So, I really, really was not sold on Anne’s blonde hair at the Met Ball. I will be the first to say that I ALSO didn’t think her features were optimized with the short hair, and then she had that awesome phase where she grew it out super stylishly and I fell in love with it and think she should keep it that way forever. So maybe I will come around on the blonde, too.

Having said THAT, I am not there yet — I think it’s way too brassy for her features, and I don’t like the phase that the short style is in right now (I felt that way when it was still brown, too), so that might be affecting my feelings too. Again, I fully realize I may eat those words in like two weeks when she does something fabulous to it and suddenly I want her to be a gilded lily forever, but fortunately, I enjoy eating, so that’s fine.

As for the dress, I don’t mind the idea of the shape and volume here, but I think in execution it’s making her look weirdly droopy. So basically, the last two times she’s worn baby pink, it’s caused boobular scrutiny that she’d probably rather have avoided. Please let’s not go for the charm with a third try.

Is it as bad as all that?

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