Well Played, Kiernan Shipka


Is it weird that I really covet a 12 year old’s eyebrows? I can’t help it. THEY ARE GREAT BROWS. It’s also gratifying to see that the person tasked with pulling together Shipka’s wardrobe is still hitting it out of the park. Is there anything more difficult than toeing the line between childish and overly mature when dressing a pre-teen actor? Someone deserves a raise, and not just the brow-wrangler.

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  1. Dazie

    Aww. She looks like a younger version of Emma Watson. And the shoes/socks bit makes me hope she’s going to do some Irish dance. She’d be perfect!

  2. Jasmine

    Oh man this kid is my style role model. She gets to wear all the pretty, cute dresses that I can’t afford because I type for a living instead of act.

  3. Gigi

    How cute is she! And she is totally rocking all of those dresses. I hope those eyebrows survive her adolescence. They are magnificent!

  4. glee

    She is too cute for words in these photos.

    I wonder what her face will turn into as she gets older. Emma Watson was cute, but not especially pretty – but has now one of the most beautiful faces in the biz. There were other girls who didn’t fare so well.

  5. maryse

    at her age i had those eyebrows, but oddly enough they met in the middle. she is adorable.

  6. colleen

    I so love Kiernan Shipka. I feel a special bond with her because I was Sally Draper’s age exactly when she was (?????). Um, I mean — Sally Draper, were she to come to life today — would be my age.

    Anyway, I’ve read in several interviews that the person responsible for dressing Kiernan Shipka is Kiernan Shipka. I want to believe that is true and I’ve heard her talk about clothing and style so I think it is! She could start dressing quite a lot of people on GFY.

  7. Donna

    She looks so fantastic and age-appropriate in all of them, except, for my taste, the last one. The whole look, right down to the grey socks, is spot-on, just not for a kid; I can’t get behind black on wee ones. However, I MUST have those shoes in that slide.

    • Helen

      The black on someone so young isn’t my favorite thing, either. But I love the socks and shoes, that’s fun, and the other looks are all terrific in every way IMO.

      Shipka really knows how to WEAR things. It’s a personal grace of hers. These are great outfits, but she makes them look even better.

  8. Kit

    totally adorbs and I COVET those last pair of shoes (although not for wearing wth socks and dresses). :)

  9. pantsonfire

    She’s an angel. A style angel.

  10. Erin

    I adore her too – I’ve seen her interviewed (including a walk-through of her closet) and she is really into fashion. Not sure she styles herself always, but she certainly has input and a fab eye. I also love how Suri Cruise (of suri’s burn book) names Kiernan as her idol.

  11. Melly

    Look out, if she has this must style sense already, plus someone looking out for her in terms of age-appropriateness, which she obviously does, she will be an icon before she’s 16. My granddaughter is 8 and has eyebrows like that. I know the day is not far off when she’ll be plucking and shaping them, but they are so cute.

  12. Carolina Girl

    Whoever is styling her deserves some kind of style Emmy/Gloden Globe/Oscar. She looks really lovely and stylish, but still age appropriate. I think I read somewhere that she actually kept Sally’s go-go boots from the last season.

    And speaking of Sally, am I the only one who’s hoping that she eventually uncovers Don’s identity as Dick Whitman and decides to rebel against both him and that evil b***h Betty and comes home after her fist year in college with unshaven arm pits and a pot smoking Black Panther boyfriend?

    • LG

      She already *kinda* knows about Dick. Don told the kids that that’s his “nickname sometimes.”

  13. Katie Lynn

    The shoes in the first slid MUST BE MINE.

  14. LG

    Whoever styles her needs to duplicate him/herself and make MILLIONS styling everyone under the age of 30. She literally never looks over/underdressed, or too mature, or skanky, and yet somehow manages to avoid looking twee AND avoid looking like Sally Draper AT ALL. It’s a miracle of styling. Seriously

  15. Chrissy

    She looks great: very cute and perfectly age appropriate.

  16. kickassmomnyc

    She is the little dream girl I always wanted. If you’ve ever seen her interviewed or live (not performing), you get the impression that she is just as lovely inside as outside. What a splendid example for young girls. LOVE HUH!

  17. Emma

    She’s so good at dressing appropriately for her age, and she has a knack for elegance that a lot of grown celebrity women don’t have. Her minimal makeup and natural brows are lovely.

    While they can’t necessarily wear socks with heels, I’d kind of like to see older women take some tips from Kiernan Shipka and aim to look PRETTY rather than sexy/edgy/cool.

  18. Me(lissa)

    Those brows ARE a glory. May the tweezer demon never possess her.

  19. Carolyn

    Here’s what I would love to happen: you two and Tom and Lorenzo interviewing Kiernan. Come on, celebrity gods! Make this happen!

  20. Clarence Beeks

    This girl always gets it right. ALWAYS. Love her to pieces, and her stylist deserves great credit.

  21. fritanga

    I hope she goes the way of Emma Watson or Keira Knightley and not her TV mom. And I hope she keeps the same stylist, who probably will still dress her beautifully as she matures.

  22. Franziska

    She’s very very cute but she does not look like a 12 year old. But maybe that’s what 12 year olds look like these days… what do I know, it’s been a long time since I was 12.

  23. Vandalfan

    Gee whiz, I don’t know. She’s nowhere near a grown lady, her looks can’t be compared with other starlets of equal status, I don’t feel comfortable in doing anything but cooing over her cute-gnosity. It just seems she’s a little too young to be featured here at GFY.

  24. bdecked

    Love the outfits, hair, and cute-factor! But not sure a 12 year old should be wearing heels… eeh gads, my pearls are all a-twisted!