So, it’s blistering summer in the US, and Sandra wore all black and leather and stuff to her premieres; it’s winter in Australia and Sandy showed up looking like an Old Navy commercial for a July tunic sale.

Having said that, this is actually a very NICE Old Navy tunic, the likes of which they apparently don’t make anymore because all their fabrics are translucent and itchy (I walked into one yesterday for the first time in four years, and it was so depressing that I turned around and left — which also happened to me with Forever 21 a while ago). I think Sandra might be kicking ass in it. I think having those legs helps the cause a lot. I think I would like to have those legs. Unfortunately I just went to the gym and now my calves are so sore that I can’t straighten my legs when I stand up, so it looks like my plan to Do A Lot Of Stuff Really Often is going to turn into “hobble around for a bunch of days and cry softly.”

[Photo: Getty]