Well Played, Sandra Bullock


So, it’s blistering summer in the US, and Sandra wore all black and leather and stuff to her premieres; it’s winter in Australia and Sandy showed up looking like an Old Navy commercial for a July tunic sale.

Having said that, this is actually a very NICE Old Navy tunic, the likes of which they apparently don’t make anymore because all their fabrics are translucent and itchy (I walked into one yesterday for the first time in four years, and it was so depressing that I turned around and left — which also happened to me with Forever 21 a while ago). I think Sandra might be kicking ass in it. I think having those legs helps the cause a lot. I think I would like to have those legs. Unfortunately I just went to the gym and now my calves are so sore that I can’t straighten my legs when I stand up, so it looks like my plan to Do A Lot Of Stuff Really Often is going to turn into “hobble around for a bunch of days and cry softly.”

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  1. Goldfish

    Sandra did the same thing I’m always afraid to do — she found something she liked (the shoes) and bought the exact same thing in two different colors (she’s been heavily rocking the black ones, also).

    I wonder if she regrets it like I always do? Probably not, and that’s why she’s Sandra Bullock. Well done again, Sandy.

    • Kristen from MA

      I love the shoes too! And not only because they’re cool, but because they fit! Notice how her toes aren’t spilling off of the soles? It kills me when I see women on the red carpet and their toes are hanging off of their shoes.

    •  Miriam

      Similar but not the same shoes.

  2. Bella

    I love tunics, and while she does have great legs, they’re usually meant to be worn over leggings or pants. This is just a bit too short. She looks like she just rolled out of bed and showed up in her nighty without washing last night’s makeup off first. She just looks tense and not altogether happy lately.

    • Rowynn

      Right! Back in 1971 I would have worn that over my bell bottom jeans, with my clogs.

    • Karen G

      I disagree. It’s 3″ to 4″ too long to be worn over jeans, and she has the legs to carry it off.

      • HelenBackAgain

        I’m with Karen G on this. I think if there were pants with it, it would just look like a dress over pants.

  3. michelle

    Sympathize with the hobbling! That happens to me when I get out in the yard, since I don’t get out there often enough when I do, I OVERDO and then spend a couple days clutching a bottle of advil and whimpering.

  4. Maria L.

    She looks cute – but she also looks like she might kill us if we disagree.

  5. gryt

    See I don’t think it’s too short – the long sleeves makes it more covered. She looks fab.

  6. Lily1214

    Umm, not so much. The shoes are great, however.

  7. cs

    I think she looks great. All of it.

  8. HelenBackAgain

    Love it! Again, breezy, cool, and comfortable, nicely put together. She’s on a roll.

    I just looked up the weather in Australia, and, despite the high humidity, she has to have been FREEZING in this, but it looks terrific.

    •  Montréalaise

      I visited Sydney in July a couple of years ago and it was COLD! To make things worse, Australians don’t seem to have central heating (the hotels probably do, but we stayed with relatives). So yes, although I love Sandy’s look, she was dressed for summer in California, not Australia.

    • Guerra

      She would of been, I mean our winters are mild but it’s still to cold for this especially at night! I’m sure her outfits were all prearranged regardless of the weather :)

  9. FatFreeFashion

    Love the tunic, but not for a red carpet event. However, completely agree with the tunic complaint- too many sheer and stiff ones on the market. If it’s meant to offer protection from the sun, what’s the point?


    • Glenn

      This is a film premiere, not really a red carpet gown scenario. Plus, it’s Australia.

  10. remi

    the only thing thats raising problems is those cords going down. I mean they go a long way down. I am not sure I’d like them if they were shorter or if they were completely gone.

    But cords like that, sooner or later someone is not going to be able to resist pulling on one.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Heh. Hadn’t thought of that. I’d never be able to get out of the house in this, unless I thought to tuck the tassel cords inside the tunic… my cat would think they were toys and ruin the fabric going after them.

      • Amberoni13

        Doesn’t she have a toddler at home that would do exactly that? The little boy she adopted? Maybe she’s taking advantage of Time Without Toddler to wear something that she could not otherwise because of small hands.

  11. Lux

    I think this site has been really overdoing it on handing out Well Playeds to Sandra Bullock lately when she’s wearing outfits that are acceptable but basically just forgettable.

  12.  Montréalaise

    Your comment about Old Navy being depressing – I just saw a TV commercial where they’re advertising tank tops for $ 2 and T-shirts for $ 5. Obviously they’re going for cheap, cheaper, cheapest – and quality be damned.

  13. Elle

    The tunic is an odd length and once again she is looking drawn and tense despite the general cheerfulness of the garment.

  14. lilacsigil

    Some of my family members took photos with her, and they were all in short sleeves, so it can’t be that cold where they are.

  15. Sajorina

    I love it! WANT! And, yeah, except for a few pieces here and there, Old Navy is kind of depressing now!

  16. Carol

    She looks absolutely wonderful, no matter where she got the tunic. Shoes are terrific, fit and her nail color rocks. BTW, the only thing that’s worth visiting Old Navy for these days is workout wear … they have decent workout tops and capris … so you can torment your calf muscles wearing something reasonably priced and cute!

  17. ClaireL

    Am in Sydney right now – sunny and 21 degrees, or 69.8 if you like. Sandra looks great and weather-appropriate.

  18. Brenna

    “Hobble around for a bunch of days and cry softly.” exactly describes what happened when I tried to do a “Get Carrie Underwood’s legs!” workout on Pinterest, so I sympathize.

    I don’t really like the tunic, but I LOVE the shoes.