Well Played, Solange


Solange and I have nothing in common except we both love our sisters and we have a fondness for crazy pants:

I desperately wish I could tell you I’m wearing this right now. Let’s just pretend I am. Yes. These are not jeans, they are skinny sky blue cigarette pants! And this is not a striped tee shirt under a cardigan (that I just noticed has a hole in the cuff), it is a super crisp white shirt under a little blazer!

Well. We ARE both wearing sandals. It’s a start.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (25):

  1. BrownEyedBetty

    I love that she lets her hair go natural!

  2. michelle

    I share your fondness for crazy pants. Its mostly been beaten out of me by my profession (bankers cannot wear crazy pants- ever) but I still see them and wish that I’d taken up an arts major instead so I could wear crazy pants all the time!

  3. Sandra

    I like that she lets the crazy-pants be the focal point of the outfit and keeps every thing else very crisp and classic. I love both my sisters but I would look absurd in those pants. She looks great.

  4. Jamie

    God I love me some crazy pants. I used to have an awesome plaid pair that I wore to work all the time, which resulted in my boss giving me the nickname “Judge Smails”, but they were worth it.

  5. Tiffany

    I keep trying to build up the courage to buy AND wear crazy pants. (I have a tendency to buy trendier things and never actually wear them). Solange is making a really good argument pro crazy pants! I like how she kept the other items simple.

  6. Sheneve Butler

    Love Solange’s style, and to think she use to dress so fugly.

  7. Orange Clouds

    Love the outfit and how these crazy pants suit her, can’t share the hair love even though the hair is natural (and please don’t hate on me for that), I just can not get on board with big hair, whether it’s a result of loads of hairspray or an afro.

  8. Helen

    I’d like to see some earrings, nothing big and showy, just maybe a diamond or pearl stud, but I love the outfit.

    And I’m a little envious that she’s got the elegant foot needed to wear these simple, simple shoes, which I have adored since they started appearing on Assorted Carpets, but which few can wear so successfully (and I certainly couldn’t as I’ve got bunions). These are perfect on her, a perfect fit, and perfect with the outfit.

    Speaking of fit, the tailoring is impeccable here, too.

    VERY well played!

  9. Birgin

    I love the pants but I am not a fan of the navy jacket. It seems to flatten the whole outfit.

    I think a silvery grey jacket might have been better.

  10. Caroleena Stantonova

    She looks Marvelous; very great look. (I can’t see a hole in the cuff…?!)

  11. Basse Krokke

    Didn’t I see those pants in Rihanna’s collection?

  12. Vandalfan

    I love it that she lets the trousers take the forefront and keeps all the other details simple and classic. I wish the jacket was more fitted to her waist, though.

  13. Sajorina

    I like this outfit! Those pants are sick (sick is good) and covetable!

  14. Bella

    Love this. And her hair.

  15. mary lou bethune

    I love everything. She looks polished and chic and lovely. It was like having sherbert after seeing those Aussies… and most of the CMA people … and of course Bieber and his court.


    Those pants are wicked!

  17. Guerra

    Omg amazing!!!!! I want this soo bad!!

  18. Mara

    Those pants are the best. I love blue-sky prints on anything. My personal favorite item is an umbrella with that print. THE BEST.

    • Angela Brown

      I have that umbrella (I got mine from MoMA). Which is why I especially love Solange’s pants. Not only are they sky-blue pants, they are BLUE SKY pants, with clouds and everything. She looks amazing here – I love everything!

  19. Carolina Girl

    In 2010, after a serious Fug Madness run, who would have guessed that in only three years she would have turned it around to become, arguably, the chicest of the Knowles sisters?

  20. Mary Urech Stallings

    Yes, Solange. The classy sister.