross on Friends. I know they aren’t too tight, I just can’t not associate them.

    • Sajorina

      He was never in “Felicity”! Who are you thinking of?

      • M

        No, but he was in My So-Called Life. There’s a part of me that will always love Jordan Catalano. :)

  13.  Angela

    I always get the feeling Camilla is humoring him…like, “ok fine, I’ll call him ‘My King’ because he’s so sweet and cute and I love him. But secretly, I know he’s whack-a-do.” She just always looks vaguely amused and embarrassed but also enamored.
    To the clothes, I don’t mind the suits on Matt and I think she looks beautiful. Would love to see a lip color, on her or any other actress these days. I mean, really, it’s not complicated.
    Jared is insane, right?

  14.  Looly

    So not only is Jared NOT wearing those big, clunky 90′s throwback boots, he is wearing the most delightful shoes. I, too, need a pair!

    I’ve never been a fan of Camila, but that is most likely pure jealousy on my part. I adore MM, and am happy he’s happy, but there is a part of me that feels he’d be happier with ME! :) That being said, I am coveting her orange dress (but would wear it with gold strappy sandals instead of orange sandals).

    Also, if you want to see some fantastic acting on MM’s part, check out True Detective on HBO. He is amazing!

  15. Julia

    Jared Leto + finger guns = swoon

  16. marylou bethune

    I am shocked that he is 41. He looks 25 and is still the prettiest one in the room. So cute….

  17.  Guerra

    The older Jared Leto gets the more I love him!

  18. Jen

    Have y’all been watching MM on “True Detective”? I think we’ll be seeing more of him on the awards circuit for the TV trophies next season. Hopefully more zany suits, because on most people they’d just be ridiculous; on him they still are, but somehow kind of work.

    • Liz

      He’s great on TD (and he should always do that 50′s Beatnik hair. It looks awesome on him). The writing is kind of hacky, but Matt & Woody act the hell out of it.

    • Tiffany

      AH! Jen, i was looking through the comments to see if there were other True Detective fans on here. I am LOVING that show. I can’t figure out where it is going, but I really love the way it is shot and I think Matthew and Woody are both fantastic actors and I adore them in these roles. They just nail the banter.

      The part in the last episode where later-day Matthew looked at the office ceiling and said, “Me? It’s all about me? I’m special?!”….just nailed it. I look forward to every episode.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Fantastic show, and McConaughey is giving a master class in acting every moment. I had no idea he was so good!

  19. Sajorina

    I am so IN LOVE with Jared Leto! I love his look… It always delights me! And Mathew looks GREAT in all of these outfits! BRAVO, guys!

  20. Bridge

    Jared Leto, never boring, sometimes exhausting. Bada-ching! I’ll be here all night.

  21. Lori

    In slide 4, his vest blends into his pants and it looks like he’s wearing a onesie.