Well Played, Rihanna/Not So Much, Brooklyn Decker


BROOKLYN: Hey, Rihanna. You look gorgeous.

RIHANNA: You’re so sweet, B. But you can be real with me.

BROOKLYN: I… what do you mean?

RIHANNA: ‘Gorgeous’? Come on. LOOK AT ME. You can’t see my thighs. You can’t see my navel. I’m not gyrating or thrusting. My boobs are totally covered up. My tongue isn’t hanging out of my mouth. And I’m not sweating. WHAT HAS BECOME OF ME?

[Photos: Getty]

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Comments (47):

  1. ronnie

    on the red carpet girls should know… stay FAR away from Stella McCartney!

  2. gryt

    Yeah, but she’s crossing her feet in every damn shot. Just go pee first, girl!

  3. Carrie

    Taylor Kitsch is never not hot to me, even with that awful beard. It’s the Power Of The Riggins.

    • Emily

      Yeah, Taylor Kitsch doesn’t actually exist to me — only Tim Riggins, who has my everlasting love and adoration no matter what he does.

  4. Annie E

    I don’t mind Brooklyn’s dress, but would like it a lot more if it were longer (a constant refrain with McCartney dresses). I didn’t even RECOGNIZE Riggins. Please shave immediately.

  5. Blair

    I kind of have an odd affection for this dress and some of the similar ones, Its fun and whimsical and interesting and it doesn’t wash her out. In this instance (it seems to be a relatively low key affair) i really like it

  6. Halo

    I love Taylor Kitsch unabashedly, and think the beard is hot. I may rescind this love if he verges into Brad Pitt territory, but so far he’s good with me.

    • Hima

      I agree with all of this (including the Brad Pitt comment). The beard is hot. He is hot. And he’ll always be Tim Riggins to me.

  7. TaraMisu

    Brooklyn’s dress would be tolerable if it was a tad longer and didn’t have the notch in the hem. It’s not the fugliest SM I’ve seen, so mediocre-ly played.

    And Rihanna…. goodness! She looks…. so not like her LOL!

    • Shiitake

      I wonder if there is a floor-length version of the McCartrney dress.

      From the neck down RiRi looks surprisingly good. Truly hate the Lohan/Deschanel hair.

  8. LawyaGal

    Thank God you fugged this photo. I saw it yesterday and was hoping you guys would address that mesh paisley masterpiece. Stella strikes again!

  9. Softwear

    I’m sorry. With that “hair” Rihanna will always look like she just rolled out of the dumpster. It must be addressed.

  10. Sandra

    So, the latest stop on the Stella McCartney Fug the World Tour? Rihanna’s dress is straight-up awesome.

  11. Libby

    Stella McCartney: making gorgeous models and actresses look fugly, one dress at a time.

  12. liz_bee

    Riri needs some chicken cutlets, know what I mean? I know you do. Then this look would go from a 10 to an 11.

  13. Jacquilynne

    I feel like there’s a distance from which Brooklyn’s dress would look really great. Clearly, these photos weren’t taken from that distance.

    • anny

      That distance is probably somewhere in low Earth orbit, but with NASA’s budgets at historic lows they’ve decided to phase out their lower-priority aeronautics activities, so I guess we’re stuck with this.

  14. Aria

    I like Ri’s dress, but I really like her hair better dark and much shorter. The other dress is just straight up fug.

  15. theotherjennifer

    hate hate Rhianna’s hair! If Tim Riggins turns into Assshton Kutcher, I will hurt someone.

  16. Lina

    Oh Taylor no. NO. Stay AWAY from the BeeGees biopics! This is the worst I’ve ever seen him look.

  17. vandalfan

    Lose the mesh and over- the- top thick white embroidery folderol, and I could live with the McCartney, odd hem and all. It’s like she takes a nice enough dress and asks “How can I make this look like it was drawn by Dr. Seuss?” RiRi- Divine, hair and all, but I’m sure they make a bra that would work under there.

  18. Gwen Robinson

    I just keep having problems telling it is, in fact, Taylor Kitsch when he doesn’t have Tim Riggins hair. He was on one of the morning news programs a week or so ago and I had no idea it was him. Still good looking, though.

  19. Holly

    That wig is just the worst. It looks like what a hooker would wear, and in the press conference, it didn’t even seem like it fit her head. The wig cancels any hotness.. On another note, Riggins is and always will be H-O-T, hair or not hair.

  20. Holly

    ..no hair

  21. Lexi



    Black eyebrows under blonde wig = even worse.

    Rihanna’s dress is lovely, though. Brooklyn just looks lovely full stop.

  22. Chasmosaur

    Jennifer Lawrence stole the only decent cutout / mesh dress for the People’s Choice awards.


  23. CJ

    Sorry, I don’t know how those roots could anything near a well-played. Yuck. Even yuckier — that dress to her left. Honestly, we have seen variations of this dress on so many actresses and models (Goop, Nicole Kidman and now Brooklyn Decker) and no one looks good in this abomination. My question: do they all have bad taste or are they all just sucking up to Stella?

  24. yeahandalso

    Ugh, these are three people I feel that media has completely forced upon me that I would never willingly pay any money to see in a movie.

  25. biff

    who made ri ri’s dress?

  26. sarah

    yes, i covet that dress (rihanna’s obviously) and need to know where it’s from so i can see how much damage this will cause to my piggy bank…

  27. sarah

    found designer (alexander wang), now just trying to find the exact dress…

  28. Lilibet

    The Stella cutout mesh dress works in a sporty way and Brooklyn looks good in it. Rhianna looks like a Brat doll (without all the accessories).

  29. Kimberli

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know who “Tim Riggins” is?

    Also, I actually like the Stella McCartney, which is not something I would have expected to type.

  30. Sajorina

    I love Rihanna’s dress, shoes & jewelry, but that hair ruins the loveliness of her outfit for me! And, I think Brooklyn looks cute in that dress, but I don’t like the shoes. I loved their “conversation”, though!

  31. NYCGirl

    Meh dresses, and agreed that Rihanna’s hair is fug. I actually think Taylor Kitsch (sorry, didn’t watch Friday Night Lights so I will refer to him by his actual name ;)) looks much better here than in the John Carter commercials.

  32. Jemma

    I’ve grown my hair out from buzzcut to long shag before, and those in-between hair stages… let’s just say Kitsch looks prettier than I did. He also manages to be the sanest-looking person in the photos, with about 1% the effort of the other two.

  33. 麗林

    Rihanna dress is ok, but Brookly’ns is so ugly that it make Rihanna looks extra good.

  34. Karina

    Rihanna and Brooklyn are definatelty two of the sexiest women on the planet, but blonde or brunette, Rihanna is the winner of this battleship.