Well Played, Sarah Jessica Parker


After coming to last year’s Met Ball as a hideous Versace throw-pillow, Sarah Jessica Parker had kind of a rough year for the fug. So perhaps getting to go full-on awesomely costumey this year will hit SJP’s reset button.

It’s not super elaborate, but the pattern is striking, the hit of turquoise is really pretty, and it’s flattering — it makes her look tall, which we all know that even in heels she is not. The twin cuffs might be a touch too much, but basically, I think this is a good example of her simply picking a really, really nice dress and looking really, really nice in it. There doesn’t always have to be a statement any louder than that.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (17):

  1. Stefanie

    Love this. I’d wear this if I had the chance. I also really love her hair like this. The soft waves are so much more flattering compared the severe styles she wears.

  2. Gigi

    SJP does look great, and maybe like she’s gained a couple of very flattering pounds. Brava!

  3. Jen

    Ooh, I love this! Just gorgeous.

  4. Helen

    I really love this, including the almost-twin cuffs and their matching rings. The dress is a marvelous fit, very tasteful in and of itself, and those colors suit her very well. And count me in on liking the soft waves for her hair.

    I would just remove the triple turquoise ring that’s unfortunately competing with those bold, bigger jewelry pieces. Everything else looks great to me.

  5. Art Eclectic

    This is probably the best thing I’ve seen her wear in a LONG time.

  6. junior

    Love… except I want to take a Biore cleansing cloth to those eyes. The colors are soft and light, and so should the touch of your mascara wand.

    • Ā ringthing

      Yes, that eyeliner she always wears makes it look like she’s peering at the world through very tiny swim goggles. She looks otherwise pretty here.

  7. Mare

    Her hair is in the best shape I have seen for a while….makes the whole outfit look better.

  8. Mary

    That looks soft, pretty, age-appropriate and comfortable – love it!!!

  9. Tiffany

    I really love this. I have a thing for a nice pattern on a simple sillouette. The colors are so soft and feminine and it fits so well on her shape.

  10. Sarah Oehmler

    Love it all.

  11. Alicia

    I thought the ring on her left hand was a food-safe bandaid!

  12. Bella

    Better than most of what she wears. Now, can she please lighten up on that eyeliner? It does her no favors.

  13. Anita

    I think that she looks great (ignoring the eyeliner/mascara), usually she looks sooo extreme. The pattern on the dress is fabulous.

  14. Sajorina

    I love the dress & the jewelry! Twin cuffs remind me of Wonder Woman, so I like them! Also her hair looks goooood! FAB!

  15. Courtney

    It also helps that she’s not wearing a big coat over the dress.