Rumor has it Kristen Wiig is going to bow out of SNL after this season, and frankly, I’m sort of surprised it took this long. (I also think that the show had better lock down Bill Hader for as long as possible, because — unlike Wiig, whose characters a lot of people find samey and a little overbearing all strung together — he is the utility player who manages to appear in every sketch and still delight the hell out of everyone, and for real, you cannot take away Stefon, and CERTAINLY not before you grant Kiernan Shipka of Mad Men her published-in-EW dream of playing his assistant Stefonie. End of digression.) Wiig probably could’ve left at the end of last season and been totally fine thanks to Bridesmaids, AND not had to hold down a demanding, regular job while doing the awards circuit. Perhaps that’s why she went full beige in everything: exhaustion.

So I guess by that logic, this means she’s now well-rested:

I like the sparkly, I like the friendly shoes, and I love the orange clutch. I even love the glossy dark brown hair color on her. It all pops. Here’s hoping that whatever she does or doesn’t do next, it doesn’t involve being locked again in that four-walled prison of neutrals. Once in a while going basic is fine, but let’s face it, there’s a reason the universe gave us herbs and spices, and it’s not so we can eat plain rice all the time and watch everyone else have all the fun. You dig? I hope so, because I’m not even sure what the hell I just said.

[Photo: Getty]