Well Played, Kristen Wiig


Rumor has it Kristen Wiig is going to bow out of SNL after this season, and frankly, I’m sort of surprised it took this long. (I also think that the show had better lock down Bill Hader for as long as possible, because — unlike Wiig, whose characters a lot of people find samey and a little overbearing all strung together — he is the utility player who manages to appear in every sketch and still delight the hell out of everyone, and for real, you cannot take away Stefon, and CERTAINLY not before you grant Kiernan Shipka of Mad Men her published-in-EW dream of playing his assistant Stefonie. End of digression.) Wiig probably could’ve left at the end of last season and been totally fine thanks to Bridesmaids, AND not had to hold down a demanding, regular job while doing the awards circuit. Perhaps that’s why she went full beige in everything: exhaustion.

So I guess by that logic, this means she’s now well-rested:

I like the sparkly, I like the friendly shoes, and I love the orange clutch. I even love the glossy dark brown hair color on her. It all pops. Here’s hoping that whatever she does or doesn’t do next, it doesn’t involve being locked again in that four-walled prison of neutrals. Once in a while going basic is fine, but let’s face it, there’s a reason the universe gave us herbs and spices, and it’s not so we can eat plain rice all the time and watch everyone else have all the fun. You dig? I hope so, because I’m not even sure what the hell I just said.

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  1. Adriele

    I love that everything looks great on that Tribeca background.

    Hair is GORGEOUS and the dress and shoes are cute. I covet that orange clutch. :) Well played.

  2. Noire

    I like all the pieces individually, but I’m not entirely sure I like them together.

    • Alle C. Hall

      Yes! Shoes work with dress, clutch works with dress. Background works with dress! But shoes are cool-toned and clutch is warm-. Must choose between. If it were my choice, I would choose the shoes. Much more interesting a choice than the purse – which i would def keep for later. I think a cherry red might pop in much the same way but also work with the shoes. (OOOh, I think I want to go get a cherry red purse.)

      Could have used the organ cloth with all that beige during Awards session.

  3. Christian

    I would change the shoes, but otherwise this is the best I’ve ever seen her look. Well played indeed.

  4. Sara

    I don’t think I could possibly disagree more about Wiig on SNL. I’ve loved almost everything she’s done. I think she saved the show for a while. I even like Gilly.

    I also love this outfit. She looks great.

    • GFY Heather

      I think the issue with her, for me, is that it’s tough to know which sketches I even like because when you put them all together they start to feel the same. And everyone I know hates/loves different ones. I CANNOT ABIDE Gilly, and really do not like Target Lady, and I HATE the vixen who ends up farting or whatever the hell that one is, but I like Lady Who Can’t Keep A Secret and giggle for the first half of Secret Word Lady every time. And yet everyone else i know will have a slightly (or totally) different answer.

  5. Eliza Bennett

    I love the Wiig sketch on Weekend Update where she backpedals on everything. the “just kidding” girl is GENIUS. But yeah. I could do with less Target Lady and Gilly in my life.
    Re the clothes/hair: Hearty huzzah, K.Wiig! Way to bring it!

  6. jerkygirl

    Wow, that’s probably my fave outfit I’ve ever seen her in, and I think I love those shoes–must google to see if I can find a better pic of them. Also, great hair color on her. Well played for sure. :D

  7. Orange Clouds

    Awesome legs!

  8. Francesca

    She’s genuinely funny. Glad to see her finally looking awesome!

  9. mshesterp

    Love it all, from head to toe (although the shoes seem to be fighting slightly with the dress, but I’d love them on their own, I think). She was dressing so *snooze* during awards season, so this thrills me. She’s so appealing and girl next door, i love that about her.

  10. theotherjennifer

    She looks great. I would totally borrow that outfit if we were friends. And I was a size 2. I particularly love the shoes and clutch.

  11. erin

    That hair color is wonderful on her. I hope she keeps it.

  12. Improbable Joe

    That’s really the best I’ve ever seen her look. The dress works on her, the hair is AMAZING. I’m a straight man, so excuse me for missing the shoes and purse, but she just looks young and happy and so pretty for a change, instead of “pretty for a funny chick.”

  13. I'm gay!

    By “a lot of people” do you mean women?
    Women seem to really hate her for some reason.

    • GFY Heather

      No, I meant people, so I said people. It’s not that I’m saying people dislike HER, it’s that they use her so much that many people get tired of her sketches.

    • Annie E

      What women hate her? I thought all women loved her (including me, despite that I do find some of her characters on SNL annoying, just like I find other SNL characters annoying).

  14. Ms.A

    I love it! I really do. Somehow it all works. The hair is hott!

  15. vandalfan

    I dunno. It needs to be a tad bit more fitted; it kind of hangs like a pillow case. The shoes may be fabulous, but they’re too big. This is just such an improvement that is seems like it should be a “well-played”, but…I dunno.

  16. mary lou bethune

    At last- she looks great —–because she is great!!!

  17. Karen


  18. Spacelamb

    She looks absolutely stunning. It’s as simple as that.

  19. Sajorina

    Finally she wears an outfit worth going out in! It is FUN, SEXY & FABULOUS! She looks GREAT and I hope she keeps it up! LOVE & WANT!!! Ooohhh, sparkles…

  20. fritanga

    FINALLY she looks like a person! And a well-dressed, well-put-together, happy one at that. Did she get a stylist? Did she find a friend who wouldn’t sabotage her with the beige and the droopy boobs and the hideous choker? Who cares? She looks great, and that orange clutch IS fab.

  21. dkc1123

    The only thing I don’t like is the hair. I love the color, but it looks a little sloppy and too layered. And that swoop over the right side of her forehead is annoying. Otherwise, this is the best look for her this year. Awards season was boring (color) and fug.

  22. Grace Pheiffer

    I think that you are thinking that this dress is sparkly, when actually it’s just a satiny print. Mismatched from the shoes.